Husqvarna 345 Specs, Price & Review

Husqvarna 345 Specs, Price, Review & Features

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Husqvarna 345 Specs, Price & Review

Husqvarna 345 Overview

The first Husqvarna 345 chainsaw came out around 2002, and it was replaced around 2008. Because of this, it’s getting harder and harder to find one of these machines, even though they are sometimes for sale on Ebay, Gumtree, and other used markets.

There are more than 270 listings on eBay for spare parts that fit this category. In other words, there are a lot of parts for the Husqvarna 345 to choose from.

If the number of spare parts is any indication, it’s great news that many of these old machines seem to be alive and well.

It’s easy to find and buy things like bars, chains, air filters, and fuel filters. There are also still a lot of engine parts, ignition parts, and clutch kits on the market.

So, if you have an old 345 or have found a used one for sale, it looks like you’ll be able to find all the parts you need to keep it running for a few more years.

Husqvarna 345 Price

You can find them for anywhere between $20 and $200, depending on how good the saw is. You need to find out what kind of shape the chainsaw you want to buy is in and then try to make a deal.

If it’s in great shape, you shouldn’t pay much more than $200 for it.

You can buy them on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other local online sales pages. Check out the Husqvarna chainsaws on Amazon if you don’t want to take the risk of buying a used one.

They have a lot of less expensive alternatives to the 345. There’s the Husqvarna 120 (with a 38cc engine) and the Husqvarna 445. (45cc engine).

Husqvarna 345 Specs


Cylinder volume 2,75 inch
Cylinder bore 1,65 inch
Stroke 1,28 inch
Idle speed 2700 rpm
Power 9000 rpm

Ignition system

Manufacture SEM
Type of ignition system CD
Spark plug NGK BPMR 7A/
Champion RCJ 7Y
Electrode gap 0,02 inch

Fuel and lubrication system

Manufacturer of carburettor Zama
Carburettor type C3-EL18
Fuel tank capacity 5 litre 
Oil pump capacity at 9,000 rpm 9 ml/min 
Oil tank capacity 25 litre 
Type of oil pump Automatic


Standard bar length 13″ inch
Recommended bar lengths 13-20″ inch
Usable cutting length 2-19″ inch
Chain speed at max. power 17/3 m/sec 
Pitch 8,25 mm

Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw Features

All of the moving engine parts are light, which helps the engine move faster. This is a plus because it helps the user cut quickly and accurately.

Vibrations are lessened by the rubber suspension in the carburetor and the separation of the handles from the engine. This makes the machine easier to use, and the Smart StartTM feature makes it easy to start.

The Husqvarna 345 has a lot of safety features that will help new users, who make more mistakes and need a saw that helps them stay safe.

So the double-action chain brake, the right-hand guard, and the chain catcher are all good features for new users.

A side-mounted chain tensioner, a centrifugal air cleaning system, and an ergonomic handle are also important features because they all make life easier for users.


The Husqvarna 345 chain saw is a good all-purpose tool that is especially good for homeowners who are buying their first piece of power equipment. The chain saw weighs about 4.7 kg, which isn’t too heavy, so it’s easy to use.


It has a 3.2 horsepower engine, so it can easily cut through bigger branches and logs than other chainsaws.

 Power Speed

At idle, the Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw moves at 2,700 RPM, and at full power, it moves at 9,000 RPM.

Husqvarna 345 chainsaw parts diagram

The Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw is a lightweight chainsaw that works well. It’s easier to cut with because the weight is low in the middle. The saw’s handle is made to be easy to hold and use.

This chainsaw is easy to start and keep up because it has a tool-less chain tensioning system and a 36cc 2-cycle engine.

The bar on this 34.5cc chainsaw is 16 inches long. For better performance, the 14-inch Oregon bar and chain can be changed to a 16-inch set.

