New Holland T5.115 Price, Specs, Review & Features 2024

New Holland T5.115 Price, Specs, Review & Features 2024


New Holland T5.115 Price, Specs, Review, Features Overview

The New Holland T5.115 tractor is redefining business class farming. It is engineered with great reliability, high power, and comfort for the operator.

It has a standard FTP F5C engine that produces high power and reliability. That horsepower is 114 HP, and the maximum speed is 40kmh. 


Fuel Tank T5.115 new Holland

So, are you planning to buy the New Holland T5.115 tractor? but if you have no idea about that price, specs, then You are at the perfect place, here in this article we are providing all kinds of genuine and reliable information in details such as overview, price, technical specification, configurations, key features.

After reading this post, no one can cheat with you because all kinds of information is perfect and reliable.


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New Holland T5.115 Price

Price Of New Holland T5.115

The price of a New Holland T5.115 Tractor is £50,919.00.

Key Features Of The New Holland T5.115 Tractor

Engine Features Of New Holland T5.115 Tractor

New Holland T5.115 Engine

The New Holland T5.115 Tractor has a standard FPT F5d engine. This 3.4L (207 cubic-inch) turbocharged F5D engine provides you with responsive power. When you ask for more power, your F5D engine will give it to you with a massive torque backup of 35%.

So, when you’re working in demanding conditions, like round baling high-humidity hay in bumpy swaths, you’ll maintain both your forward speed and PTO speed while these large portions are fed into your baler.

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The Tier 4A emissions standards, F5D engines are equipped with a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and a Diesel Particulate Filter.

 Rest assured, and Fiat Power Train has ample experience with CEGR and DPF on passenger cars and light-duty commercial trucks.

This engine provides main features such as Engine rated rpm is 2300, four cylinder diesel engine, 114 Horsepower, Power rated 84kw, Power max 84kw, Torque max 461 Nm / 340 lb-ft at 1500rpm.

Transmission System Of Newholland T5.115 Tractor

Transmission System of New Holland T5.115

The New Holland T5.115 Tractor Transmission System is very smooth and reliable.T5.115 tractor offer transmissions tailored to your requirement, whether you’re looking for a basic transfer for loader work. The 12 x 12 power shuttle transmission is an excellent choice for general applications.

This transmission has the ideal mix of speeds, making it perfect for matching the requirements of your implements. The traditional, robust operation makes this transmission ideal for drivers in search of simplicity.

12x12 transmissions new Holland T5.115

The New Holland T5.115 Tractor 20 x 20 power shuttle transmission is the model for farming applications, like vegetable fields.

Tackle planting and harvesting with creep speeds as low as .12mph and then cruise back to your area at a top transport speed of 25mph.

When combined with the premium features and comfort of a T5.115 tractor, you surely won’t mind spending time going slowly out in the fields.

PTO & Hydraulic System Of New Holland T5.115 Tractor


The New Holland T5.115 Tractor has a powerful and precise high capacity hydraulic system. It is most important to have a tractor with powerful and accurate hydraulics to confident that you do a quality job.

An open centre system with a tandem gear pump is featured to the T5.115 tractor. These two pumps work independently, one powering the high-pressure circuit implement pump and the other powering the low-pressure circuit steering.

The New Holland T5.115 tractors come standard with 6,393 lbs. (2900 kg) of rear lift capacity at 24 inches behind the ball ends, but can be designed with two rear arms that boost lifting ability to 10,452 lbs. (4741 kg). 


The implement pump on the T5.115 tractor has a flow of 17.2 gallons per minute (GPM) 65.1 litres per minute (l/min), and the steering pump has a flow of 10 GPM (38 l/min). 

The front three-point hitch with and without PTO is also available to increase your tractor’s versatility even more.

Fuel Tank Capacity of New Holland T5.115 Tractor

Fuel Tank T5.115 new Holland


The New Holland T5.115 tractor fuel tank capacity is 140 litre and that fuel type is Diesel. The existing Tier 3 Nef engine series has established itself as the benchmark for fuel economy. 

The new Tier 4A F5C power units that benefit from Common Rail technology in T5.115 tractors go one stage further.

