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 wmlink/2step – Walmartone 2-Step Verification, How do I get 2-step verification for Walmart

Walmartone 2-Step Verification – wmlink/2step on a Walmart – Guys!! If you have no idea about how to do 2-step verification at Walmart?  If yes, then this is the article for you. Please read this article to gain all the necessary knowledge on how to complete two-step verification for Walmart successfully.

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Walmartone 2-Step Verification

What is Walmartone WMLINK/2Step Verification?

Walmartone 2 Step Verification (2SV) is a rotating six-digit code that is used in addition to your standard Asda login. It can provide the code via text, phone call, or an app. 

The employee web portal is different from the user portal and can only be accessed by them. Their login web portals need a wmlink/2step verification to log in. You might be disappointed if you thought the login portal would be different from the other employee web portal.

This employee portal is like every other and has almost the same choices except for the wmlink/2step verification. Employees can use this web portal to manage their check payslips and work schedules, avail themselves of employee benefits, and many other things.

The wmlink/2step verification is an authentication procedure for the Walmart portal that requires you to enter a 6-digit code. This code isn’t constant but keeps changing to provide users with better security. You require to use this code along with the Asda login.

The authentication process is needed when you are away from a Walmart store. So whenever you are outside any Walmart store and have to access your account on this website, you first have to step up the wmlink/2step verification,

which is a fast process, then use the Adsa login user ID along with the password to log in – https://one.walmart.com/content/asda-wm1/en_us/public/WalmartOne-Support.html.

Most people are paranoid about portals in such accounts, always worrying about how their account can be “hacked”(what will a hacker do with a Walmart account?). This might give some comfort to such people.

As for the actual code, you can get it through the application, phone, or maybe a text. This looks a bit complex, right? Maybe, maybe not, but it makes your account safer. So quit bickering, and look at the next section for the login tutorial.

Walmartone 2-Step Verification

Why I need wmlink/2step?

Walmartone 2-Step Verification is required because If you need to access WalmartOne on your device (e.g., mobile phone), you will require to enter this second code when prompted to ensure our data is kept safe.

Note: If Workplace by Facebook is installed on your device, setting this up again won’t be necessary.

How to Sign Up for a 2 Step Verification?

  • First, visit the Walmartone official website for 2 step Verification within your store location at https://wmlink.walmart.com/2step.
  • You will come to Walmart Wire’s Workstation.
  • Please click on the search bar and search for 2-step verification or 2-factor Verification.
  • A Walmartone Sign Up Page will Open.
  • Please Enter the required information and follow the On-Screen instructions given on the Webpage to register for step Verification.

How To Do 2 Step Verification at Walmart?

  • Click on the following link while on the Asda network to set this up – Symantec VIP 2 Step Verification (https://svipreg.wal-mart.com)
  • Log in with your Asda PC user ID and password.
  • Please, make sure the United Kingdom is selected.
  • Please confirm your name is in the top corner.
  • If not, log out and log in again as you.

How To Do 2 Step Verification at walmart

Now, please choose one of the options available, voice call, text messaging, or app. This is how you’ll be given the 6-digit code when logging into www.WalmartOne.com on your device in the future.


Walmartone 2-Step Verification via MESSAGING

  • Please select your country code first,
  • Next, please enter your telephone number without the 0 in front.
  • Please select send code so your phone number can be verified.
  • You’ll receive a 6 digit code, which will require to be entered. 
  • Then submit 


Walmartone 2-Step Verification via voice call

  • Please select your country code first, 
  • Then enter your telephone number without the 0 in front.
  • Then after please re-enter the same phone number again and submit


Walmartone 2-Step Verification via VIP Access app

  • First of all, please download the VIP Access app through the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. 
  •  Once you downloaded the VIP Access app, you’ll be asked to enter the credential ID and security code from the app. 
  • Then submit

How to Login to OneAsda?

Step 1: Visit the OneAsda official website at https://one.walmart.com/asda.

Step 2: Now, Please enter your Asda PC user id and password, and select the process you have already set up to receive the 6-digit code.

How to Login to OneAsda

Enter the code and log in to your OneAsda account.

Here you require to note down the following:

Different contact details are needed for each 2 Step of Verification setup, which means two associates are not allowed to set up 2-step verification using the same email address or mobile number.

If you have two user accounts and have already set up 2-step verification on one, then the second must be removed in order to set up this same type of security on its new counterpart.

How to Connect Walmart One Team?

If you have specific problems and you would like to contact with Walmart One Team, then find the phone number below:

  • For US-based store/field associates, connect at 479-273-4357.
  • For Home Office associates, connect at 479-273-8866.
  • For international-based associates, you may contact your in-country help desk.

Official Website: one.walmart.com

Common Problems with the Walmartone 2 Steps Verification Method

Secure systems don’t necessarily mean that it’s perfect systems. Similar to 2-step verification, it could be a safe method; however, it’s not a guarantee of an easy login experience for all.

