How Many Hours Do Electric Lawn Mower Batteries Last?


One of the leading causes people are nervous about switching to an electric mower is the battery. They have worries about the performance and battery replacement expenses. Knowing how long electric lawn mower batteries will last is essential. Lifespan: Individual electric lawnmower batteries typically last an average of 20,000 hours (3 to 6 years).  Runtime: On average, an electric mower will run for 50 minutes on a fully charged battery or set of batteries. This article will give an average run-time and longevity of the various grass mower batteries. It will also provide tips on how to recognize the mower with the most efficient battery. It will also offer suggestions for prolonging the life of both. Find out more information here.

How Many Hours Do Electric Lawn Mower Batteries Last


What are the Factors Determining Life Expectancy of Typical Lawn Mower Batteries

The life span of your mower’s battery depends on two fundamental factors. It all depends on the mower that the battery is charging, with the two primary types being a riding mower and the push mower. A riding mower consumes more power than an ordinary push mower. This is because the mower does not just have to cut the lawn, but it’s fully self-propelled and able to move with the body weight of its user. This restricts the length of time that the battery can mow the lawn in one use and drains the batteries faster over the life that the batteries last. Another factor affecting the lifespan of your mower’s battery will be its battery type. Electric mowers can be powered by lithium-ion batteries as well as lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries generally cost a little more. However, they tend to last longer than lead-acid batteries. With that in mind, here’s what you can expect from various lawn mower batteries:

  • Lithium-ion batteries for riding mowers: 40-90 minutes/charge & three to six years lifespan
  • Lead acid batteries for push mowers: 30-50 minutes/charge & two to four years lifespan
  • Lead acid batteries for riding mowers: 30-60 minutes/charge & one to four years lifespan
  • Lithium-ion batteries for push mowers: 40-60 minutes/charge & three to six years lifespan

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Picking a Mower With the Longest Lasting Batteries

A good battery is essential to a pleasant electronic lawnmower experience. When purchasing an electric lawn mower, ensure that the models you are considering come with a top-quality lithium-ion battery to power the mower. Additionally, look for models with a greater voltage. A quality lithium-ion battery of the highest grade will last longer than a typical lead-ion battery. If you purchase a premium lawn mower, ensure you’re not paying for simply a name brand. Review the mower’s reviews, explicitly looking for references to battery life or battery warranties. If you are shopping, consider electric mowers at the upper part of the voltage spectrum for the amount you need. Battle Born Batteries describe the relation between voltage and available power. A higher voltage means that you’ll be able to mow for a more extended period. This also means that the battery will have more charge. If your yard isn’t huge and you’re looking for models that run two batteries at once. They have greater voltage, which results in more performance and longer running time. The additional power can be more tolerant if you have to go for a few more days between cuttings or experience an unusually active growing season. Another good idea is to buy an additional battery early. (If your mower requires two batteries to run, purchase two.) This will allow you to switch between four batteries when you trim your lawn instead of two. This allows you to use four batteries rather than two.


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In addition, if you cut your lawn and keep your two batteries dry, you’re not dead waiting for your batteries to charge. One of the arguments against electronic mowers is that they can only cut “so many” in just one charge. Planning to tackle this issue in advance can ease your stress considerably. Additionally, think about the extra attributes of the mower and if you’ll need these features. A lot of bells and whistles will mean more power consumption for the mower. A self-propelled lawn mower may appeal to many people, but the feature is more energy-intensive because it consumes energy. Be aware of these features and consider whether you’ll need them or would benefit from them. The more energy needed to operate these features, the more you’ll pay over time.

Buying a Mower With the Most Efficient Engine Will Increase Battery Life

Purchasing an electric mower isn’t much more complex than buying gasoline-powered ones. You’re looking for an engine that performs well and requires less energy. There is only one difference between the two mowers is their power source. Like gas-powered lawnmowers, an electric mower with a brushless motor operates more effectively and efficiently than a brush motor. It is less susceptible to downtime due to wear and tear. Based on Bob Vila, a brushless motor offers several advantages. Because of its design, the brushless motor generates more power devoted to mowing over a motor with a brush. In addition, a motor with a brush is quieter and requires less corrective and preventative maintenance. Buying and shopping for the most efficient brushless motor to drive your lawn mower can be a good investment for the product’s long-term durability. A lesser-priced item can work; however, it is unlikely to perform as well and could be susceptible to more problems throughout its lifespan that will require repairs or replacement. In light of that, they might not cost you anything long-term.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Mower and Batteries

One of the most effective methods to prolong the mower’s life will be to remain aware of the time you use it. Mowers require more effort to cut wet grass, and mowing after your yard is dry will lessen the stress on your engine. Additionally, it is essential to clean the deck of your mower regularly. Cleaning reduces the pressure on the engine’s ability to turn the blades. This reduces the load on your batteries. Consider purchasing something similar to The Ultimate Mower Cleaner tool (link for Amazon). It can be used to clean flat and curving surfaces and is among the top tools for cleaning the underside of your mower’s deck. Remember to sharpen your mower’s blade at least once per cutting season. You may need to do more when the mower appears to cut grass differently. A mower with a sharp blade cuts more precisely, reducing stress on the machine and the batteries. Making sure you have a spare blade and a sharp blade available to replace is an excellent way to keep your lawn care up to date.

Final Thoughts

The batteries for electric lawnmowers do not have an unending lifespan; however, if you take your time, you can pick the mower that will work in the long run. With a few additional investments, ongoing care of the mower and adhering to some best methods, you can do much to prolong the life span of your lawn mower’s electric batteries.


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