Ventrac SSV Tractor Price, Specs, Reviews & Features

Ventrac SSV (Sidewalk Snow Vehicle) Specs, Price, Review, Features, Images, Overview

The Ventrac SSV Tractor makes it easy and efficient to control snow and Ice On the path. It is a dedicated sidewalk snow tractor with an industry-first 36-inch width in order to enable access to the tightest area of any property.

The Ventrac SSV Tractor enables more reduction of hand labour and walk-behind tools than ever before.

It is also attached to snow removal and de-icing options that are designed to provide a system that can manage any winter storm.

Ventrac SSV Tractor Overview

Ventrac Sidewalk Machine

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Ventrac SSV Tractor price

Ventrac SSV Tractor price

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Ventrac SSV Price

Price: $13,545

Ventrac SSV Horsepower

Horsepower: 1812 

Ventrac SSV Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity: 3.3 gal

Ventrac SSV Weight

Operating Weight: 970 lbs

Ventrac SSV Engine Displacement

Engine Capacity: 603 cc

Ventrac SSV Tractor key features

Ventrac SSV Tractor key features

  • 18.5 hp Kawasaki commercial engine
  • Wether sealed dual USB charging port
  • 8 MPH Top Speed
  • Offset single-handed drive control levers
  • Hydraulic attachments control with float position
  • 12V variable speed control 
  • Dual-density ergonomic Operator Pad
  • 3.3 gallon HDPE fuel tank
  • Non-slip suspension platform
  • 34″ machine width
  • Drip-free flat-face hydraulic couplers
  • Self-Aligning, quick attach hitch 
  • Dual filtration hydraulic system
  • 4 x 4 skid steer drive system
  • High-capacity hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Sealed electrical connectors
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Corrosion-resistant parker XTR Hydraulic fittings
  • 500CCA high-capacity battery
  • Cup holder
  • HI power LED Worklight (Rear optional)
  • High ground clearance for Curb.

Ventrac SSV Tractor Specifications

Ventrac SSV Tractor Specifications

Sales Model2100C
Full DescriptionNT, 2100C SSV Kawasaki FS600V
Product TypeTractor
Engine ManufacturerKawasaki
Model #FS600V
Horsepower1812 hp
Peak Torque3212 @2200rpm
Engine Disp.603 cc
Num. of Cylinders2
Fuel Capacity3.3 gal
Fuel TypeGas
Drive System
DriveAWD All-Wheel Drive
Travel Speedmph, 5 mph reverse
Overall Height55 in
Overall Length67 in
Overall Width34 in
Weight970 lbs
Wheelbase28 in

Ventrac SSV Tractor Review

For year-round maintenance duties such as clearing snow off sidewalks, the Ventrac SSV is an articulated tractor that stands on its own. It’s a commercial-grade machine with a reputation for efficiency, mobility, and durability. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


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Ventrac SSV Tractor

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