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Challenger 350 Specs

Challenger 350 Overview

In 2014, Bombardier made the Challenger 350. Since then, the midsize business jet has become a mainstay in the field. Since then, almost 300 have been sold. The Challenger 350 can go over 3,000 Nautical Miles and has room for 10 people.

Bombardier made the Challenger 350 to compete with other midsize jets, and they did just that. The Challenger 350 gets you where you need to go quickly and in comfort, thanks to the Honeywell HTF7350.

Challenger 350 Price & Wight


$26.70 million



Challenger 350 Specifications

NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range3,250 nm
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)470
Long Range Cruise (ktas)460
Max Payload (lbs)3,400
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)4,835 ft
Service Ceiling (ft)45,000
PowerplantHTF7350 x2
Thrust per engine (lbf)7,323
AvionicsPro Line 21
Est Cost Per Hour$3,152
Passengers + Crew10+2

Challenger 350 Dimensions

Cabin Length (excluding baggage)25 ft 2 in
Cabin Width7 ft 2 in
Cabin Height 6 ft
Aircraft Length68 ft 8 in
Wingspan69 ft
Internal Baggage106 cu ft

Challenger 350 Features

  • Coast-to-Coast Range
  • Seating for 8-9 Passengers
  • Private Lavatory
  • Wide, Comfortable Cabin

Challenger 350 Conclusion

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FAQs For Challenger 350

Challenger 350 Specs

How fast does a Challenger 350 go?

It is powered by two Honeywell HTF7000 turbofan engines. Each of these engines can push 6,826 lbf. It can go as fast as 554 mph (Mach 0.83) and 528 mph (cruise speed).

Is Challenger 350 a heavy jet?

What kind of jet is the Challenger 350? The 350 is a super-midsize jet, but it has a cabin that is big enough to be in the heavy jet category.

How far can a Challenger 350 fly?

The Challenger 350 can go as fast as 708 mph and can go as far as 3200 miles if there are no headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or more fuel. It is known by the names Challenger-350 and Challenger 350.

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