Are there any Ford 2N , 8N, or 9N tractors currently in use?

Are there any Ford 2N, 8N, or 9N tractors currently in use?

The Ford 2N, 8N and 9N were three model farm tractors manufactured by Ford between 1939 and 1952.

They were well-known for their toughness, reliability, dependability, and flexibility. They quickly gained popularity among farmers as well as other users.

Ford 9N is America’s first production model tractor to use Harry Ferguson’s 3-point hitch, which is still used on many modern tractors.

The Ford 2N was the Ford 9N, but with some improvements in the details, while the Ford 8N was a mostly new tractor with more power and a new transmission.

The Ford N-series of tractors were retired in 1952, yet they are still popular with enthusiasts and collectors.

Many currently operate and are often seen on ranches, farms, and other properties worldwide.

Are there any Ford 2N , 8N, or 9N tractors currently in use

Here are some of the reasons why Ford 2N, 8N, and 9N tractors are still in use today:

They are built to last: These tractors are well-known for their toughness and endurance. They are built to withstand the harsh farming conditions and are easily repaired.

They are versatile: They can accomplish various tasks like cultivating, plowing, or baling hay. They can also be used for pulling various tools.

They are affordable: They are also affordable. Ford N-series tractors are affordable to purchase and keep. This makes them an excellent option for small and hobby farmers.

Here are some of the places where Ford 2N, 8N, and 9N tractors are still in use today:

Farms: Tractors like these are often used in small farms, where they work various jobs.

Ranches: They are also used in ranches in which they are employed to transport livestock and equipment.

Construction sites: Tractors are often employed on construction sites that serve for moving dirt and other materials.

Hobby farms: tractors are well-liked by hobby farmers, who employ them for many tasks, including cutting lawns and clearing brush.


The Ford 2N, 8N, and 9N tractors are popular choices for farmers and others searching for a reliable, rugged, and economical tractor. These tractor models are still in use and are evidence of their long-lasting quality.

FAQs about Ford 2N, 8N, and 9N Tractors

What are the differences between the Ford 2N, 8N, and 9N tractors?

The primary difference between Ford 8N and 9N tractors lies in the engine. The 9N has a 29 horsepower engine, the 2N has 27 horsepower, and the 8N has a 30 horsepower engine. The 8N also comes with a slightly better transmission.

Which Ford N-series tractor is the best?

The most powerful Ford N-series tractor will be the one that will best meet your requirements. If you are looking for an engine with plenty of power, the 8N is your ideal option. If you’re seeking a less expensive option, the 2N can be ideal.

How much does a Ford N-series tractor cost?

The cost of a Ford N-series model tractor can vary according to the state that the tractor is in, the date in which it was built, and the place where it is sold. Generally, it is possible to pay between $5,000 to $10,000 for an N-series Ford tractor.

Where can I buy a Ford N-series tractor?

You can buy a Ford N-series tractor from various sources, including online auction sites, private sellers and farm equipment dealerships.

How do I maintain a Ford N-series tractor?

The most effective way to keep a Ford N-series tractor is to adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer. This means frequently changing the filters and oil, lubricating the bearings, and examining the tractor for any wear and tear indications.

Where can I get parts for a Ford N-series tractor?

You can purchase parts for the Ford N series tractor in many locations. Parts are available online, at farm machinery dealerships, and through private dealers.

How can I restore a Ford N-series tractor?

Restoring the Ford N-series tractor could be a difficult but rewarding job. Plenty of sources to assist you during the restoration process include books, online forums, and videos.

How can I find parts for a Ford N-series tractor?

There are several sources for Ford N-series tractor parts, including online retailers, salvage yards and farm equipment dealerships.

What are some common problems with Ford N-series tractors?

The most common problems with Ford N-series tractors relate to the engine, transmission, and electrical system. A qualified mechanic can repair these problems.

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