Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Price, Specs, Review, Features 2024

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Price, Specs, Review, Top speed, seat height, and Parts Features

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husqvarna 85tc

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Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Overview

One of these levels is on the Husqvarna Tc85. With two different wheel sizes, 17/14 and 19/16, these models are good for young teens with different leg lengths who want a machine powered by a smooth 85cc two-stroke engine.

The 85cc class bridges the gap between the junior ranks and full-sized motocross, bringing up-and-coming riders one step closer to the big leagues.

So, the TC 85 has the same high-tech hardware as the rest of Husqvarna’s lineup. The TC 85 has the most up-to-date engine and chassis technology, giving young riders the confidence to push harder while staying as calm as possible on the track.

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Price

Tc 85 19/16 price in USA -$6949 +additional freight cost $335.

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Engine

The TC 85 motor is one of the most powerful in the 85cc class because it is a two-stroke engine. Due to the motor’s lively but controllable power delivery, it has the best performance and rideability of any bike in its RPM range.

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Top Speed

Top speed :60mph

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Seat height & weight

Seat height: 875mm(35 inch) and weight 68 kg (149.9 pounds)

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Fuel Economey

Fuel Consumption –   3.62 l/100 km

husqvarna 85tc

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Specs

Engine:84.9cc, two-stroke single-cylinder
Bore x Stroke:47.0 x 40.8mm
Clutch:Wet, multi-disc; hydraulically operated
Transmission/Final Drive:6-speed/chain
Frame:Chromoly steel central double cradle
Front Suspension:WP Xact 43mm USD fork; 10.9 in. travel
Rear Suspension:WP Xact PDS shock; 12.0 in. travel
Front Brake:Hydraulic, 240mm disc
Rear Brake:Hydraulic, 220mm disc
Wheels, Front/Rear:Spoked aluminum; 19 x 1.6 in. / 16 x 1.85 in.
Tires, Front/Rear:Maxxis MX-ST; 70/100-19 / 90/100-16
Wheelbase:50.8 in.
Seat Height:34.4 in.
Fuel Capacity:1.4 gal.
Claimed Dry Weight:150 lb.
Available:May 2023

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Key Features

husqvarna tc85


Frame: The chromium molybdenum steel frame is made to give young riders precise feedback. It is made with advanced robot welding and hydroformed tubes.

WP XACT Front Suspension: The WP XACT forks are split 43 mm forks that use a capsulated air spring in the left leg and a trusted oil-damping system in the right leg.

They are similar to the forks on the larger MX range. With 280 mm of wheel travel, these parts have great suspension performance.

WP XACT PDS Rear Shock: The TC 85 is equipped with a WP XACT PDS shock absorber. The PDS, which stands for “progressive damping system,” lets the rear end stay stable over small bumps and rough terrain while also easily absorbing bigger hits.

Subframe: The subframe is made of light aluminum and has a short, compact shape. The shape not only helps keep the overall weight low, but it also helps keep the mass in one place.

husqvarna tc85


Airbox: To get to the TWIN AIR filter for quick maintenance, all you have to do is take off the left side panel. The way the airbox is made lets the most airflow through and protects the filter the most.

Swingarm: A gravity die-casting process is used to make the swingarm, which is made from a single piece of Aluminum.

his gives the swingarm a lot of strength without making it too heavy. Markings for adjusting the chain can also be seen from above, which makes adjusting the chain faster and easier.

Cooling: The TC 85 has radiators that were made using computational fluid dynamics to make sure that air moves through the cooling fins in the best way for the best engine temperature and performance.

Exhaust: The TC 85’s exhaust system is perfectly matched to the power of the engine and adds to the bike’s overall great performance and ease of riding. Also, the short, light silencer helps keep the weight in the middle of the gun and keeps noise to a minimum.

husqvarna 85tc


Engine: The latest 2-stroke technology is used in the TC 85 engine to give it the best performance in the 85cc class, which is very competitive. Even though the bore and stroke are the same, the engine is 1.5 pounds lighter and has more power and is easier to ride at all RPMs.

Crankcase: The crankcases are made using a high-pressure die-casting process. They have thinner walls to save weight while keeping their strength and durability. This design also makes the whole thing smaller and moves the shafts closer to the center of gravity, which makes it easier to control.

Cylinder: The cylinder is built around a new power valve system that controls both the exhaust valve and the sub-exhaust port. This gives the engine a lot of power, torque, and control. So, the TC 85 has good mid-range performance, so you don’t have to use the clutch as much when the ground is soft or sandy.

Clutch: The TC 85 has a new diaphragm spring clutch that replaces the old coil spring design. The new design is 1 pound lighter, takes up less space, and is also stronger. The clutch is controlled by a formula hydraulic system, which means that play is always taken into account and the clutch point stays the same over time and in different conditions.


ODI Lock-On Grips: High-quality ODI lock-on grips come standard on the TC 85. The throttle grip has a vulcanized grip, and the lock-on grip on the left side doesn’t need glue or wire to be attached to the handlebar.

Wheels: The MAXXIS tires on the black EXCEL rims and CNC-machined hubs give a great performance on a wide range of terrains.

Bodywork: The TC 85 has bodywork that is just the right size for an 85-cm rider. The contact points and feel are great in terms of ergonomics. They give you confidence and let you move around freely and easily.

Brakes: New Formula brake calipers, a 220 mm wave disc up front, and a 210 mm wave disc in the back give the brakes a better feel and make sure the brake pads wear evenly in all riding conditions. Also, the clutch and brake assembly reduces wear and makes sure that the car is as reliable and durable as possible.

Husqvarna Tc85 19/16 Review

The Husqvarna TC85 is a high-end motocross bike designed for young riders. The bike features a powerful two-stroke 85cc engine, lightweight chassis, and high-quality parts.. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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