Some may require help with their computer and require help logging in to the accounts you have with Walmart accounts.

There’s no cause to be concerned because we will discuss some of the problems we have experienced and answers to these problems. Let’s start with the fast and clear ones, shall we?

Amnesia is an Amnesia kind

Doesn’t this seem obvious? If not, let me explain the people I’m talking to who have forgotten their passwords. For these people, this simple guideline will be helpful.

Once you enter your username, selected country and location on the Walmart login page, the next step is to enter your password.

If you can’t recall your password (because of amnesia), select the ‘forget password’ option. After entering your email address, a link with a password reset link will be sent directly to that address – can you make use of this to change your password? That should do it – hopefully not forgetting!

The Trash in Your Cache

Although the possibility of this problem is low, however, it’s a fine idea to perform a quick cleaning of the cache of your web browser. You can try clearing the cache and cookies of your browser. This simple task could be extremely effective.

There are sometimes some other minor issues that could cause problems in the 2 step verification login. In these instances, you should also try resetting your connection to the network, as an unresponsive network may be the cause.

Switch to a different browser than what you were using previously, as sometimes high volume of activity on the server may prevent you from logging in. Therefore, wait sometime before trying again.

If you’re using the WalmartOne app, it may come as no shock that you cannot sign in. This is because Walmart has released a brand-new app for existing customers that replaces the old one; therefore, users no longer have access to either.

You should download the new app called OneWalmart (I should have thought a bit more about it here). Users with problems who can’t find a solution should try contacting OneWalmart’s customer service.

Such users can contact them at

You can also visit their support page at https://one.walmart.com/content/usone/en us/company/site-policies—support to look for answers.

How to contact Walmart Customer Support?

If you want to contact Walmart customer support, please try their customer service portal or talk to them using the 1-(800)925-6278 number.

For US employees/ associates, contact at 479-273-4357

Email  at [email protected]

Final words

That was all about the Walmartone 2-Step Verification at one.walmart.com. I hope you like this article, and it’s helped you a lot, but if you are facing any issue related to this Walmartone 2-Step Verification then feel free to leave a comment I like helping everyone. Thanks!

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FAQs – Wmlink/2step

What is 2-Step Verification?

Our new security measure needs 2 steps to validate you are the right person accessing your personal details. The first step is learning something (e.g., your username and password).

The second step is something only you have (e.g., the one-time verification code you receive). Our registration website lets you choose one of three options (voice call, SMS/text message, push notification) that best fits your needs.

An example of 2 Step Verification you may be familiar with is using an ATM. 
An ATM needs something you know – your PIN number- and something you have – your ATM card.
Many social media tools have 2 Step Verification, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Why 2-Step Verification?

A Verizon debrief indicated that 85% of all breaches would have been prevented by implementing and using a multi-factor solution, like 2 Step Verification. It is much more difficult for someone to access your confidential information thanks to this added protection component.

2 Step Verification helps keep out the wrong guys, even if they have your password, since they would likely not have access to the second step of the security process.

You can have your one-time verification code sent via voice call, SMS/text message, or push notification. 

Enrolling in 2 Step Verification will improve your security protection and let you access your details from your device anytime, anywhere!

Do I need to enroll in 2SV for OneWalmart if I am already using a Yubikey and/or Google Authenticator?

Yes. To access OneWalmart from a personal device, you must register in Symantec VIP for 2-Step Verification, even if you are already using a Google Authenticator and Yubikey when logging in to your workstation or connecting to VPN.

Do I need to use 2SV to check this information from the store/club?

 If you check from a company computer or device, you don’t have to use 2SV (2-Step Verification).

How do I enroll in 2SV?

Visit wmlink/2step from a workstation connected to the corporate network and follow the steps outlined.

I got a new phone. How do I register the new number?

You will require to contact your support line (below) to have them delete the old account. Then you can register in the new account following the instructions above. 

For US-based Store/Field associates, please get in touch with Field Support at 479-273-4357.

For Home Office associates, please get in touch with Home Office Support at 479-273-8866.

Who can I contact for help?

For US-based associates, please contact Field Support at 479-273-4357. For international-based associates, please get in touch with your in-country help desk.

Why is WalmartOne App not working?

You must remove the Walmart One app if you attempt to use it on your phone and it doesn’t function. This isn’t sarcasm; I’m saying this because One Walmart has replaced the Walmart One App. Therefore, you must now obtain this new app in order to access your account on the site.

When do I need to use the two step verification?

Two-step verification is required whenever you attempt to log in to Walmart One from your personal device like your phone, computer at home or tablet, to look up your benefits schedule, calendar or pay stub.

What is the official website to enroll for wmlink/2step?


Do I need to have a smartphone?

Not required- you may either give your home landline number for the voice call or get the text message to your cellphone.

I have already enrolled myself in the BYOD program, do I also need to set up two-step verification?

NO, need two step verification.


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