Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor Price, Specs, Features [2024]


Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Features

The Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor is a 4WD tractor that comes in two models: the e25H and the e25G.

The Solectrac e25H is a hydrostatic tractor with a 25 Horsepower engine, while the Solectrac e25G is a gear-driven tractor with the same engine.


Both models are suitable and versatile for hobby farms, golf courses, equestrian centers, sports fields, and municipalities. 

The Solectrac e25 tractor is emission-free and powered by a 22 kWh battery pack that can be fully charged in a day, depending on the load.

The tractor delivers maximum torque at zero RPM, surpassing diesel tractors in an instant, and needs up to 10 times less maintenance than traditional tractors due to having only one moving part in the motor.

The Solectrac e25 Backhoe is a powerful and versatile attachment for grappling and digging work. Also Check: John Deere Electric Tractor 


Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor Price, Specs, Review

Solectrac E25 Gear Electric Tractor Price

Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor Price: $31,499

Attachments Price:

e25 Backhoe with 12” Bucket $7,499.00 USD

Backhoe Thumb Kit $549.00 USD

Front Loader $4,579.00 USD

Tires Price

Turf Tires $1,499.00 USD

Industrial Tires: $1,499.00 USD

Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor Specs

Motor & Controller

Horsepower 25 HP (19kW) Category
Type Brushless AC Induction
Service Life 80,000 hours
Max Torque 90Nm (66 ft*lbs)


Type Hydrostatic
Number of Gears 3 Ranges
Differential Lock Yes

Battery Pack & Charging

Type Li NMC
Capacity 350AH
Voltage 72V
Lifecycle 2500 cycles @ 25°C
Runtime Full Day Operation (depending on load)
Charging Time (20% to 80% State of Charge) 5.5 Hours (Level 2, 220 VAC), 11 Hours (Level 1, 110 VAC)
Charging Temperature Min: 32ºF (0ºC) / Max: 104ºF (40ºC)
Operating Temperature Min: -4°F (-20°C) / Max: 131°F (55°C)

3 Point Hitch

Category 1N / 1
Lift Capacity @ lower link end 1763 lb. (800 kg)


PTO Under 20 HP / 15kW Category (Independent)
Mid PTO 2200 PTO RPM @ 2410 Motor RPM


Total Pump flow 20.0 lpm (5.2 gpm)
Remote Valves 1DA/SA convertible with detent


Lifting Capacity @ Pivot Pin 1220 lbs (553 kg)
Lifting Capacity @ 500mm forward 842 lbs (382 kg)
Lifting Capacity @ 500mm forward 897 lbs (407 kg)
Max Lift Height @ Pivot Pin 84″ (2133mm)


Towing (Including trailer weight) 3300 lb. (1500 kg)


Ag Tires (Standard) Front: 6″ x 12″ | Rear: 8.3″ x 20″
Turf & Industrial Tires (Optional) Front : 23″ x 8.5-12″ | Rear :  33″ x 15.5-16.5″


Length 108 in. (274 cm)
Width (with Ag Tires) 46 in. (117 cm)
Wheelbase 61 in. (155 cm)
Height w/ROPS 87 in. (221 cm)
Ground Clearance 10 in. (25 cm)
Weight 2640 lb. (1200 kg)
Weight w/ Loader 3240 lb. (1473 kg)

Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor Features


Maximize Uptime and Peace of Mind with Solectrac’s 6-Year / 3,000-Hour Limited Warranty.



The simple two-pedal design of the Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor allows you to make smooth direction and speed changes without stopping and changing gears. And with the independent PTO, you can control the PTO speed regardless of the travel speed.


The Solectrac E25 Hydrostatic Electric Tractor will be available for delivery in Q3 of 2024.



What is the availability of the Solectrac e25H?

Reserve now for delivery by Q3 2024.

Will the Solectrac e25H accommodate existing implements?

The Solectrac The Solectrac e25H has a standard Category 1N/1 three-point hitch that can lift 800kg (1763 lbs) and an independent 540 rpm PTO. It also has hydraulic hookups for implements that require them.

What attachments and options do you offer for the Solectrac e25H?

Solectrac currently offers a front loader and backhoe for the Solectrac e25H. There is also a Tektite cab option which you can order from your local Solectrac dealer.

Does the Solectrac e25H have 4WD?

Yes, the Solectrac e25 comes with a 4WD standard.

Does the Solectrac e25H have different tire options?

The Solectrac  e25H comes standard with Ag tires, but optional turf or industrial tires are available for $1499.00.

Is the Solectrac e25H suitable for steep slopes?

The Solectrac  e25H has a low center of gravity and 4WD and is well suited for use on steep slopes.


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