Kubota Tractors Price List in India〘2023〙❤️️

2023 Kubota Tractors Price list in India

Kubota Tractors Price List – Kubota Tractors comes with a Japanese technology that ensures a high yield on farms.

Kubota Tractor Price in India starts from Rs. 4.15 Lakh. The most costly Kubota Tractor is Kubota MU5501 4WD, priced at Rs.10.36 Lakh. 

Kubota Mini Tractor models are Kubota NeoStar B2741 4WD, Kubota A211N-OP, Kubota NeoStar A211N 4WD etc. 

Kubota company offers a wide range of 10+ tractor models in India, and the horsepower range starts from 21 hp to 55 hp. 

The most selling Kubota Tractor models are Kubota MU 5501, MU 4501, Kubota NeoStar B2741, etc. 

Kubota Tractors Price List

Let’s check out the latest Kubota Tractors price list in India 2023. Here we have tried to provide you with the prices of all Kubota tractors.




Kubota Tractors Price

Kubota Neostar B2741


Rs. 5.40 lakh – 6.00 lakh

Kubota MU4501, Kubota Tractors Price

Kubota MU4501 


Rs. 7.13 lakh – 8.05 lakh

Kubota Neostar A211N OP

Kubota Neostar A211N OP


Rs. 4.20 lakh – 4.50 lakh

Kubota MU5501, Kubota Tractors Price

Kubota MU5501 



Rs. 7.68 lakh – 9.14 lakh

Kubota Neostar B2441

Kubota Neostar B2441


Rs. 4.97 lakh – 5.20 lakh

Kubota Neostar A211N

Kubota Neostar A211N


Rs. 4.12 lakh – 4.40 lakh

Kubota L4508

Kubota L4508


Rs. 6.90 lakh – 7.20 lakh

Kubota L3408

Kubota L3408


Rs. 6.55 lakh – 6.70 lakh

Website: www.kubota.co.in/products/tractor

As per my research, that’s all about the Kubota Tractors all Model price list India 2023. I hope you like this post, but if you have any queries regarding this article, then please leave a comment for us, Thanks for reading this post and please stay tuned with me for new more stuff like this.

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FAQs – Kubota Tractors Price List

Q. What is the average lifting capacity of a Kubota Tractor?

✔ 750 kg – 2100 kg

Q.What is the HP range of the Kubota Tractor?

✔  21 HP to 55 HP

Q.Which is the best Kubota Tractor in India?

✔  Kubota B2741 Tractor

Q.What is Kubota Tractor’s price in 2023?

✔  Price Starts from Rs. 4,50,000 to Rs.10,36,000.


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