John Deere 318 Vintage Lawnmower Price, Specs, Features ❤️

2024 John Deere 318 vintage lawnmower Price, Specs, Review, Features

This article is all about the John Deere 318 vintage lawnmower Price, Review, Engine, Parts Specs, and Attachments. The vintage lawnmower tractor ever in history. 

Which is the best lawn and garden tractor ever, then you must have heard about John Deere 318 tractor. 

Ask any best or gardener about lawn mower tractors, they would definitely tell you about the John Deere 318 tractor that they have seen ever.

John deere 318 Spec

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Price of John Deere 318

John deere 318 price

John Deere 318 tractors price starts At around $10,000, depending on the model two cylinders or just a single one.

Key Features of John Deere 318

John deere 318 overview

The John Deere 318 lawn and garden tractor is one of the best John Deere lawn tractors ever built. 

Many customers bought their brand new 318 model and still it, work hard from 15 to 25 years.

 John Deere 318 is the most reliable lawn tractor at that time.

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John deere 318 EngineJohn Deere 318 is a very dependable, heavy-duty, and rough tractor and perfect for lawn-cutting operations.

The maintenance cost of 318 is very low and its durability is excellent. 

Performance is outstanding and it will keep you smiling in any fatigue condition.

john deere 318 Lawnmower

John Deere 318 Specs

Engine Make Yanmar
Engine model 4TNV98C
Gross power 63 HP
Net power 60 HP
Rated operating load 1950 lbs
Load with optional counterweight 2100 lbs
Tipping load, standard 3900 lbs
Height of bucket pin 120.2″ (in)
Dump height at bucket discharge 95.7″ (in)
Dump reach @ max-height 30.7″ (in)
Max dump angle @ full height 43° (deg)
Bucket rollback at ground level 33° (deg)
Bucket breakout 6000 lbs
Arm lifting force 3500 lbs
Top Speed and Tire
Max travel speed 6.9 mph
Tire size 10 x 16.5
Weight and Dimensions
Weight 7000 lbs
Overall length w/bucket 132″
Width over tires 63″
Height to top of ROPS 78″
Ground clearance 8.5″
The rear angle of departure 26°
Wheelbase 44.3″
Standard pump flow 18 GPM
Optional pump flow 25 GPM
Hydraulic pressure 3250 psi
Fuel tank 20 gals

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John Deere 318 Review 

John Deere’s 318 lawn and garden tractor was produced between 1984 and 1997. It is renowned for its reliability, durability and versatility. The 318 has a Kohler 18 horsepower twin-cylinder engine, a hydrostatic gearbox, power steering and a 3-point hitch.  For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

I hope you would like my article on John Deere 318. The 318 is considered the Best JD garden tractor Made. It will do the Job for any purpose you are thinking about. It’s really a fantastic lawnmower tractor ever by John Deere. If you have any queries or questions please tell us or comment below. Thank You.

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3 years ago

I’ve got a 1979 400.
Would like to add one to my garage outside of some lake property I own in Olympia.
Have been looking on-line and have found much that wouldn’t be considered junk.
What is the difference between the 318 and the 400?