Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews & Features

Massey Ferguson 165 Tractors, MF 165 Tractors, Massey Ferguson 165 Price, Specs, Reviews, Engine, Parts Details and Multipower, Overview

This model was introduced in 1964 and discontinued in 1975. MF 165 model Tractors are most useful for farming and commercial use. Its Strength is so good as other tractors. This is also called Massey Ferguson 100 Series. Massey Ferguson 165 Model Tractors Parts are very strengthening. For full details please read this entire post.

Massey Ferguson 165

Are you a farmer? Are you searching for the Massey Ferguson 165 Model Tractors and its key features? Then you are in the perfect place. This content provides information about the 165 Massey Ferguson Tractors. Here in this article, we are providing the best features and configuration of it. We provide a genuine and trusted information which will help you for Massey Ferguson Tractors 165 For Sale And Buy through us.

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Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor Price In India, Canada, And United States

Massey Ferguson 165

The original price of Massey Ferguson MF 165 is around $7,290  

Massey Ferguson 165 Oil Capacity

 Oil Capacity: 8.5 qts

Massey Ferguson 165 Horsepower

Horsepower: 58.3 HP

Massey Ferguson 165 Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity: N/A

Massey Ferguson 165 Lift Capacity

Lift capacity: 3,594 lbs

Massey Ferguson 165 Weight

Operating Weight: 5,005 lbs

Massey Ferguson MF165 Tractor Parts Features

MF 165 Diesel Engine


The Massey Ferguson 165 ENGINE Make Perkins diesel Type 4 cylinder vertical Serial No 29 A 5487 Crankshaft mounted lengthwise Rated rpm 2000 Bore and stroke 3.6″ x 5″ Compression ratio 17.5 to 1 Displacement 203.5 cu in Cranking system 12 volts electric Lubrication pressure Air cleaner dry type with replaceable pleated paper element Oil filter full flow replaceable paper element Fuel filter primary and secondary filters with replaceable paper elements and sediment bowl with screen Muffler was used Cooling medium temperature control thermostat.

MF 165 High Torque Gasoline Engine

MF 165 High Torque Gasoline Engine PERFORMANCE

The MF 165 Tractor Rugged Perkins Engines are built for long life and dependable service with many of the same features incorporated in Perkins diesel engines. That big main bearing and heavy-duty crankshafts mean more power and smoother operation.

MF 165 Vertical Exhaust

MF165 Tractors

MF 165 Vertical Exhaust gasses and heat are directed up and away from the driver where side discharge eliminates a need for a separate rain cap. Its special coating offers a high degree of heat and corrosion resistance.

MF 165 Hydraulics

MF-165-Hydraulics system

Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor hydraulic system is strong and reliable. Its strong lift arms and big internal lift cylinder handle heavy implements without strain. Wrist-action lower links on MF 165 speed hookup of heavier mounted implements.

MF 165 Transmission System

MF-165-Transmission systems

MF 165 Tractor Transmission system is smooth and powerful. It has a six forward and four reverse gearbox system. A shift to low-boost your power for tough spots . A Shift to back high and step out again at a faster pace. Up to power 26% by shifting low and pull through tough spots without stopping to shift gears. Save time and fuel.

MF 165 Tire Size

The Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor front tire size is 6.00-16 and rear tire size is 14.9-28. That is less slippage on the farm speed up your work and eliminate the tiresome job of handling wheel weight by using MF pressure control.

MF-165 Fuel Tank Capacity

Massey-Ferguson-MF 165-Fuel tank

The Massey Ferguson 165 tractor Fuel tank capacity is 70 liters. Its large fuel tank well suited for the long farming work no need to refuel during the fieldwork.

Power Steering

MF 165 Tractor has a power steering. Its effort-saving power steering takes all the hard work out of driving with power steering. That is well suited for the long farming work.

Massey Ferguson MF165 Specifications And Reviews

Manufacturer Massey Ferguson
Model MF 165
Drive 4×2 2WD
Production End 1975 (Year)
Production Start 1964 (Year)
Bore/Stroke 3.60×5.00 inches
Compression 18.5:1
Cooling liquid
Cylinders 4
Displacement 203.5 ci
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Fuel Diesel
Manufacturer Perkins
Model AD 4.203
Oil Capacity 8.5 qts
Rated RPMs 2000
Starter Type Electric
Torque 169 lb-ft
Drawbar (rated) 41 hp
Horsepower(Gross) 58.3 HP
PTO (rated) 46 hp
Type Open
Valve Flow 4.5 gpm
Rear PTO Live
Rear speed 540
Ag front 6.00-16
Ag rear 14.9-28
Capacity 32 qts
Forward Gears 12
Forward Gears 6
Reverse Gears 2
Reverse Gears 4
Type partial power shift
Operating Weight 5,005 lbs
Weight 7,760 lbs
Wheelbase 82 inches
Hitch Catogory I
Rear Lift 3,594 lbs

Final Words

It has been featured with power steering, suspension seat, Front Weight Frame, Rear Wheel Weights, Automatic Hitch, Perkins, and continental engine. It should give us many features and efficient for drivers and farmers. 

Easy to drive and capable into loading work because its strength is better than other models. So today it is also searched by farmers. That’s all about the MF 165 Tractor but if you have any query regarding this article, then please comment below in the comment box. If you like it so please share it.

Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor FAQS

What horsepower is a 165 Massey Ferguson?

►Massey Ferguson horsepower is 58.3 HP.

What year did Massey Ferguson make the 165?

►The 1964 launch of the MF 165 marked the beginning of Massey Ferguson’s new World series of tractors, which were intended for global distribution with minor regional changes.

How much does a 165 Massey Ferguson weight?

►Massey Ferguson 165 weight is 5,005 lbs.

How Wheelbase is a Massey 165?

►Massey 165 wide is 82 inches.

What is The Lift Capacity of Massey Ferguson 165?

►Massey Ferguson 165 Lift Capacity is 3,594 lbs.

What is the Oil capacity of  Massey Ferguson 165?

►Massey Ferguson Oil capacity is 165 8.5 qts.


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