New Holland Boomer 24 Compact Tractor Price, Specs & Review 2024

New Holland Boomer 24 Price, Parts, Specs, Review, Attachments, Overview

The New Holland Boomer 24 compact tractor is the ultimate power tool for landscapers, rural lifestylers, homeowners, and hobby farmers. 

The New Holland Boomer 24 is fitted with a 2-range hydrostatic transmission. It makes direction changes even simpler with a new dual-pedal design, 

so you can push one pedal to go forward, and push the second pedal to go backward. No clutching or hand shifting is needed.

New Holland Boomer 24 Compact Tractors Overview

New Holland Boomer 24 Review 

The New Holland Boomer 24 is a versatile compact tractor that is popular among hobbyist farmers and landscapers. It comes with a 24-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine and a 3-range hydrostatic transmission for easy operation. The tractor also features power steering and four-wheel drive.

You can see in that video a perfect review of the New Holland Boomer 24 Compact tractors, So my friends one time must watch this YouTube video.

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New Holland Boomer 24 Compact Tractor Price

New Holland Boomer 24 Compact Tractor Key Facts

 $18,999 USD.

New Holland Boomer 24 Compact Tractor Key Facts

  • Engine Type: 3-cylinder diesel Tier 4
  • Gross Horsepower: 24.4 HP
  • Rated speed: 2700 RPM
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 25 L
  • PTO HP HST: 18.5
  • 3-point lift capacity @ ball ends: 650 kg
  • Steering type: Hydrostatic
  • Brake type: Mechanical/wet, multi-disc

New Holland Boomer 24 Compact Tractor Specifications

New Holland Boomer 24 Compact Tractors specifications

Gross horsepower hp (kW)24.4 (18.2)
Rated speed rpm2700
Type3-cylinder diesel Tier 4
Displacement, cu. in. (L)80.4 (1.3)
Air cleanerSingle replaceable dry element
Fuel tank, gal. (L)6.6 (25)
Alternator, amps50
PTO HP (HST), hp (kw)Standard rear and mid PTO 18.5 (13.8)
PTO speed (rpm)540 rear/2000 mid PTO
PTO typeElectro-hydraulic engaged; independent
 Type, Mechanical / HydrostaticHST+2 range
 Maximum forward speed:  
 HST mph (kph), R411.3 (18.6)
Cruise controlStandard
Rear diff. lock engagementMechanical/foot
Brake typeMechanical/wet, multi disc
 Implement hydraulic flow gal. (lpm)6.7 (25.5)
 Steering hydraulic flow gal. (lpm)2.9 (11)
 Remote valves Optional DIA
3-point lift capacity @ ball ends, gal. (lpm)1433 (650)
 3-point linkage category1
 Steering typeHydrostatic
Wheel base, in. (cm)59 (150)
Length, in. (cm)103.6 (263.2)
Height (ROPS), in. (cm)85.5 (217.3)
Width, in. (cm)49.1 (124.7)
Weight (HST), lbs. (kg)1708 (775)
Tire choiceR3 turf tread or R4 industrial tread

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