Why Did Ford Stop Making Tractors?


Why Did Ford Stop Making Tractors?

Ford Motor Company was a major player in the tractor industry for many years but stopped making tractors in 1991. The decision to stop making tractors was a tough one for Ford.

The company had a long history of making tractors, which were a famous product. However, the company felt that it was the best decision for the business’s long-term health.


The Ford tractor brand lives on today as part of the New Holland company. New Holland is a major agricultural machinery manufacturer, and it continues to produce tractors known for their quality and reliability.

There are a few causes for this decision.

Why Did Ford Stop Making Tractors

The tractor market was becoming increasingly competitive

In the 1980s, there were numerous tractor makers and the marketplace was getting overcrowded. This made it challenging for Ford to compete, particularly since it wasn’t the only automaker that also made tractors.


Ford was focusing on its automotive business.

In the 1980s, Ford was facing increasing competition from Japanese automakers. Ford concentrated its resources on its auto business to stay in the game.

Ford was not making a profit on its tractor business

Ford was losing money from its tractor business by the mid-80s. Ford decided selling the business was more beneficial than losing money from it.

In 1991, Ford sold its tractor-manufacturing business to Fiat. The deal also included Ford New Holland, the Ford New Holland brand, which Fiat still uses today.


Ford stopped producing tractors in the year 1991 for various reasons, including the increase in competition and an emphasis on its automobile business and financial losses.

However, the Ford tractor brand remains an integral part of the New Holland company. I hope this article provided you with the answer to your question on the reason Ford stopped making tractors. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



What happened to the Ford tractor factory?

The Ford tractor factory in Dearborn, Michigan, was closed in 1991. The factory was later destroyed, and the land was used for other goals.

When did Ford stop making tractors?

Ford stopped making tractors in 1991. The company sold its tractor manufacturing business to Fiat in that year.

Did Ford tractors become New Holland?

Yes, Ford tractors became New Holland after Ford sold its tractor manufacturing business to Fiat in 1991. The deal included the Ford New Holland brand, which is still used by Fiat today.

Why did Ford tractors change to New Holland?

Ford changed the name of its tractor changed its tractor brand name to New Holland as part of the agreement with Fiat. It was a good choice because the New Holland brand was already popular and well-respected within the agriculture industry therefore, it was sensible for Ford to use it for the foreseeable future.

What are the drawbacks of owning a Ford tractor?

The main drawback of owning a Ford tractor is the price. Ford tractors are more costly than some other brands of tractors.

What are the benefits of owning a Ford tractor?

There are many advantages to owning a Ford tractor. Ford tractors are known for their reliability and durability. They are also comfortable to maintain and repair.

How do I care for a Ford tractor?

To care for a Ford tractor, you should regularly change the filter and oil, inspect the tires, and lubricate the moving parts. It would help to wash the tractor regularly to prevent rust and corrosion.

Where can I buy a Ford tractor?

You can buy a Ford tractor from various sources, including online auction sites, private sellers, and tractor dealerships.

Why are Ford tractors so expensive?

Ford tractors are costly because they are collectible and well-made. The Ford 8N is particularly valuable because it is one of the most popular Ford tractors ever made.

What is the most popular Ford tractor?

The most well-known Ford tractor model is the Ford 8N. The 8N was first introduced in 1948 and continued to be produced until 1956. It was a hugely popular tractor and is well-liked by collectors today.


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