Massey Ferguson 5455 Price, Specs, Reviews & Features 2024

Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Features, Images, Overview

The Massey Ferguson 5455 is a 5400 series tractor. The MF 5400 series tractors provide increased performance whether operating in the yard or on the farm. 

The tractors range from 60 to 115 PTO(Power Take-Off) horsepower. The machines are available with either a cab or platform and can be equipped with a 2WD front axle or a Powered Front Axle. For full details please read this entire post.

MF 5455 Overview

Are you looking for Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor information? Then You are in Perfect place here in this post, we are providing reliable and genuine information like Engine, Key Features, Specification, Facilities, Overview, Price etc. 

Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor is 105HP Tractor. Massey Ferguson Tractors are reliable and sensible selection for the buyer as it is the most economical answer to farming and transportation requirements.

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Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Price

The Price of the Massey Ferguson 5455 tractor is  $60,229 USD.  

Massey Ferguson 5455 Hp

Engine Hp: 105 hp, 78.3 kW

Massey Ferguson 5455 Problem

Problem: N/A

Massey Ferguson 5455 Weight

Weight: 9198 (4172)

Massey Ferguson 5455 parts

Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Key Features

MF 5455 Engine


Massey Ferguson 5455 tractor feature the 1104 series 4 cylinder Perkins engine. engine design has produced a Perkins engine that is quieter, up to 3 decibels, in raw engine noise. This noise reduction was accomplished with numerous innovations.

 A high contact ratio gear train, a pre-stressed engine block, and an open top deck block design have all helped to reduce raw engine noise.

The new Tier III, Perkins engines feature electronic fuel injection with common rail fuel delivery, transport boost, and a wastegate turbocharger.

They also feature a turbocharger and intercooler. Each engine boasts reduced emissions, timing gear set for reduced noise and a new rear oil seal for improved reliability. Finally, redesigned pistons and cylinder heads provide increased combustion, power, and fuel efficiency.

MF 5455 4 Valve Cylinder Head


The Perkins 1104D feature 4-valve cast cylinder heads. The new 4-valve design improves gas exchange approximately 25% over the previous design. The increased gas flow also reduces the  pumping requirement freeing up mechanical power.

 This design offers an optimal location for injector placement in the center of the head vertically above the cylinder. Results are lower emissions and improved fuel burn, creating more power and fewer emissions.

MF 5455 Perkins Common Rail System


The Massey Ferguson 5455 tractor Perkins common rail delivery system, fuel is pumped up to high pressure, a maximum of over 22,000 PSI, in the rail. It is then released by the injectors into the cylinder as required for engine performance. 

This configuration provides more advanced timing of fuel flow. The electronic fuel management controls the opening, duration, and closing of the injectors for an even quicker response to changing tractor conditions.

MF 5455 Transport Boost


The Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Perkins Tier III diesel engines now feature a transport boost. When the driver selects  a 3rd or 4th range, additional power is generated for transport needs. Turbo boost makes getting from one field to the other much easier and faster.

MF 5455 Smart Wastegate


The Perkins Diesel engine features a smart wastegate inside the turbocharger. The wastegate controller is electronically actuated when exhaust gasses need to be diverted away from the turbine wheel. 

The wastegate ensures that the turbo boost is stabilized which will preserve the turbocharger and the engine.

MF 5455 Bosh Fuel Pump System


The Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor fuel pump used in the Sisu is a Bosch, fuel lubricated radial piston pump. The pump responds very quickly and precisely to throttle movements, and injection pressure capacity is very high. The pump and injectors provide the correct amount of fuel needed for the horsepower requirements Sisu engines.

MF 5455 Viscous Fan Drive


The MF 5455 Tractor Viscous Fan Drive houses an internal clutch which response to engine temperature. As the engine temperature increases, the clutch engages and makes the fan spin faster. This increases total airflow through the radiator and provides increased cooling capacity.

MF 5455 Post Exhaust


The location of the exhaust on the Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor cab model help to reduce interior cab noise and vibration.

MF 5455 Tractor Down Exhaust


The Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Tier III platform model feature down swept exhaust as standard. This exhaust configuration Provides the driver the highest levels of visibility. Along with visibility, the down swept exhaust is great for low clearance areas. Vertical exhaust is available if desired.

MF 5455 Tractor Transmission

MF 5455 Tractor Transmission 

The Massey Ferguson 5455  tractor feature a 16 x 16 transmission the Dyna-4. The Dyna-4 is a semi-powershift transmission, with speed matching capability. The Dyna-4 has a speed range of .79 to 25 mph, depending upon tire selection. 

