Mazda 1.5 SkyActiv-D Engine Specs, Problems & Reliability

Mazda 1.5 SkyActiv-D Engine

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Mazda 1.5 SkyActiv-D Engine

Mazda offered and promoted 1.5-liter turbo-diesel engines under the “SkyActiv-D” brand name; these engines were the S5-DPTR and S5-DPTS. Mazda’s “i-ELOOP” brake energy regeneration technology was a recommended accessory for this diesel engine (Intelligent Energy Loop).

Engine oil capacity, litre
5.1 – service change, 5.8 – dry , 0.4 – filter
Firing order
Manufacturer Mazda
Production years 2015-present
Cylinder block material Aluminium
Cylinder head material Aluminium
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel system Direct fuel injection
Configuration Inline
Number of cylinders
Valves per cylinder
Valvetrain layout
Bore, mm
Stroke, mm
Displacement, cc
1,497 cc (91.35 cu in)
Type of internal combustion engine
Four-stroke, turbocharged
Compression Ratio
Power, hp
103 hp (77kW)/3,500-4,500
Torque, lb ft
162-199 lb-ft (220-270 Nm)/1,600-2,500
Firing order
Engine oil weight
Engine oil capacity, liter
5.1 – service change, 5.8 – dry , 0.4 – filter
Oil change interval, mile
12,000 (20,000 km)/12 months

Mazda 1.5 SkyActiv-D Engine Problems & Reliability

Skyactive engine owners had mixed feelings. There were complaints about the oil level rising and the regeneration cycle occurring too often.

Automobiles exhibiting these characteristics often have the poor fuel economy.

The 1.5-litre engine in the Mazda SX-3 and Mazda 2 is underpowered for their size, so their owners tend to be more energetic on the road in order to stretch the life of the vehicle (often less than 300,000 kilometres).

Due to nonstandard and creative design ideas, the engine is more expensive to maintain than those of competing manufacturers.

Mazda 1.5 SkyActiv-D Engine Review 

The Mazda 1.5 SkyActiv D engine is a compact, lightweight diesel that was first introduced in 2015. The engine is a four-cylinder with a turbocharger, variable geometry turbo actuator and one turbocharger. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Mazda 1.5 SkyActiv-D Engine FAQ

What is Mazda Skyactiv-D?

The Mazda SKYACTIV-D diesel engine is turbocharged. Newer generation engines are lighter, cleaner, higher performing, and more fuel efficient than ever before as automakers strive to fulfil stricter fuel economy and emission laws.

What is special about Mazda Skyactiv engine?

In order to get the most out of the SKYACTIV-X engine, a spark is used to ignite a highly concentrated portion of the fuel-air mixture inside the cylinder.

This increases the pressure and temperature, igniting the remaining fuel-air mixture under pressure (like a diesel engine), resulting in more rapid and thorough combustion than is possible with standard engines.

Is a 1.5 diesel engine good?

Because of its respectable work ethic and low fuel consumption, the 1.5 dCi engine is highly regarded.

Despite its size, the Renault Megane can travel 100 kilometres on less than 5,5 litres of gas. This is a fantastic outcome.

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