Ventrac 4500Z Tractor Cost, Specs, Review & Features

Ventrac 4500Z Cost, Specs, Review, Attachments, Overview

The Ventrac 4500Z Tractor is designed with a 32.5 HP Kubota engine, model WG972-GL. Ventrac 4500Z Tractor’s robust and powerful engine sports the highest peak torque value in our lineup.

The Ventrac 4500Z tractor engine is Bi-Fuel ready, giving the option of running on propane and gas. When adding the optional propane kit,

this Ventrac 4500Z tractor gives a ‘green’ engine alternative for fuel savings and cleaner-burning emissions that can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

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Let’s check out Ventrac 4500Z Tractor quick overview

Ventrac 4500Z Tractor

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Ventrac 4500Z Compact Tractor Price

Please Call on this Phone Number: 1800 393 0893.

Ventrac 4500Z Price

Price: $27,265

Ventrac 4500Z Horsepower

Horsepower: 3212 hp

Ventrac 4500Z Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity: 6 gal

Ventrac 4500Z Lift Capacity

Lift capacity: N/A

Ventrac 4500Z Weight

Operating Weight: 1655 lbs

Ventrac 4500Z Engine Displacement

Engine Capacity: 962 cc

Ventrac 4500Z Compact Tractor Standard Features

Ventrac 4500Z Compact Tractor Specifications

  • Enclosed Muffler
  • Enhanced Weight Transfer System
  • Pre-Wired Plug and Play Wire Harness
  • Fold-Down ROPS- standard
  • Premium Comfort Seat- standard
  • Advanced Electronic Instrument Panel
  • 6 Function Warning Gauge and Alarm
  • Conveniently Located PTO Belt Tensioner
  • Onboard Diagnostic System
  • Sealed Electrical System
  • Thermostat Controlled Oil Cooler
  • Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Automotive Style Parking Brake
  • Universal PTO Switch
  • Enhanced SDLA Operator Controls

Ventrac 4500Z Compact Tractor Overview

Ventrac 4500Z Compact Tractor Optional Features

  • Optional Digital Slope Gauge integrated into the dash
  • Optional Horn
  • 3 Tire Options -Standard All Terrain Tires, or optional Turf and Bar Tires
  • Over 10 Accessory Options including a 3-Point Hitch Accessory and 3-N-1 Adapter for towing and rear attachments

Ventrac 4500Z Compact Tractor Specifications

Ventrac 4500Z Compact Tractor Specifications

Specifications 39.51208
Sales Model 4500Z
Full Description KN, 4500Z Kubota WG972-GL
Product Type Tractor
Engine Manufacturer Kubota
Model # WG972-GL
Horsepower 3212 hp
Peak Torque 50.6 ft-lbf
Engine Disp. 962 cc
Num. of Cylinders 3
Cooling Liquid
Fuel Capacity gal
Fuel Type Gas (Propane if equipped)
Drive System
Drive AWD All-Wheel Drive
Travel Speed – Low Range mph, 4 mph reverse
Travel Speed – High Range 10 mph, 8 mph reverse
Overall Length 8112 in the standard hitch, ROPS up
Overall Width 4812 in
Height (ROPS up) 68 in
Height (ROPS down) 54 in
Weight 1655 lbs
Weight with 3Pt hitch 1750 lbs
Wheelbase 45 in
All Terrain 22×12-8
Turf 22×11-10
Bar 21×11-8
Turning Radius 39 in
Ground Clearance in
Oscillation amount (@wheel) 712 in

Ventrac 4500Z Tractor Review Video

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Ventrac 4500Z Tractors FAQS

How much does a Ventrac 4500Z Tractors weight?

►Ventrac 4500Z Tractors Weight has 1655 lbs.

What is the Engine Displacement of the Ventrac 4500Z Tractors?

The Engine Displacement of the Ventrac 4500Z Tractors is 962 cc.

►Ventrac 4500Z Tractors Wheel Base is 45 in.

How Much Ventrac 4500Z Tractors Num. of Cylinders?

►Ventrac 4500Z Tractors Num. of Cylinders has 3 Cylinders.


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