If additional slower speeds are needed, the MF 5455 Tractor can be equipped with either a creeper or super creeper option. 

The creeper will allow the tractor to reach a minimum 0.4 mph at rated engine rpm. The super-creeper will allow the tractor to reach a minimum 0.12 mph at rated engine rpm.

MF 5455 Dyna-4 Transmission


The Dyna-4 transmission is a 16 speed, semi-powershift transmission. Simple operation and comfortable shifts are key features for the Dyna-4. Range changes can be made on the go without the use of the clutch pedal. When combining 4 clutchless range changes with 4 power shifts, the Dyna-4 becomes the simplest 16×16 semi-powershift transmission in its class.

MF 5455 Dyna-4 Rear Wet Disk Brakes


The Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Wet rear disc brake provide smooth, progressive, fade-free braking. The wet system also keeps the discs cool during operation which maintains constant braking power and reduces fade. Wet discs also reduce wear to provide for a long service life and reduced maintenance.

MF 5455 Independent Parking Brake


The Massey Ferguson 5455  tractor is equipped with an independent parking brake. Operated by a hand lever, this brake is independent of the hydraulic braking system. This feature increases operator safety and reduces potential transmission damage.

MF 5455  Tractor 3-POINT HITCH / PTO / DRAWBAR

MF 5455 Tractor PTO

The Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Independent Power Take Off (PTO) is standard equipment on The MF 5455 tractor. The PTO is driven by a live shaft from the engine, and a wet, multi-disc clutch engages and disengages the PTO output shaft. 

A safety feature is designed into the engagement system to prevent the engine from being started if the PTO switch is on.

The Massey Ferguson 5400 series tractors feature an Electronic Lift Control (ELC) 3-Point hitch. The hitch provides quick response to changing conditions when operating in the draft sensing mode.

The PTO clutch can be engaged and disengaged independently of the main transmission clutch. This allows the starting and stopping of PTO driven implements at any time, saving time and increasing productivity.

MF 5455  Tractor Swinging Drawbar

The swinging drawbar mounted on the MF 5455 tractor  is built to withstand loads of the operator’s towed implements. The drawbar is offset which enables multiple position settings.

MF 5455  Tractor Hydraulic System


This Hydraulics system provides excellent hydraulic flow and pressure for a wide range of applications. The standard hydraulic package also includes two valves. Options are available to add additional hydraulic valves, up to a total of four.

 The tractors can also be equipped with an additional loader joystick which leaves the tractor rear remotes free to operate other implements.

This advanced hydraulic system can achieve flow rates of 29gpm at the remotes. With the closed center option, the operator has the capability of running live 3rd function hydraulics, which will be convenient when using a grapple fork.

MF 5455  Tractor Electrical System


The Massey Ferguson 5455  tractor feature a powerful electrical package capable of powering the display panel, lighting packages, and other normal tractor functions. 

An 80 AMP alternator (120 AMP optional) charges the 505 CCA battery. The system is a perfect fit for a tractor known for its reliability and efficiency.

MF 5455  Tractor CabMassey-Ferguson-5455-Cab

The Massey Ferguson 5455 tractor feature a modern style cab. It is a ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) certified cab that offers a comfortably sealed environment with heating and air conditioning, low noise level, and plenty of open space.

The cab is easily entered via self-cleaning steps and wide doors on both sides of the tractor. To aid in entry and exit, extra long handles are located at the front cab corners and on the doors, all within easy reach of the operator.

Inside the cab, you have the option of an adjustable air suspension seat or the standard spring suspension seat. With a variety of adjustments, either seat is sure to offer the driver with a smooth and comfortable ride.

MF 5455 Tractor tire

Goodyear Tires are standard equipment on the Massey Ferguson 5455 tractor. Time after time, Goodyear has made the lives of farmers a little easier with innovations that improved the effectiveness, durability, and reliability of farm tires.

The Super Traction Radial is designed for top performance in heavy, moist soils. The Super Traction Radial features deep, 45-degree tread lug angles to promote self-cleaning tread action.

