John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Price, Specs, & Features 2024

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Price, Specs, Review, Overview

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Wide-Area Mower powered by a liquid-cooled, turbocharged, four-cylinder, Powerful  PS diesel engine, which produces 60-hp (44.7-kW) at 3000 rpm.

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Wide-Area Mower best in class features such as Turbocharged diesel engine, B20 compatible, Rear-discharge decks, and FT4 engine compliant.

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Wide-Area Mower featured with:

  • Powerful turbocharged diesel engine for excellent performance
  • Maximum productivity with transaxle and hydrostatic transmission.
  • Instrumentation and Controls  are convenient and easy to find
  •  Air-ride seat, standard high-back, provided for driver comfort
  • Two-post folding Roll-Gard rollover protective structure.
  • Factory-installed, four-post rollover protective structure order option
  • Features are given for comfortable transport
  • Mower decks have many performance and comfort features

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John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Wide-Area Mower Price USA

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III For Sale Price, Specs, Review, Overview

Price: $55,995 USD

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Wide-Area Mower Key Facts

  • Engine Power: Gross power SAE J1995 at 3,000 rpm, PS 60 hp (44 kW)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 83.3 L
  • Mower deck Size: 62, 94, 128 in. (157, 239, 325 cm)
  • Blade tip speed: 13,000 fpm (3,962 m/min)
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Speed range: 0-24 km/h
  • Drive tires: 26×12-12
  • Warranty: 24 months

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Wide-Area Mower Specifications

