wmlink/2step on a walmart – Walmartone 2-Step Verification – 2022

Walmartone 2-Step Verification

Walmartone 2-Step Verification wmlink/2step on a WalmartGuys!! If you have no idea about how to do 2 step verification at Walmart? 

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Walmartone 2-Step Verification

What is Walmartone 2-Step Verification?

Walmartone 2 Step Verification (2SV) is a rotating six-digit code that is used in addition to your standard Asda login. It can provide the code via text, phone call, or an app. 

Why do I need it?

Walmartone 2-Step Verification is required because If you need to access WalmartOne on your device (e.g., mobile phone), you will require to enter this second code when prompted to ensure our data is kept safe.

Note: If you are using Workplace by Facebook on your device, then you might already have this setup and won’t need to set this up again.

How To Do 2 Step Verification at Walmart?

  • Click on the following link while on the Asda network to set this up – Symantec VIP 2 Step Verification (https://svipreg.wal-mart.com)
  • Log in with your Asda PC user ID and password.
  • Please, make sure the United Kingdom is selected.
  • Make sure your name is in the top corner. If not, log out and log in again as you.

How To Do 2 Step Verification at walmart

Now, please choose one of the options available, voice call, text messaging, or app. This is how you’ll be given the 6 digit code when logging into www.WalmartOne.com on your device in the future.


Walmartone 2-Step Verification via MESSAGING

  • Please select your country code first,
  • Next, please enter your telephone number without the 0 in front.
  • Please select send code so your phone number can be verified.
  • You’ll receive a 6 digit code, which will require to be entered. 
  • Then submit 


Walmartone 2-Step Verification via voice call

  • Please select your country code first, 
  • Then enter your telephone number without the 0 in front.
  • Then after please re-enter the same phone number again and submit


Walmartone 2-Step Verification via VIP Access app

  • First of all, please download the VIP Access app through the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. 
  •  Once you downloaded the VIP Access app, you’ll be asked to enter the credential ID and security code from the app. 
  • Then submit

Official Website: one.walmart.com

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