PREET 949 – Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester Price, Specs & Features 2024


PREET 949 – Harvester Price in India 2024, Specifications, Review, Overview

The PREET 949 – Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester comes with developed Axial Flow Technology is a new member of PREET combine harvester family. 

It provides great performance, productivity, and serviceability available in Paddy Combine Harvesters.


PREET 949 – Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester is available with advanced Technology, Design, Harvesting Features, Graphics, and Colors.

This PREET 949 – Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester is designed for harvesting Paddy Crops in Wet/Soft fields.

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PREET 949 - Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester

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PREET 949 – Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester Features

  • High Ground Clearance.
  • Most Modern Operational Efficiency.
  • Available in Single Stage and Double Stage Reduction option.
  • Large Sieve Area for Optimum Grain Cleaning.
  • Hydraulic Flow through Hose Pipes.
  • Stainless Steel Chasis.
  • Reliable Drive Train.
  • Faster Unloading System.
  • High Capacity Hydraulic System.
  • Good maneuverability in the Wet and Soft Fields.
  • Best Quality Crop Cutting Blades.
  • Long Length thresher rotor for complete threshing

PREET 949 – Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester Specifications

ModelALUW04D / 71.4 PS@2200 RPM
Power76 PS @ 2200 rpm
 No. of Cylinders4
 Air Cleaner Dry
Cooling SystemWater cooled
Fuel tank85 ltr.
Min. ground clearance420 mm
Structural typeNormal self-propelled crawler type
TypeHydrostatic Transmission comprisingof hydraulic variable displacement,double pump & two fixeddisplacement motors through double stage reduction
Center distance1160 mm
Width & ground contact length450 mm x 1460 mm
Crop pull and stand systemstand by reel
Reel(diameter x width)900 mm x 1835 mm
Up/down controlHydraulic system
Cutter Bar Width2020 mm (6.6 feet)
Cutting Height range10 to 830 mm
Blade width1925 mm
Reel driveThrough V-Belt
Feeder HousingChain type feed back
three systemaxial flow (threshing tooth system)
threshing tooth typetooth
threshing drum diameter635 mm
threshing drum with1625 mm
threshing drum speed (rpm)620 mm
sorting systemshaking / wild force
concave area m2 (4 sheets)1.55
grain tank1020 ltr.
discharging systemscrew conveyance system
turning range (degree)240/ electric motor
Up/down range (degree)/up/down systemstandard: 1 to 45 / hydraulic system
Discharging height2050 to 4700 mm
discharging length (in operation)2400 to 3265 mm 
Type12 v, 100 Ah battery
Discharge dust fanyes
alarm devicecoolent temp, electrical charge,grain
 tailing auger clogged, grain tank full
overall length4700 mm
overall width2250 mm
overall height2760 mm
total weight3225 kg.


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Rafi Gouhar
Rafi Gouhar
3 years ago

Interested in rice harvesters to be used in sandy and clay soil with chain…give info and price range