Kubota Releases LXe-261 Electrically Powered Compact Tractor


Kubota  Electric Tractor

Kubota Corporation (Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan; President and Representative Director: Yuichi Kitao; hereinafter, “Kubota”) is pleased to announce that Kubota will be the first Japanese manufacturer* to release electric tractors. In Europe, Kubota Corporation offers limited compact electric tractors LXe-261 (hereinafter “LXe-261”), actively striving toward carbon neutrality. The LXe-261 will be available for a long-term rental service for European cities starting in April 2024.

Kubota supports carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of its Environmental Vision that it announced in 2021. To cut down on emissions from CO2 products, Kubota will accelerate the development of hybrid, electric fuel-cell, electric, and other drives to reduce the carbon footprint of power sources.


Municipalities and other European public entities primarily utilise smaller Kubota tractors to maintain parks and other green space management. The regions across Europe are tightening their regulations, including announcing a ban on diesel vehicles from Paris, France, by 2024.

Kubota Electric Tractor

This has prompted local municipal governments and other public entities to look for alternatives, including electronic vehicles (EVs) or fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs).  Based on these trends, Kubota has been researching and developing electric tractor designs while conducting field tests in Paris.

The biggest challenge in developing electric tractors has been ensuring the availability of continuous operation hours. The LXe-261 comes with a vast capacity battery that can offer quick charging in just one hour and up to three hours of uninterrupted operation.


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The rapid charging can be done during lunch to use in the afternoon after exhausting the batteries in morning work, which is in response to demands of local customers who have been uncovered through the tractor tracks.

The LXe-261 can also produce the necessary output for mowing, hauling and other work to manage green space in natural reserves. It also has the same size as diesel-powered tractors.

Kubota will not just receive customer feedback but also learn about difficulties encountered during actual usage and get other information via the LXe-261 long-term rental service; however, it will also help the development of eco-friendly products and increase its product range.


Compact Electric Tractor LXe-261

Electric Tractor Rental Overview

Tentative launch April 2023
Target area Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, etc.)
Target customers Municipalities and public bodies
Contract term 2–5 years

Product Overview

Model Name Compact Electric Tractor LXe-261
Maximum output 19.1 kw (26 horsepower)
Battery Lithium-ion battery
Potential applications Mowing, hauling, and fertilization in parks and other green space management

Kubota Electric Tractor Review

Kubota’s LXe-261 is the first electric tractor of its kind. This compact tractor is ideal for many tasks including mowing and hauling as well as fertilization of parks and other green spaces. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.





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