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⏩ How to Activate Your Walmart MoneyCard in 2022?

You can follow the steps below to activate Walmart money card :

Have you just bought or received the Walmart MoneyCard as an offer? A Walmart MoneyCard is essentially a debit card that functions in the same way as credit cards in the process of paying for purchases.

walmart money card activate

The only distinction is that the amount you can spend is only a pre-paid amount. Beyond shopping, you can also use it for other reasons like travel. If the balance on your card runs low, you are able to reload it.

The outstanding feature of the card is you are able to give it to your son or daughter between 16 and 17 as a part of their allowance.

If the card is lost, you can report the loss to Walmart, which will provide you with a new one. Following that, you’ll be required to activate the newly issued Walmart MoneyCard.

⏩ Walmart Money Card Login

If you’re going to login to Walmart money card, then follow the information given below step by step

👉 Step 1: First, you have to click on the Walmart money card login link.
👉 Step 2: Clicking will take you straight to the seat.
👉 Step 3: Log in to your online account. You must enter your USER ID.
👉 Step 4: Then enter your password
👉 Step 5: Then click the Login button

If you have any problem with the above steps, you can watch the below video that helps you to Walmart money card login.

⏩ Who Qualifies for a Walmart MoneyCard?

If you’re 18 over or more, you are eligible to apply for the Walmart Money Card. Your credit score and whether or not you have an account with a bank aren’t conditions.

Minors between the ages of 16 and 17 are issued a card with parental approval. With one account, you’ll have the ability to use multiple cards. All fees and purchases are charged to that account.

⏩ Where Is the Walmart MoneyCard Accepted?

Before using the Walmart Money Card, check for a Visa/Mastercard mark. It doesn’t matter whether you are discussing gas stations or airline terminals, grocery stores, and almost any other place that accepts debit card payments.

⏩ Walmart MoneyCard Fees

Here are the typical charges you’ll pay the use of the Walmart Cash Card:

✅ A fee for issuance of $3.00

✅ Reload payments of $3.00. When you make a direct deposit and Walmart Cash, Checking this feature is entirely free.

✅ A monthly maintenance charge of $3.00

⏩ How Do You Get a Walmart MoneyCard?

If you place an order for a Walmart Money Card online, you’ll receive the card via Mail within 7-10 days. You can also collect the Walmart MoneyCard at your Local Walmart store’s checkout lane.

There will be an amount of $3 for the card’s issuance. When you pay your account, you will be able to transfer funds on the card.

⏩ How do you activate and unlock Walmart MoneyCard?

To activate the Walmart MoneyCard card delivered by Mail to activate it, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

👉 Step 1. Start your Walmart MoneyCard activation page and input the card’s number, expiration month, year, and a security code of three digits and the last four numbers that make up your social security numbers and the card’s PIN. Next, click.

👉 Step 2. You can call Walmart at the following number: 1-877-937-4098. You’ll require the number of your card when you call.

⏩ How do I register a New Walmart MoneyCard?

By following the four simple steps, you will be able to sign up with your brand account with your brand new Walmart MoneyCard in no time (a new card purchased at the shop). It is essential first to make an account online before going through the steps below:

walmart money card activate

👉 Step 1. Start by creating an Online account.

👉 Step 2. Sign up for the new Walmart MoneyCard using the ” Register New Card” button.

👉 Step 3. Then, input the card’s number into the appropriate box.

👉 Step 4. Look for a security code with three digits. It’s located on the reverse on the back of your card. Input it. This will trigger the automatic activation of your credit card.

⏩ Reloading a Walmart MoneyCard

If you have money, you can reload your credit card at any of the checkout lanes at Walmart. Are you able to cash your check from the government or pay at Walmart? You can use it to top up your credit card. You can also replenish your card using an online transfer to a bank and direct deposit.

Before you begin the activation, you must first read through the details included with the card. You’ll be aware of what you have to do.

FAQ About Walmart Money Card Activate

How do I activate my Walmart MoneyCard?

You can make an activation request for the Walmart MoneyCard either online, here, or by phone by calling 1-877-965-7848. You will be asked for your MoneyCard details, and this will include your 16-digit card number, expiration date, and three-digit security code located in the reverse of your card.

How do I activate my Walmart card online?

Here’s how to activate your Walmart Credit Card online:
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on “Activate My Card.”
  3. Enter your personal information.

Do you have to activate a Walmart MoneyCard?

You must deposit funds into your card and then activate the card before using it. Opening a bank account requires identification authentication (including the SSN), and Email verification or mobile phone and mobile apps are required to use all options.

How long does it take for a Walmart prepaid card to activate?

However, some Walmart Visa gift cards might need the purchaser to activate the card themselves by following instructions on activation provided in the card. Additionally, the card may be activated immediately or take between 24 and 48 hours to be activated.

How do I get my PIN for my Walmart MoneyCard?

To receive a PIN to use your Walmart MoneyCard to be able to use it, you must be able to activate your card. It is possible to do this on the internet here.

It will ask you to provide the card’s number and expiration date, as well as a three-digit security code in the reverse of your card, as well as the last four digits from your SSN. After that, you’ll be able to generate your 4-digit PIN.

How much money can be directly deposited on a Walmart MoneyCard?

The Walmart MoneyCard limit for deposits is $2,999 per day. But, it is essential to keep in mind that the card’s balance is not allowed to be greater than $10,000 at any given time.

If you own the Walmart MoneyCard that comes with cash rewards back, You can also make cash deposits at any of the participating Walmart locations by using the app. The maximum for this feature is $1,500.

How do I redeem my Walmart MoneyCard?

Bring your credit card and cash to every Walmart register and request the cashier refill the card. Reload fees of up to $3 are applicable.

If you own a Walmart MoneyCard with Cash-Back Rewards and Cash-Back Rewards, you can use Walmart MoneyCard to add cash and the Walmart MoneyCard app to add some money to your account.

Can I link my Walmart MoneyCard to the Cash App?

It is currently impossible to utilize Walmart’s MoneyCard Prepaid card through the Cash App. Cash App can be used with linked bank accounts and debit or credit cards backed with Visa, American Express, Discover, or Mastercard. Alternately, you can utilize Venmo using your Walmart MoneyCard card, a prepaid one. Find out more about the features of Venmo here.

Can I transfer money from Walmart MoneyCard to a bank account?

It is impossible to transfer funds via the Walmart MoneyCard to your bank account. At the moment, you can only get funds from the Walmart MoneyCard from another bank account. It is possible to transfer funds from the Walmart MoneyCard into the other Walmart MoneyCard.

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