Cellestial 27 HP Electric Tractor Price, Specs, Features 2024

Cellestial 27 HP Electric Tractor

Cellestial E-Mobility is an Indian company that manufactures electric tractors, including a 27 HP model.

Here are some facts about the Cellestial 27 HP electric tractor:

  • Price: The price of the Cellestial 27 HP electric tractor is not available at this time.
  • Features: The Cellestial 27 HP electric tractor is a 2WD tractor with advanced features and high capacity for farming. 
  • Fuel tank capacity: The Cellestial 27 HP tractor does not have a fuel tank, as it is powered by a battery.
  • Comparison: Sonalika Tiger electric tractor.
  • Launch: Cellestial E-Mobility plans to sell its electric tractors within three months, including the 27 HP model.

Cellestial 27 HP Electric Tractor Specifications

Dimensions (in mm) – 1500 X 1000 X 1000
  • Ground Clearance – 420 mm
  • Max Power – 13.5 Kw
  • Max Speed – 20 Kmph
  • Max Range – 75 Kms
  • Battery Capacity – 150 Ah
Pulling Capacity) – 1.2 Tonne
  • Power Take Off Output – 540-900 RPM
  • Max PowerTurning Radius – 2.25 Metres
Recharge Time
  • Domestic Charging – 6 Hours
  • Fast Charging – 2 Hours

Cellestial 27 HP Electric Tractor Price, Specs, Features

Cellestial  E-Mobility Technologies

Cellestial on E-Mobility is committed to providing intelligent and interactive electrical vehicles, systems, and accessories for building completely or converting traditional vehicles into electric vehicles. Cellestial vehicles will be built as modular vehicles, allowing them to use the same platform across each vehicle, and they will be able to function as fully-fledged vehicles based on capacity and utility.

Intelligent Unit

Implementing an Intelligent Unit means reduced vehicle weight, no delays in operations, and more than 80% decrease in maintenance costs and other benefits unique to this type of technology.

Wireless Steering System

Cellestial is developing as a fly-by-wire control system that replaces the traditional physical components, such as an adjustable steering column or universal guidance rods, with a wireless Steering System.

Diagnostic Fuse Box

Cellestial vehicles will come with technology capabilities that allow users to examine the display screen to fix any issues. In essence, it’s similar to taking an extra fuse from the toolbox and replacing the damaged fuse to restart the journey operating

Friction Less Breaking System

The electronic braking system used in the system is based on magnetic hubs along with copper discs. At the same time, the traditional system includes physical components like hydraulic cylinders, a mechanical caliper, and brake shoes with liners.

Electric brake systems avoid mechanical friction between the brake shoe and the face contacting it. It’s also maintenance-free, unlike the traditional ones, which require regular maintenance.

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