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How to redeem my WB Digital Code

To redeem your WB Digital Code, please visit the WB Digital Redeem official site here http://wb.com/redeemdigital. Then please enter your redemption code in the box and click “Redeem”.

You can choose Movies Anywhere or Vudu to redeem your code. Please keep in mind that TV shows are not allowed on Movies Anywhere and can only be redeemed on Vudu.

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How do I redeem my WB Digital Code?

To redeem your Warner Bros. title on Movies Anywhere or Vudu:


  1. Go to http://wb.com/redeemdigital
  2. Please Enter your redemption code and click on the ‘Redeem’ button.
  3. Please Select Movies Anywhere or Vudu as your selected playback platform
  4. Follow the steps to add the title to your collection.
  5. Enjoy!

Guys!! If you are getting an error message when you enter the WB Digital code, please try the following:

  • Review and enter each numbers and letter carefully. Some letters and numbers look similar on the insert sheet (i.e., 0 vs O, L vs 1, B vs 8)
  • Turn off your VPN.
  • Make sure the code is for a digital copy and not for surveys or promotions.
  • Make sure the code hasn’t expired.
  • Make sure the code matches the region/territory you are in. 

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