Movie Tavern Menu 2024


Movie Tavern Menu Prices 2024

Movie Tavern Menu – Movie Tavern was established in 2001. They have grown over the years to become one of the highest-quality movie theater dine-in experiences, with around 20 locations and 200 screens in 9 states. 

And thanks to the Movie Tavern delicious menu, it’s been welcomed into the arms of many of their local consumers.


Movie Tavern’s dine-in experience was one of the key factors setting them apart from the largest theater chains in the world. 

Until the AMC Dine-In menu was released, featuring the best quality, chef-made dishes.

It is one of America’s best dine-in movie theater experiences. Their style is amazing, with dedicated chefs doing all to take the Movie Tavern menu to the next level.

Movie Tavern Menu


Here are the latest Movie Tavern Menu 2024. Let’s check it out…

Menu Item Prices


General Tso’s Cauliflower $10.45
Sweet Potato Tater Tots $9.45
Honey Butter Potato Chips $10.45
Roasted Red Pepper-Hummus $10.45
Fried Dill Pickle Spears $7.95
New York Pretzel Bites $9.95
Spinach and Artichoke Dip $9.75
Nachos Grande $10.95
Classic Tomato Soup $5.95
Wings By The Pound $16.95
Fried Mozzarella $8.95
Tomato Goat Cheese Fondue $9.45
Bucket of Popcorn $8.95


Short Rib & Green Chile Max & Cheese $14.95
Hand-Cut Steak & Shrimp $17.95
Vietnamese Rice Bowl $13.95
Baked Rigatoni With Spinach & Portabella $14.95
Roasted Salmon Over Brussels Sprout Cranberry Walnut Salad $14.95
Tavern Stacked Short Rib Sandwich $14.95

Side Salads

House Salad $4.75
Caesar Salad $4.75
Brussels Sprout & Cranberry Walnut $8.00

Garden Picks

Harvest Salad $12.95
Italian Chopped Salad $13.95
Ramen Bang-Bang Chicken Salad $12.95
Pepper-Crusted Ahi Salad $13.95
Mediterranean Salad $11.95

Fare & Pizzas

Portabella & Pepperoni Pizza $13.95
Margherita Pizza $12.95
Mediterranean Pizza $15.95
Wings By The Pound $16.95/lb
Chicken Quesadilla $10.45
Game Day Platter $16.95
Southern Chicken Tenders $13.45

Sandwiches & Burgers

Portabella Mushroom Black Angus & Swiss Burger $13.95
Tavern Black Angus Cheddar Burger: Our War $12.75
Grilled Chicken $13.25
Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich $12.95
Roasted Red Pepper And Black Bean Garden Burger $13.25
Portabella Mushroom & Fontina Sandwich $13.95
Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Classic Tomato Soup $11.95
Crispy Chipotle Soldiers $12.95
BLTA Sandwich $11.95


Double Chocolate Mousse With Caramel Popcorn $6.95
Key Lime Tartlet $6.95
Brownie Bottom Sundae $6.95
House-Made Churros $6.95
Theater Candy $4.95

Kid’s Meals (with drink)

Tavern Sliders $8.95
Cheese Pizza $8.95
Mac & Cheese $8.95
Chicken Tenders $8.95


Soft Drinks $4.95
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade $4.95
Lipton Iced Tea $4.95
Shakes $5.95
Icees (small) $5.95
Icees (large) $6.95
Coffee $2.95
Bottled Water $4.95


Caribbean Rum Punch $9.00
Titanic Tea $10.00
Salty Q Dog $9.00
Berry Spritzer $10.00
Peach Bellini $10.00
Cosmopolitan $10.00
Mojito $9.00
Mudslide $10.00
Old Fashioned $9.00
Manhattan $11.00


The Perfect Patron Margarita $11.00
Classic Margarita $9.00
The Blue Thing Margarita $9.00
Frozen Signature Tavernrita $10.00
Patron Strawberry Margarita $11.00
Frosty Modelo Rita $12.00


Tavern Tiki Colada $12.00
Hawaiian Sunset $10.00
Scorpion $14.00

NOTE: Movie Tavern Menu Prices 2024 may vary by location and are updated frequently.


Movie Tavern Menu Prices

Movie Tavern Locations

Here are all the Movie Tavern locations today:

Final words For Movie Tavern Menu Prices

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Movie Tavern Menu FAQs

How old is senior at Movie Tavern?

Age 60 and over

What are the most popular items on the Movie Tavern menu?

The most popular items on the Movie Tavern menu are the Classic Bucket of Mozzarella Sticks, Popcorn, Chicken Tenders, and Build Your Own Pizza.

How much does popcorn cost at Movie Tavern?

A single serving of popcorn costs $7.00 and A Classic Bucket of Popcorn costs $9.00. You can also add Odell’s Real Butter for $1.00.

What are the prices for drinks at Movie Tavern?

Soft drinks, wine, beer and cocktails are all available at Movie Tavern. Prices vary depending on the item, but you can predict to pay around $5.00 for a soft drink, $7.00 for a beer, and $10.00 for a cocktail.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options on the Movie Tavern menu?

Yes, the Movie Tavern menu has several vegetarian and vegan options. Some popular choices include the Roasted Salmon Super Salad, the Caesar Salad and the Loaded Bacon Mac & Cheese.

Do I have to order food from the Movie Tavern menu?

No, you are not required to order food from the Movie Tavern menu. You are welcome to bring your food and drinks into the theater. However, there are some rules and restrictions on what you can bring in. For example, you cannot bring in alcohol or glass containers.

How do I order food from the Movie Tavern menu?

Food can be ordered through the Movie Tavern menu by calling your local theater or accessing Movie Tavern. Movie Tavern app. When you place your order, you’ll need to give the number of your seat, and your food order will be delivered to your seat during the film.

What are the hours of operation for Movie Tavern?

Movie Tavern hours of operation vary by location. However, most theaters are open seven days a week from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Are there any discounts or coupons available for Movie Tavern?

There are a variety of coupons and discounts available at Movie Tavern. These discounts can be found at the Movie Tavern website or by following the movie through social networks.

Do I need to tip the servers at Movie Tavern?

Yes, it is customary to tip the servers at Movie Tavern. The standard tip is 15% of your bill.

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