PREET 987 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester Price, Specification & Features 2023

PREET 987 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester Price in India 2023, Specifications, Review, Overview

PREET 987 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester is India’s most popular and ideal combine harvester now comes with new features and color. 

It represents the excellent performance, productivity, and serviceability available at the moment. 

PREET 987 - Self Propelled Combine Harvester price specs

This Multicrop PREET 987 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester is designed for harvesting all traditional grain crops like Sunflower, Mustard, Wheat, Paddy, Soyabean, etc.

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PREET 987 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester price in India 2022

PREET 987 - Self Propelled Combine Harvester price in India

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PREET 987 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester Features

  • Good maneuverability in the Wet and Soft Fields.
  • Well adaptation to the crops of slightly wet, lodged, or hard to thresh.
  • New Attractive Graphics.
  • Heavy Duty Double Reel.
  • Wide Straw Walker.
  • Heavy Duty 5 Speed Single Lever Gear Box.
  • Folding Type Stanless Steel Elevators.
  • Disk Brake.
  • Extra Capacity Diesel Tank.
  • High Grain Cleanliness.
  • Small Turning Radius.
  • Power Steering.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Suitable for Wheat, Paddy, Soyabean, Sunflower, Mustard & Grams.
  • Heavy-Duty Chassis.
  • Large Sieve Area for Optimum Grain Cleaning.

PREET 987 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester specifications

Model PCH -1049
Power 110 ps @ 2200 RPM
No. of Cylinder Six
Air Cleaner Combination of Dry & Wet Type
Cooling System Water Cooled
Type of Clutch Single, Heavy duty Dry clutch
Dia (mm) 310mm
No. of Gears 1 Forward. 1 Reverse 4 Forward. 1 Reverse
Gear Speeds (km/hr)  
Forwared L H L H
1st Gear  2 4 1.6 2.5
2nd Gear  4 8 3.4 5.5
3rd Gear 8 20 6.2 10
4rd Gear     13.7 22
Reverse 4 8 4.5 7.3
for Wheat, Paddy & Others  
width  14 Feet (4.3 m)
Cutting Height (mm) 65-1275
No. of Blades 57
No. of Guards 57
Stroke (mm) 85
Reel Speed (rpm) 20-55
Reel Dia (mm) 915
Feeder Housing Chain type Feed Rack
 for  Maize & Sunflower  
width  11.25 Feet (3.4m),10.25 Feet (3.12m)
No. of Rows 6/7
Spacing Of Rows 610/457
Thresher Drum  Wheat (rasp Bar) Paddy (peg Tooth)  Maize (Rasp Bar)
Width (mm) 1250 1265 1250
Diameter of thresher drum (mm) 605 605 605
Speed (mm) 540-1200
speed Adjustment By Means of mechanical Variator

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