The Kawasaki KA-1406VZ is a 34.5cc chainsaw with a 14-inch bar. For comfort while working, it has an automatic chain brake and an electronic start. The 20-inch chainsaw from Remington has a motor with one cylinder and 38cc.

The chain saw with gas-powered pistons can cut 10-inch trees and 6-inch logs. $99 The RM100 from Remington costs $169.

Husqvarna 345 chainsaw parts diagram

Husqvarna 345 chainsaw chain replacement

The Husqvarna 345 is a professional-grade chainsaw that runs on gas. It’s easy to use at home and at work and doesn’t weigh much.

The Husqvarna 345 chainsaw has an 8-point chain that cuts well and doesn’t cost too much. A three-way tool mount on the chainsaw makes it easy to change the tool belt.

The chainsaw’s Quick Link lets you put it on and take it off without using any tools. You can stop the saw quickly and without tools by using the chain brake.

Husqvarna 345 chainsaw bar length

The Husqvarna 345 chainsaw is run by a 346cc engine. The engine is good at cutting through tough materials. It only takes a second to loosen the tensioning bolt and slide the chain off the bar.

The bar that comes with the saw has 3.5 HP and a cutting depth indicator that can be changed.


  • Durable, reliable chainsaw
  • Light
  • Works hard
  • Plenty of parts
  • Great for small jobs


  • Max 18-inch bar
  • Not enough power for all tasks

View Online Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw Operators Manual

Chain brake, Fuel pump, Twist lock, Oilomatic chain for a saw, Adjustable tensioner, Front chain tensioner, Side chain tensioner, Guide bar, Chain sprocket, Cover for the chain sprocket, Decompression valve, Chain catcher, Bumper spike, Muffler, Starter grip, Spark plug terminal, Oil fill cap, Fuel fill cap, Master control lever, Interlock for the throttle trigger, Throttle trigger, Handle in front, hand guard in front, handle in back, hand guard in back.

Adjusting Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw Carburetor

Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw guide for the carburetor on a chainsaw. The factory has set up the carburetor to give the engine the best flow of air and fuel.

How to turn the idling screw either clockwise or counterclockwise to change the standard settings. Find out how to set the idling screw so that the engine doesn’t cut out or doesn’t idle right.

Find out how to check the spark plug for a good electrical spark and how to clean or replace it if necessary. In the operator manual, it says how to clean and replace the air filter. 

Carburetor – General Chainsaw Adjustment

Adjusting the carburetor means setting the engine to the weather, altitude, type of fuel, and type of two-stroke oil in the area. The carburetor comes with three ways to adjust it.
L = Low speed jet
H = High speed jet
T = Idling adjustment screw

The L and H jets adjust the fuel flow to match the amount of air that can flow through the engine when the throttle valve is open.

Turning them clockwise makes the mixture of fuel and air weaker (less fuel compared to the amount of air), and turning them counterclockwise makes the mixture stronger (more fuel compared to the amount of air).

The engine speed goes up when the mixture is weak, and it goes down when the mixture is rich.

When the engine is idling, the T screw controls where the throttle is. If you turn the T screw clockwise, the engine will idle faster. If you turn it counter-clockwise, the engine will idle slower.

Husqvarna 345 Review

FAQs – Husqvarna 345

FAQs - Husqvarna 345

Is the Husqvarna 345 chainsaw good?

The Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw is a strong chainsaw made to do the hardest jobs. This chainsaw can be used for all kinds of cutting jobs because it is built to last. It’s made so that it doesn’t vibrate much, which makes it easier on the user’s body and makes them less tired.

What is the advantage of a Husqvarna 345 chainsaw?

Features of the Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw. All of the moving engine parts are light, which helps the engine speed up faster. This is a plus because it helps the user cut quickly and accurately.

Is Husqvarna 345 spares?

There are more than 270 listings on eBay for spare parts that fit this category. In other words, there are a lot of parts for the Husqvarna 345 to choose from. If the number of spare parts is any indication, it’s great news that many of these old machines seem to be alive and well.

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