Tire Size Of New Holland T5.115 Tractor

Tire Size New Holland T5.115 Tractor

The New Holland T5.115 tractor tire size is 16.9R34. Its large tire provides secure grip and traction so that is less slippage on the field. It is well suited for the long working time.

New Holland T5.115 Cab Features

New Holland T5.115 CabThe VisionView cab on The New Holland T5.115  tractor is the product of virtual reality. New Holland’s vision of the view you need to control a loader safely and comfortably as well as rear implements are what drove the design for the VisionView cabin. That outcome is clear take a look for yourself on above cab photo.


It has a comfortable seat that reduces the operator fatigue. You can also show someone else your new office with a full-size instructor seat.
It has two halogen headlights lead the way, along with two front and rear roof mounted lights. Use the dedicated switch on the B-pillar for easy light control.
It has a full-size radio, and that is simple to operate and makes selecting your favorite station on the go even easier thanks to its optimal dimensions.

For music lovers, an MP3 auxiliary plug, together with its personal pocket, is also available. Its dual-zone air conditioning and heating system provide you with high performance during the hottest summers and the coldest winters. Overall its great cab of The New Holland T5.115 tractor.

New Holland T5.115 Tractor Specifications

Make FPT F5D
Type 4-cylinder diesel
Displacement 207 cubic inches (3.4 L)
Gross Engine Horsepower 114 HP
Rated engine speed 2300 RPM
Torque rise 32%
Max. torque – ISO TR14396 @1500rpm 461Nm
Bore and Stroke 99×110 mm
PTO Horsepower 98 HP
Emissions Tier 4A with Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Standard 12×12 Power Shuttle
Option 1 20×20 Power Shuttle with creeper
Option 2 24×24 Dual Command™ Power Shuttle
Lift capacity at 24″ 6,393lbs (2900kg)
1 Optional Ram at 24″ N/A
2 Optional produces at 24″ 10,452lbs (4741kg)
Front hitch lift capacity at 24″ 3,968lbs (1800kg)
Rear remotes – base/optional 2 / 3
Main pump flow 16.1gpm (61L/min)
Optional main pump flow 21.1gpm (80L/min)
Steering and services pump 10.0gpm (38L/min)
Opt. steering and services pump 11.4gpm (43L/min)
Base PTO 540/1000 RPM
Front PTO speeds 1000 RPM
Weight 9,370lbs (4250kg)
Overall width 82.6in. (2098mm)
Overall height 105.4in. (2677mm)
Overall length 163.8in. (4161mm)
Wheelbase 92.5in (2350mm)

New Holland T5.115 Tractor Front Loader

New Holland T5.115 Front LoaderThe New Holland T5.115 tractor is perfect for loader work with their built-in versatility, ergonomics, and visibility.

That is ideal for daily loader work. Choose between an 825TL or 835TL Front loader with non-self-leveling or mechanical self-leveling capabilities.

Regardless of the model you want, both can be equipped with either a skid-steer-style or European-style attachment system.

That classic mechanical joystick mounted on the CommandArc console provides robust functionality while an electronic armrest-mounted joystick aids in revolutionising your loader chores.

New Holland T5.115 Tractor Loader Specifications

LOADER MODELS                 825TL                     835TL
Loader type    NSL    |           MSL    NSL          |             MSL
Max lift height           138in.                   146in.
Dump clearance            97in.                   105in.
Digging depth            3in.                     5in.
Lift capacity at max height 2,843lbs |    2,954lbs 3,483lbs      |        3,681lbs
Breakout force 2,976lbs |    3,284lbs 3,725lbs      |        4,100lbs
Reach at maximum lift height            37in.                   38in.
Reach at ground level            89in.                    98in.
Bucket rollback angle            40 degrees                    42 degrees
Bucket dump angle           60 degrees                    61 degrees
Attachment type               Skid-steer-style or European-style


The New Holland T5.115 tractor comes with high power with its turbocharged engine. Forever farming operation, it is a good tractor in its class, and also affordable with its price. I hope you would like my post and it would be very helpful for you to buy the latest tractor. If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell us or comment below. I will gratefully solve your problem, Thanks. 

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