Ford 8N Tractor Specs, Price, Review & Key Features 2022

Ford 8N Tractor Specs, Price, Review & Key Features

The Ford 8N tractor Official production began in July 1947. Engineered with a 4-speed transmission, this model was destined to become the top-selling individual Tractor of all time in North America.

Its main features such as 4 cylinders’ L’ head engine, a Maximum drawbar of 23.16hp on 2nd gear, 3.188in the cylinder bore, 3.75in stroke, constant mesh transmission, and much more information see below the specification table.

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Ford 8N Tractor Price:

Ford 8N Tractor

The Ford 8N Tractor Original Price is $1,404 USD (1952 ).

Ford 8N Tractor Key Features


The Ford 8n 4-cylinder engine is of the L-head type, having all cylinders and the upper half of the crankcase cast in one piece.

Steel cylinder sleeves are used, which are easily replaced when rebuilding the engine. The distributor is driven directly from the front end of the camshaft. 
The 8N Tractor was designed with these main features like L-hade type engine, 16.2HP Taxable horsepower, Number of 4 cylinders, 3.187in. Bore, 119.5 cu. in. Piston displacement, 85 lbs. ft. at 1200 RPM Torque, 1-2-4-3 Firing order. 

Transmission System

Ford-8n- Transmission

The Ford 8N tractor Transmission system is smooth and reliable. It is equipped with a 4 forward and 1 reverse gear transmission.

The transmission contains constant-mesh helical gears, assuring quiet running and providing for long life. The power take-off is driven from the transmission countershaft. 



The 8N tractor hydraulics system is powerful and reliable. Its hydraulic system consists of a piston pump driven directly by the PTO shaft, and a self-contained hydraulic unit, which includes the ram cylinder and control linkage.

The hydraulic pump and unit are located in the center housing and employ the transmission oil as the hydraulic fluid. 

This design reduces the possibility of external oil leakage and greatly reduces repair costs.

Steering Gear 

Ford-8n-tractor Steering Gear

The 8N Ford tractor is provided with a steering gear assembly of the automotive ball nut type.
It is a highly efficient, easily serviced unit that is readily adjustable to compensate for wear.
This steering gear has a reduced operator fatigue factor because of smooth steering and a minimum of road shock.

Fuel tank Capacity 

Ford-8n-tractor fuel tank

The Ford 8N tractor has a large fuel tank, and its capacity is 10 gal (37.9 L). That is well suited for the long farming work and no need to refuel during the farming operations.

Tire Size

Ford 8N Tractor

The Ford 8n Tractor has standard tires. That front tire size is 4.00 – 19, and rear tire size is 11.2 – 28. It provides better grip and traction on the field, So that is less slip on the farm.

Ford 8N Tractor Specifications

Wheelbase 70 inches
Overall length 115 inches
Overall height 54 1/2 inches
Overall width, normal tread 64 3/4 inches
Front standard 4.00 – 19
optional 6.00 – 16
Rear standard 11.2 – 28
Tread width 48 to 76 inches in 4-inch steps
Turning circle radius (with use of brakes):
Made by the outer front wheel 8 ft.
Made by tractor centerline at the rear axle 3 1/2 ft.
Shipping weight (including gasoline, oil, water, tires  with air, operator not included) 2,410 lbs.
Drawbar height 8 1/2 to 34 1/4 in.
Capacities – U.S. Measure
Fuel tank 10 gals. total
Engine oil pan. 6 qts. with filter
Transmission, hydraulics 80w90 5 gals.
Cooling system 12 qts.
Oil bath air cleaner 1 pint
Tire pressure:
Rear 12 lbs.
Front 26 lbs.
Type 4-cylinder “L” head
Maximum Drawbar HP. 2nd Gear 23.16
Maximum belt horsepower at 2000 R.P.M 27.32
Rated speeds 1500, 1750, and 2000 RPM.
Idle speed 400-450 R.P.M.
Cylinder bore 3.188 in.
Stroke 3.75 in.
Piston displacement 119.7 cu. in.
Torque 92 lbs ft. at 1500 rpm
Compression ratio 6.50:1
Sleeves Dry type
Piston Aluminum
Rings Compression (2) Oil (1)
Piston pin Full floating
Rod bearings Replaceable shell-type
Main bearings Replaceable shell-type
Crankshaft Cast steel, static and dynamic balanced
Compression psi at cranking speed 90 psi minimum
Valve tappet clearance:
Intake 010 – .012 cold
Exhaust 014 – .016 cold
Crankshaft journal:
Main bearing diameter 2.248 – 2.249 in.
Rod bearing diameter 2.094 in.
Torque specs:
Cylinder head:
stud nuts 50-55 ft lb
bolts 65-70 ft lb
Main cap bolts 75-85 ft lb
Rod cap bolts 35-40 ft lb
Firing order 1-2-4-3
Initial timing 4 degrees before TDC
Maximum advance 18 degrees
Breaker points gap:
Side distributor 024 to .026 in.
Front distributor 015 in.
Spark plug gap 025 to .028 in.
Type Single up-draft
Make Marvel-Schebler
Idle fuel adjustment 1 turn
Main fuel jet 1 turn
Location In upper radiator hose
Starts to open 160-l65 degrees F
Fully open 190-200 degrees F
Generator 2-brush
Maximum output 20 Amps
Charging voltage 7.1 to 7.5 volts
Type 6-volt
Ground Positive (+)
Type Constantmesh
Number of speeds forward 4
Type Single plate
Diameter 9 in.
Release bearing (pre-lubricated) Ball bearing
Pedal-free travel 3/4 in.
Type Semi-floating
Ratio 6.66 to 1
Type Internal expanding
Brake pedal free play 3/4 in.
Type Automotive ball nut Ratio turns of the steering wheel for a total travel of pitman arms at 48 in.
wheel tread 2.25
Steering wheel diameter 18 in.
Type Internal
Maximum pressure 1500-1700 psi
Type Scotch Yoke piston
Drive. Direct power take-off shaft
2000 engine R.P.M 2.85 gals per min
1500 engine R.P.M 2.15 gals per min
Control Manual and automatic
Oil supply From transmission and differential
Spline 1 1/8 in.
PTO Speed (@1500 engine R.P.M.) 545 R.P.M.
Maximum Drawbar H.P. 2nd Gear 23.16
Rated Drawbar H.P. 2nd Gear (75% max.) 17.37
Maximum belt horsepower at 2000 R.P.M 27.32
Rated belt horsepower (85% of max.) 23.22

 Ford 8N Tractor Introduction Video

Here in this below video, You can see the Ford 8N tractor introduction, start, drive, and much more information. That is very helpful to you for your knowledge and sell this Tractor, so please see it.

Final Conclusion

It was Old Tractor but in that category classic tractor. This is such a beautiful and powerful tractor. In this article, I mention all kinds of information in detail that is good for your knowledge and sell this Tractor. I hope you like it, but if you have any queries regarding this article, then please leave a comment in the below comment box.

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