Massey Ferguson 5455 Tractor Specs

Model Perkins 1104D-44
Type In-Line, 4 Cycle, Common Rail, Diesel
Cylinder Head Design One, Cast Iron, 4 Overhead Valves per Cylinder
Number of Cylinders 4
Bore in (mm) 4.13 (105)
Stroke in (mm) 5.0 (127)
Displacement CID (L) 269 (4.4)
Compression Ratio 16.2: 1
Aspiration Wastegate Turbo, Intercooler
Starting Aid Grid Heater
Block Heater Factory or Field-Installed Accessory
ISO Engine hp @ 2200 rpm hp (kW) 105 (78.29)
Cooling System:
Type Pressurized Liquid, Forced Circulation
Temperature Control Thermostat
Fan Number of Blades 10
Fan Diameter in (mm) 19.8 (502)
Fan Drive Belt from Crankshaft with Viscous Clutch
Water Pump Type Impeller
Water Pump Drive Gear from Timing Gear
Air Intake System:
Intake Location Under Hood
Air Cleaner Type Dry, Centrifugal, Exhaust Dust Extraction
Air Cleaner Number of Elements 2: 1 Primary and 1 Secondary
Air Cleaner Material Pleated Paper
Air Cleaner Material Restriction Indicator Warning Light
Exhaust System:
Type Integral with External Elbow and Vertical Stack
Muffler Location Vertical, at Right, Front Cab Post
Fuel Injection System:
Type of Injection Common Rail, Direct
Injection Pump Type High-Pressure Mechanical
Injection Pump Drive Timing Gear
Injection Pump Timing Control Electronic
Injectors Multi-Hole
Governor Type Electronic
Governor Governed Speed Range rpm 950 – 2350
Rated Engine rpm 2200
Lubrication System
Type Full Pressure, Full Flow w/Bypass & Cooler
Filter Spin-on Canister
Number of Filters 1
Pump Type Gear
Pump Drive Crankshaft
Crankcase, Cylinder Block, & Cylinder Head
Cylinder Block Cast Iron, Four Cylinder In-Line, Parent Bore Block
Cylinder Head One Piece, Cast, Overhead Valves
Pistons Cast Aluminum Alloy, Controlled Expansion Top Ring Insert, Fastram Design
Crankshaft Induction Hardened and Balanced
Number of Main Bearings 5
Type Wet, Multi-Disc
Number of Discs 5
Main Disc Diameter in (mm) 9 (230)
Control Foot Pedal and Power Control Modulating Valve
Actuation Hydraulic
Free-Play Adjustment Self-Adjusting
Type Inching Pedal, Electronic Transmission Control
Dyna-4 Type Powershuttle with 4-Speed Powershift
Power Shuttle Left Side of Steering Wheel
Power Shuttle Speeds 16 Forward, 16 Reverse
Power Shuttle Gears 4 Powershift
Power Shuttle Ranges 4 Synchromesh and Multi-Disk Wet Clutch, Electronic Controlled Hydraulic Shuttle, Move to Shuttle
Power Shuttle Creeper Optional, 4:1 Reduction Optional, 9:1 Reduction
Differential and Final Drive:
Type Primary Reduction – Spiral Hypoid Pinion and Ring Gear on Differential Secondary Reduction – Inboard Planetaries
Differential Lock Type Sliding Collar, Engage On the Go
Differential Lock Final Drive Inboard Planetary
Engagment Electro-Hydraulic
Brakes Rear Inboard Wet Disc
Brakes Actuation Hydraulic
Parking Brake Hand Operated Lever, Multi-Disc, on Pinion
Rear Axle:
Type Flanged Axle
Axle Length 69.76 (1772)
Tread Settings: Min – Max, in (mm) 56 (1428) – 82 (2140)
Maximum Permissible Rear Tire Rolling Circumference 207 (5258)
Maximum Permissible Static Axle Load Limit lb (kg) 10582 (4800)
Adjustable Front Axle (2WD)
Type Telescopic, Box-In-Box Design
Steering angle 55°
Tread Settings Adjustable Increments in (mm) 4 (101.6)
Tread Adjustment Range (10.00 X 16 Tire)  Wheel Turned In in (mm) 60.7 (1543) – 88.7 (2254)
Tread Adjustment Range (10.00 X 16 Tire) Wheel Turned Out in (mm) 63.8 (1622) – 91.8 (2333)
