Where is Kubota Tractor Made?


Where is Kubota Tractor MadeWhere is Kubota Tractor Made? – Kubota tractors are made in several countries, including the United States, Japan, and India. It’s important to note that Kubota is a global company with its headquarters based in Osaka, Japan. They have manufacturing locations in over 25 countries and are one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world.

  • United States: Kubota has two manufacturing plants in the United States, one in Georgia, Gainesville, and one in Lincoln, Nebraska. These plants produce a variety of Kubota equipment, including lawnmowers, tractors, and construction equipment. Find Here Kubota Tractors Prices.
  • Japan: Kubota’s headquarters are in Japan, Osaka with several manufacturing plants. These plants produce many Kubota products, including tractors, construction equipment, engines, and agricultural machinery.
  • India: Kubota has a joint venture with Escorts Limited in India, called Kubota-Escorts Tractors Limited. This joint venture produces a range of Kubota tractors for the Indian market. Look Here: kubota tractors India.
  • China: Kubota also produces tractors in China for the Chinese market.
  • Australia: Kubota Australia Pty Ltd. is responsible for the sales of Kubota tractors, engines, construction machinery, and turf equipment in Australia.

In addition to these three main production centers, Kubota has manufacturing plants in other countries, including Brazil, China, and Thailand.


Here is a table summarizing where Kubota tractors are made:

Country Plant Products
Japan Osaka Tractors, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, engines
United States Gainesville, Georgia Lawnmowers, Tractors, construction equipment
United States Lincoln, Nebraska Lawnmowers, Tractors, construction equipment
India Faridabad Tractors

Kubota’s global manufacturing plants produce various products, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, engines, and industrial and consumer products. Here are some examples of the products manufactured at Kubota’s global manufacturing plants: Tractors: Kubota produces a variety of tractors, including compact, sub-compact, and utility tractors. These tractors are used for various applications, including farming, landscaping, and construction.

Lawnmowers: Kubota manufactures riding, zero-turn and walk-behind mowers for residential and commercial use.

Utility vehicles: Kubota produces utility vehicles, including rough terrain vehicles (RTVs ) and side-by-side vehicles. These vehicles are used for various applications, including construction, farming, and recreation.


Construction equipment: Kubota manufactures various construction equipment, including wheel loaders, excavators, and skid steer loaders. These machines are used for grading, digging, and moving materials on construction sites.

Engines: Kubota produces engines for various applications, including construction equipment, tractors, and generators. Kubota engines are known for their reliability and fuel efficiency.

Industrial and consumer products: Kubota also produces various industrial products, including vending machines, valves, pipes, pumps, cast metal, and equipment for water purification, sewage treatment, and air conditioning.

These are just a few examples of the products manufactured at Kubota’s global manufacturing plants. As a diversified manufacturing company, Kubota produces various products for various industries and applications.


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