Husqvarna ts354xd Specs ,Review & Prices

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Husqvarna ts354xd

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Husqvarna ts354xd Overview

The riding lawnmowers made by Husqvarna work well and produce good results. The Husqvarna TS354XD has a 24HP Kawasaki engine that is powered by a 54-inch shaft.

Cutting deck made with ClearCut(TM).

This tractor is easy to use because it has features like a cutting height adjustment on the fender, a seat that can be moved, and a steering wheel that can be moved.

All of our tractors have hydrostatic transmissions that make going forward and backward smooth and easy to control.

Husqvarna ts354xd Price

Husqvarna ts354xd

Price: Under $5000

Husqvarna ts354xd Features

  • Cutting Out the Fat 5/5 The tractor has six different cutting heights that range from 1′′ to 4′′. All of them are easy to change.
  • Comfort 5/5 One of the things people like about the Husqvarna TS 348XD is how easy it is to use.
  • The tractor has the most comfortable seats, an armrest-equipped steering wheel, and a steering wheel that is made to fit your body.
  • Efficiency on Hills and Slopes: 5/5. An electronic locking differential keeps the two back wheels together, so they won’t slip when you drive over hills or through wet grass.
  • Quality of construction: 4.5/5. The deck has several layers of protection that make it last a long time.
  • The front axle is made of cast iron, and it works well on all kinds of terrain.

Husqvarna ts354xd Specification


Engine Brand Kawasaki
Starting System 12-Volt Key Start
Engine Cycle 4-Cycle
HP 24 HP
CC 726 CCs
Fuel Tank Size 4 Gallons
Engine Cylinders 2 Cylinders
Oil Filter Yes


Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Included Included


Weight 690 Pounds
Consumer Warranty 3 Years
Product Length 71 Inches
Product Width 67 Inches
Product Height 43 Inches
Power Type Gas
UPC 193028049318


Cutting Options 3-in-1 (Side-Discharge/Bag/Mulch)
Deck Material 10-Gauge
Deck Construction Welded
Spindle Material Ductile Cast Iron
Blades 3 Blades
Deck Positions 6 Positions
Cutting Width 54 Inches
Cutting Height 1.0 – 4.0 Inches
Deck Lift System Manual Hand Operated
Engagement PTO Lever
Deck Drive Belt


Speeds Variable
Maximum Speed 5.5 MPH
Maximum Reverse Speed 2.5 MPH
Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Drive System Hydrostatic


Rear Bagger Sold Separately
Seat Type High Back
Hour Meter Included
Arm Rests Included
Front Bumper Included
Mulcher Kit Sold Separately
Headlights Included
Washout Port Yes


Front Tire Size 16 x 6 Inch
Front Axle Cast-Iron
Rear Tire Size 23 x 10.5 Inch
Tire Type Pneumatic Wheels

Husqvarna ts354xd Problems

Issues with Husqvarna 354xd TS Solutions
The deck didn’t rise enough to raise Change it, clean it, and get rid of any dust.
Engine Smoke Clean the filter, get rid of any extra oil, check for oil leaks, seal, and put it back.
In excess of oil consumption Make sure to use good oil, and get rid of the old oil. Make sure you have enough oil and clean the filters and pump when you use
Excessive vibration Replace the blades and belts

Husqvarna ts354xd Weight

The weight of a Husqvarna ts354xd is 26 lbs.

Husqvarna ts354xd Review: Deep Dive


The 54-inch cutting deck on the Husqvarna TS 354XD riding garden tractor is perfect for medium-sized and large-sized yards.

Its high back seat and armrests make it easy and comfortable to mow the lawn.

With the deluxe steering wheels, mowing will take less effort.

The riding garden tractor has strong tyres that give it better grip on hills, slopes, and rough surfaces.


The 24 HP Kawasaki engine in the Husqvarna TS 354XD garden tractor makes the mower run more smoothly and quickly.

It has a ground-engaging transmission and an electronic differential lock that make it easy to mow on wet and muddy surfaces.

The engine gives off a low-level noise. It can go as fast as 5.5 mph, so you can get things done in less time.

The fuel tank is big and can hold up to 4 gallons. You can cut more than two acres of grass without having to refuel.

Cutting performance

The Husqvarna TS 354XD has a large cutting deck that makes it easy to cut tall grass.

The three blades of the mower are attached to the cutting deck, which works very well on any terrain.

The attachment lift lever lets you change the length of the cuts from 1 to 4 inches. So, you can cut the grass to the right height.

Ease of use

The riding garden tractor runs on gas and has an electric blade that makes cutting grass easy. Plus, it has comfortable seats that make it very easy to use.

It has LED headlights that make it easier to mow in the dark or in the shade.

Plus, the fuel cap is easy to get to, so you don’t have to open the engine hood every time you need to fill up.

Husqvarna ts354xd Accessories

A mulching kit, a bagger, and tyre chains are just some of the accessories that can be added to the riding garden tractor to make it work better in your yard.

The fact that mulching kits and rear bags are sold separately is a bad thing about this garden tractor.

Price and warranty

The Husqvarna TS 354XD is about the right price for a riding garden tractor. It comes with service for three years.

It’s important to know that this warranty doesn’t cover parts like spark plugs, air filters, and tractor blades.

Additional features

The front axles of the Husqvarna TS 354XD are made of cast iron. This makes the garden tractor more stable.

The TS 354XD has an hour metre that helps keep track of how often it needs to be serviced.

Plus, the garden tractor has a cruise control that lets it keep its speed on any surface.

Final Verdict

The Husqvarna ts354XD is a great gardening tool for your lawn that can be used for a variety of tasks. It has great features and works well.

This means you can buy this lawn mower and use it without any problems.

Husqvarna ts354xd – FAQ

Husqvarna ts354xd

What transmission does the Husqvarna TS 354xd have?

Husqvarna TS 354XD The type of transmission is hydrostatic for commercial use.

Does the Husqvarna TS 354XD have a bagger system?

The bagger can be bought on its own.

What speed does this go?

The maximum speed is 5.5mph, and the speed in reverse is 2.5mph.

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