Maximum Permissible Axle Static Load Limit lb (kg) 6085 (2760)
4WD Front Axle:
Type Center Pivot, Mechanical Drive, Dana 720
Steering Angle 55°
Drive Centerline Splined Shaft
Drive Ratio 1.363 below 18.4R34 / 1.335 above 18.4R34
Method of Engagement Electro-Hydraulic, Wet, Multi-Disc Clutch
Differential Lock Method of Engagement Electro-Hydraulic, Simultaneous with Rear Axle
Differential Lock Tread Settings in (mm) 61.7 (1568) – 80.7 (2051)
Differential Lock Maximum Permissible Front Tire Rolling Circumference in (mm) 159 (4050)
Differential Lock Maximum Permissible Axle Static Load Limit lb (kg) 6085 (2760)
Three Point Hitch:
ASAE Hitch Category II
Hitch Lower Links Extendable
Number of Lift Cylinders  2, External
Controls Right Side Height/Depth, Raise/Lower, Transport Lock Position/Draft/Intermix, Maximum Height of Raise, Rate of Drop, Active Transport
Controls External Raise and Lower Buttons on Both Rear Fenders
Draft Sensing Lower Link
Lift Capacity @ 24 in lb (kg) 7817 (3545.7)
Optional Lift Capacity @ 24 in lb (kg) 9189 (4168)
Type of Stabilizers Telescopic
Power Take Off (PTO):
Type Independent
Speeds (rpm) 540/1000
Control Electro-Hydraulic
Clutch Wet, Multi-Disc
Clutch Disc Diameter in (mm) 5.31 (135)
Shaft Configuration 540 RPM 6 Spline, 1.375 in. (35)
Shaft Configuration 1000 RPM 21 Spline, 1.375 in. (35)
Engine/PTO Speed Ratio
540 RPM 540 @ 1990 Engine rpm
1000 RPM 1000 @ 2090 Engine rpm
Economy 540/1000 (Optional) 1550 Engine rpm
Type Narrow Swing w/Clevis
Maximum Vertical Static Load lbs (kg) 4420 (2005)
Open Center Systems and Pumps:    
Type Open Center
Drive PTO Shaft
Flow @ remotes gpm (lpm) (2200 erpm) 15.0 (57)
Pressure psi (bar) 2900 (200)
Remote Valves Standard (optional)  2 (3, 4)
Combined Flow System (Optional):
Type Open Center
Drive PTO Shaf
Flow @Remotes gpm (lpm) (2200 erpm) 26.0 (98.4)
Pressure psi (bar) 2900 (200)
Remote Valves Standard (optional) 2 (3, 4)
Closed Center Load Sensing (Optional):
Type Closed Center
Drive PTO Shaft
Flow @ remotes gpm (lpm) (2200 erpm) 29 (109.8)
Pressure psi (bar) 2900 (200)
Remote Valves Standard (optional) 2 (3, 4)
Number 2
Type  External Suction Strainer and Canister Filter
Remote Auxiliary Hydraulic Valves:
Number  2 Standard, 3 / 4 Optional
Type 1ST & 2nd, 3 Position Flow Divide, Kick Out, and Float Optional in Varying Combinations
Starting and Charging:
Type of System 12 Volt Negative Ground
Alternator  80 Amps 120 Amp available as factory option 120 Amp required with optional handrail lights
Starter 2.7 kW
Battery One – 775 CCA
Front 2 Front Grill Hi/Lo Beam Headlights, 2 Double Element Roof Cab Work Lights
Optional Field Lights on Hand Rails
Rear 2 Double Element Roof Cab Work Lights
Hazard Flashers  Red Tail Lights, Flashing Safety/Turn Indicator Lights
Trailer Plug  Standard, Rear Mounted 7 Terminal ASAE
Horn Standard
Cab and Controls: 
Type Isolation Mounted Cab with A/C and Heater
Glass Area Sq Ft 61
Sound Level in Cab bB (A) 75  Manufacturers Estimate
Pedals Pendulum
Steering Wheel Tilt/Telescope
Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) Integral w/Cab
Seat Mechanical Spring Suspension Seat with Arm Rest and Seat Belt
Instructor’s Seat Optional, with Backrest and Seat Belt
Gauges Tachometer, Fuel, Temperature (Coolant), Hourmeter
Digital Readouts PTO Speed, Ground Speed