Manufacturer/Model 4TNV86CT-DJWM (T4)
Displacement 127.6 cu in.
2.091 L
2,091 cc
Bore and stroke 3.4×3.5 in.
86×90 mm
Injection Direct
Starting aid Engine glow plug
Cylinders Four
Cycle Four
Power Gross power SAE J1995 at 3,000 rpm, PS 60 hp
44 kW
Rated engine speed 3,000 rpm
Operating range With isochronous governor 1,400-3,030 rpm
Lubrication Pressurized by lobe-style pump
Oil filter Spin-on
Cooling Liquid-cooled water centrifugal
Cooling system capacity 2.5 U.S. gal.
7.5 L
Crankcase capacity 6.1 U.S. qt
5.8 L
Compression ratio 19:01
Operating torque (net continuous @ 3000 rpm) 103 lb-ft
140 Nm
Max Torque per SAE J1349 (net continuous) 117.3 lb-ft
159 Nm
Air cleaner Dual element, dry type
Air restriction indicator Standard, progressive type
Engine shutoff Key
Radiator location Rear mounted
Radiator fins per inch 10 fins per inch
Fuel System
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel transfer pump Electric
Fuel filter Replaceable, spin-on type
Water separator Replaceable, 100-mesh element
Cold start device Increased timing for better cold starting
Fuel tank capacity 22 U.S. gal.
83.3 L
Fuel pump type Mechanical
Fuel neck opening 3 in.
7.6 cm
Fuel tank location The left side of the machine
Self bleeding The system is self-bleeding because of the electric fuel transfer pump
Fuel Consumption
Full load 3.33 U.S. gal./hr
12.7 L/hr
One-half load 1.93 U.S. gal./hr
7.31 L/hr
Implement lift
Type Hydraulic, open center
Lift cylinders Bore 2 in.
50.8 mm
Pump Gear
Charging system Automotive type
Alternator 75 amp
Battery voltage 12 V
Battery cold crank amps 675 CCA
Starter size 1.9 hp
1.4 kW
Hydraulic system
Traction drive pump Displacement, axial piston pump, 3 cu in.
49 cc
Motor Displacement, axial piston pump, 2 cu in.
33 cc
Type Closed loop, hydrostatic
Steering relief 1,087 psi
Implement relief 1,600 psi
Hydraulic reservoir capacity 14 U.S. gal.
53 L
Transmission Hydrostatic
Transaxle type Dual Range
Transaxle Tuff Torque (Kanzaki)
4 wheel drive On-demand or full time
4-wheel drive type Mechanical rear-wheel drive
Differential lock Mechanical, foot activated
Final drive Planetary
Type Internal, wet disc
Steering brakes Standard
Parking brakes Hand brake
Travel speed
Speed range 0-15 mph
0-24 km/h
Low forward speed 0-9 mph
0-14.5 km/h
High forward speed 0-15 mph
0-24 km/h
Low reverse speed 0-4.5 mph
0-7.2 km/h
High reverse speed 0-7.5 mph
0-12 km/h
Sound level (without cab)
With deck 94 dBA
Without deck 89 dBA
Frame type Welded, tubular steel
Thickness 11 gauge
0.12 in.
3 mm
Type Power, hydrostatic
Tilt steering wheel Standard
Turns lock-to-lock 2.5
Turning radius 39 in.
99 cm
Operator station  
Seat Adjustment positions
Yes, Adjustable
The air-ride suspension seat, is adjustable, deluxe, high-backed, back angle adjustment, lumbar adjustment, standard armrests
Safety Safety interlock and operator presence system
Drive tires Pressure
30 psi, 206.8 kPa (front)
28 psi, 193.1 kPa (rear)
Steering tires (rear) 18×9.5-8
Tread Multi-track
Ply rating 6 PR (both)
Length (with deck) 132 in.
335 cm
Wheelbase 60 in.
152 cm
Tread width 52 in.
131 cm
Width with decks down 134 in.
340 cm
Height with ROPS ROPS up, 98 in.
249 cm
ROPS down, 74 in.
188 cm
With four-post canopy ROPS, 82 in.
208 cm
Transport width 84 in.
213 cm
Ground clearance 6.5 in.
16.5 cm
Vehicle weight 4,173 lb
1,892.8 kg
Machine weight without the deck 3,264 lb
1,474.2 kg
Type Standard two-post folding ROPS or four-post canopy ROPS meets ISO21299 standard
Throttle Hand
Forward/reverse Two-pedal
Mower lift Three two-function switches
Park brake Foot pedal/disk
Indicator lights Engine air heater, oil pressure light, engine temperature light, fuel gauge, hydraulic oil temperature light
PTO engagement Type
Hydraulic, independent
Electric solenoid switch
PTO engagement/disengagement Electric solenoid
Deck drive pump Displacement, axial piston pump, 2.48 cu in.
40.6 cc
Deck motor Type
Hydraulic, open center, closed loop
Displacement, gear motor, 2.5 cu in.
41 cc
Circuit Series
Mower decks
Deck drive type Hydraulic, closed loop
Spindles Heat treated, diameter, 1 in.
2.54 cm
Spindle bearings greaseable Yes
Energy-absorbing wing decks Yes
Deck circuit Series
Blade drive C-section, V-belt
Size 62, 94, 128 in.
157, 239, 325 cm
Center deck cutting width 62 in.
157 cm
Wing deck cutting width 42 in.
107 cm
Transport lock Standard
Discharge Rear
Deck Construction Fabricated steel
Deck thickness 7 gauge
0.18 in.
4.6 mm
Height-of-cut range 1-5.5 in.
2.5-13.9 cm
Wing deck float Up (while maintaining PTO engagement)
45 degrees
Down (while maintaining PTO engagement)
20 degrees
Mowing rate
80% field efficiency 85% field efficiency at 10 mph
16 km/h
11 acres/hr
Anti-scalp rollers
Type Flat-free
Wing deck caster wheels Four, 11×4-5, flat-free
Front deck caster wheels Two, 11×4-5, flat-free
Total mower blades Seven, three in center, and two on each side
Blade length 22 in.
55.88 cm
Blade width 2.5 in.
6.35 cm
Blade thickness 0.312 in.
0.79 cm
Blade tip speed 13,000 fpm
3,962 m/min
Interchangeable mower blades between all decks Yes

John Deere 1600 Turbo Series III Wide-Area Mower Review 

The John Deere 1600 Turbo Series Wide-Area Mower is a powerful and flexible machine that was designed for commercial mowing. With a cutting width of 11 feet, it’s able to swiftly and effectively cover vast areas of the land. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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