PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester Price, Specification & Features 2024

PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester Price in India 2024, Specifications, Review, Overview

The PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester comes with Straw Walker Technology, it is the genuine king of Paddy Harvesters.

PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester gives the superb performance, productivity, and serviceability available at the moment.

PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester is India’s most reliable track combine harvester now with new features and color. It is designed for harvesting Paddy Crops in Wet/Soft fields.

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PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester price specs

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PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester Features

  • Large Sieve Area for Optimum Grain Cleaning.
  • Hydraulic Flow through Hose Pipes.
  • Stainless Steel Chasis.
  • Reliable Drive Train.
  • Faster Unloading System.
  • High Capacity Hydraulic System.
  • High Ground Clearance.
  • Available in Single Stage and Double Stage Reduction option.
  • Good maneuverability in the Wet and Soft Fields.
  • Best Quality Crop Cutting Blades.
  • Well Designed Basket with Low Grain Loss.
  • Highly suitable for Wet Land.
  • Eaton Pumps & Motors.
  • Robust Structure.
  • Powder Coated Paint.
  • Bridgestone Tracks.

PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester specifications

ModelALUW04D / 71.4 PS@2200 RPM
Power76 PS @ 2200 rpm
 No. of Cylinders4
 Air Cleaner Dry & wet
Cooling SystemWater cooled
TypeHydrostatic Transmission comprisingof hydraulic variable displacement,double pump & two fixeddisplacement motors.
Cutter Bar Width2.23M (7.5 feet)
Cutting Height30-1290 mm
Reel DriveV-Belt & Pulley
Reel Height AdjustmentsHydraulic
Feeder HousingChain & Comb
D1. Thresher Drum 
Width (mm)760
Diameter of Thresher Drum (mm)600
Speed (rpm)585
ClearanceFront 20-30 mm, Rear 12-20 mm
No. of Straw Walker4
No. of Steps5
Length (mm)2785
Width (mm)182
Upper Sieve Area 1.17 m2
Lower Sieve Area1.0 m2
Grain Tank (m3)0.75
Fuel Tank (Lt.)170
12 V, 120 Ah Battery starting, completelighting equipment, front & rear lights.
Length of Belt on Ground1810 mm
Track Width1425 mm
Width of Belt450 mm
No. of Track Rollers (each side)3
No. of Rubber Grousers (each side)60
Height of Grouser30 mm
Ground Contact Area0.724 cm2
H. MAIN DIMENSIONSWorkingTransport
Length6710 mm6710 mm
Width4110 mm2730 mm
Height3080 mm3080 mm
Ground Clearance230 mm
Total Weight5185 (empty grain tank)

PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester Review

Among Indian farmers, the Preet 949 Track Combine Harvester is pretty popular. It is renowned for being economical, strong, and efficient.

The harvester has an 11-bag grain tank and is propelled by an Ashok Leyland engine with 76 horsepower. Additionally, it has an integrated air tank for cleaning the air filters and radiator. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


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Mike Chouinard
Mike Chouinard
3 years ago

does the PREET 949 Track Combine Harvester come in a gasoline or LPG model? What is the cost? What is the cost with shipping to Kansas, USA? What is the delivery time? Can it be purchased directly in the US and where? Any fees or import dutres?

All I need is a small harvester to work wheat and separate the grain and chaff for a small farm, so the smallest self propelled model would be best. Is this the smallest?