New Holland T5.95 Price, Specs, Review, Mileage & Features 2024

New Holland T5.95 Price, Specs, Review, Features, Overview

The New Holland T5.95 tractor used the vast verity of applications. Its main features such as 4 cylinder diesel engine, gross engine horsepower are 98HP, PTO horsepower is 82HP, smooth and powerful transmission, more reliable and high-power hydraulic system.

That is well suited for the farming work and any other loading work. This tractor is your perfect farming partner.

New Holland T5.95 Tractor

Are you ready to buy a new New Holland T5.95 tractor? Here I am going to show you New Holland T5.95 tractor Technical Specifications, Price, Review, Features and Latest Photos, Pics, etc.

Here all things about New Holland T5.95 tractor searching on a site that information in I have given here which you should know about New Holland T5.95 tractor.

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 New Holland T5.95 Tractor Review

The new Holland T5.95 is a versatile utility tractor that is suitable for a vast variety of agricultural tasks. The tractor is powered by the 4.5-liter four-cylinder engine which generates 99 horsepower as well as 295 pounds of torque. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Price

New Holland T5.95 Tractor

The price of a New Holland T5.95 Tractor is £51,179.00. 

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New Holland T5.95 Tractor Key Features

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Engine Performance


The Engine is the heart of any vehicle without engine vehicle is nothing so the engine is the primary requirement for any vehicle, here the new holland tractor engine is more reliable and high powerful.

New Holland T5.95 tractor is designed with a powerful, 207 cubic-inch, 4-cylinder, F5D engine built by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT).

These engines are Tier 4A emission compliant by utilising a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

This tractor engine produces 98 Horsepower and PTO horsepower is 82. Common rail is a major component on CEGR engines because the system utilises precision fueling during its regeneration cycle.

Its benefits are Reduce engine noise, Better combustion, Higher engine power density and Lower emissions.

Transmission System of New Holland T5.95 Tractor

New Holland T5 Transmission System

You are looking for a basic transmission for loader work or one that’s suitable for haying where you need different gearing more often, and you will find what you need in a T5.95 tractor. This tractor transmission system is smooth and powerful.

That is designed with the electrohydraulic power shuttle, and the 12X12 transmission is perfect for basic tasks like raking or operating a front loader.  

The creeper provides 20 forward and 20 reverse gears and allows the tractor to go as slow as .15-mph (.24-kph). This tractor smart control layout enables you to shift easily through gears and ranges. 

The PowerClutch button located on the back of the lever allows you to move between any of the four gears in any of the three ranges without having to clutch with your foot.

PTO, Three-Point Hitch and Hydraulic System Of New Holland T5.95 Tractor

New Holland T5.95 tractor hydraulic system

The New Holland T5.95 tractor hydraulic system is reliable and robust. The New Holland T5.95 tractors come standard with 6,393 lbs. (2900 kg) of rear lift capacity at 24 inches behind the ball ends, but can be designed with two rear rams that boost lifting ability to 10,452 lbs. (4741 kg). That front PTO and three-point hitch are available for front-mounted implements.

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Fuel Tank Capacity

New Holland T5 Fuel tank

The New Holland T5.95 tractor fuel tank capacity is 140 liters and that fuel type is Diesel. The existing Tier 3 Nef engine series has established itself as the benchmark for fuel economy.

The new Tier 4A F5C power units which benefit from Common Rail technology in T5.95 tractors go one stage further. 

Thanks to accuracy fueling, fuel use has been remarkably optimized to when compared to existing T5000 models.

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Tire Size

New Holland T5 tractor tire

The New Holland T5.95 Tractor, a whole host of tyres, is available, from the largest R38 tyres with improved ground clearance, perfect for vegetable growers that, thanks to their large footprint, also lessen solidification and improve traction, to the low profile R30 that grants access to even the most economical sheds.

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Cabin Features

new-holland-T5.95 Tractor cab

The VisionView cab on The New Holland T5.95  tractor is the product of virtual reality. New Holland’s vision of the view you need to control a loader safely and comfortably as well as rear implements is what drove the design for the VisionView cabin.

That outcome is clear to take a look for yourself on the above cab photo. It has a comfortable seat that reduces operator fatigue. You can also show someone else your new office with a full-size instructor seat.

It has two halogen headlights lead the way, along with two front and rear roof-mounted lights. Use the dedicated switch on the B-pillar for easy light control.

Its dual-zone air conditioning and heating system provide you with high performance during the hottest summers and the coldest winters.

That full-size Bluetooth radio is optional to provide you with music to farm too. Overall is an excellent cabin system.

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Specifications

Type4-cylinder diesel
Displacement207 cu. in(3.4 L)
Gross Engine Horsepower98 HP
PTO Horsepower82 HP
EmissionsTier 4A with Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Standard12×12 Power Shuttle
Option 120×20 Power Shuttle with creeper
Option 224×24 Dual Command™ Power Shuttle
Lift capacity at 24″6,393lbs (2900kg)
1 Optional Ram at 24″N/A
2 Optional produces at 24″10,452lbs (4741kg)
Front hitch lift capacity at 24″3,968lbs (1800kg)
Rear remotes – base/optional2 / 3
Main pump flow16.1gpm (61L/min)
Optional main pump flow21.1gpm (80L/min)
Steering and services pump10.0gpm (38L/min)
Opt. steering and services pump11.4gpm (43L/min)
Base PTO540/1000 RPM
Front PTO speeds1000 RPM
Weight9,370lbs (4250kg)
Overall width82.6in. (2098mm)
Overall height105.4in. (2677mm)
Overall length163.8in. (4161mm)
Wheelbase92.5in (2350mm)

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Loader Features

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Front Loader

The New Holland T5.95 tractor is perfect for daily loader work. It has two front loader options choose between an 825TL or 835TL loader with non-self-leveling (NSL) or mechanical self-leveling (MSL) capabilities. 

Regardless of the model you choose, both can be equipped with either a skid-steer-style or European-style attachment system. 

New Holland T5.95 Tractor Loader Specifications

LOADER MODELS                825TL                    835TL
Loader type   NSL       |             MSL   NSL          |          MSL
Max lift height              138in.                  146in.
Dump clearance               97in.                  105in.
Digging depth               3in.                    5in.
Lift capacity at max height2,843lbs    |    2,954lbs3,483lbs      |       3,681lbs
Breakout force2,976lbs    |     3,284lbs3,725lbs      |       4,100lbs
Reach at maximum lift height               37in.                  38in.
Reach at ground level               89in.                   98in.
Bucket rollback angle               40 degrees                   42 degrees
Bucket dump angle               60 degrees                   61 degrees
Attachment type              Skid-steer-style or European-style


I hope you like the New Holland T5.95 Tractor all kinds of Information that all sorts of information are useful to you for buying this tractor but if you have any query regarding this article, then please leave a comment for us and if you have a new idea, then please suggest us. I immediately try to solve your problems and apply your idea on our site, thanks for visiting our site.

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Cyril Abite Sale
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Thank you for this great information.
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