Warning Lights Alternator Charge, Engine Oil Pressure, Air Cleaner Restriction Differential Lock Engage, High Beam, Directional & Hazard Lights, Parking Brake, Transmission Oil Low Pressure, Hydraulic Filter,4WD Engage Transmission Powershift, A, B, C, D (Dyna-4) PTO Engage 540, 1000, Economy
Crankcase w/ Filter qt (L) 8 (7.5)
Fuel Tank gal (L)  Standard 38 (145)
Fuel Tank gal (L)  Optional 12 (45)
Fuel Tank gal (L)  Cooling System qt (L) 17.5 (16.6)
Power Train:
Transmissions and Final Drives  
Power Shuttle Transmissions gal (L) 19.5 (73.8)
Power Steering System Common w/Transmission
Hydraulic System Common w/Transmission
4WD Differential qt (L) 5.8 (5.4)
4WD Planetary Final Drives – Each qt (L) 1 (.94)
With 18.4R34 Rear and 10.00 X 16 Front Tires  
Wheel Base [B] in (mm) 97.0 (2463)
Overall Length [A] in (mm) 122.2 (3104)
Overall Height Centerline to Top of Cab [C] in (mm) 79 (2010)
Overall Height Centerline to Ground [F] in (mm) 29.3 (744)
Overall Height Height to Top of Cab [C + F] in (mm) 108.5 (2755)
Overall Width [D] Minimum with track at 60″ in (mm) 78.8 (1995)
Overall Width [D] Maximum in (mm) 100.4 (2550)
Overall Width [D] Flange to Flange [H] in (mm) 69.8 (1774)
Ground Clearance  Centerline to Drawbar [I] in (mm) 15 (390)
Ground Clearance  Under Drawbar [E] in (mm) 13.6 (346)
Approximate Shipping Weight lb (kg) 9198 (4172)
With 18.4R34 Rear and 14.9R24 Front Tires
Wheel Base [B] in (mm) 97.0 (2463)
Overall Length [A] in (mm) 155.0 (3935)
Overall Height Centerline to Top of Cab [C] in (mm) 79 (2010)
Overall Height Centerline to Ground [F] in (mm) 29.3 (744)
Overall Height Height to Top of Cab [C + F] in (mm) 108.5 (2755)
Overall Width [D]  Minimum with track at 60″ in (mm) 78.8 (1995)
Overall Width [D]  Maximum in (mm) 100.4 (2550)
Overall Width [D]  Flange to Flange [H] in (mm) 69.8 (1774)
Ground Clearance  Centerline to Drawbar [I] in (mm) 15 (390)
Ground Clearance  Centerline to Drawbar [I] in (mm) 13.6 (346)
Approximate Shipping Weight lb (kg) 9848 (4467)
With 18.4R34 Rear and 10.00 X 16 Front Tires  
Wheel Base [B] in (mm) 97.0 (2464)
Overall Length [A] in (mm) 122.2 (3104)
Overall Height Top of ROPS [A] in (mm) 106.3(2699)
Overall Height Folded ROPS in (mm) 83.5 (2121)
Overall Height To Top of Instrument Panel in (mm) 71.0 (1803)
Overall Height To Top of Exhaust [B] in (mm) 83.8 (2129)
Overall Height Axle Center to Top of ROPS [G] in (mm) 77.0 (1955)
Overall Width [I] Minimum in (mm) 90.0 (2286)
Overall Width [I] Flange to Flange [C] in (mm) 69.8 (1773)
Ground Clearance Under Drawbar [F] in (mm) 13.2 (335)
Ground Clearance Axle Center to Bottom of Drawbar [H] in (mm) 16.5 (419)
Approximate Axle Weight Front Axle lb (kg) 2747 (1246)
Approximate Axle Weight Rear Axle lb (kg) 5079 (2304)
Approximate Shipping Weight lb (kg) 8798 (3990)
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS – 4WD PLATFORM With 18.4R34 Rear and 14.9R24 Front Tires  
Wheel Base [B] in (mm) 97.0 (2464)
Overall Length [A] in (mm) 123.0 (3123)
Overall Height Top of ROPS [A] in (mm) 106.3(2699)
Overall Height Folded ROPS in (mm) 84.9 (2156)
Overall Height To Top of Instrument Panel in (mm) 76.8 (1951)
Overall Height To Top of Exhaust [B] in (mm) 89.6 (2276)
Overall Height Axle Center to Top of ROPS [G] in (mm) 77.0 (1955)
Overall Width [I] Minimum in (mm) 90.7 (2304)
Overall Width [I] Flange to Flange [C] in (mm) 69.8 (1774)
Ground Clearance Under Drawbar [F] in (mm) 13.6 (346)
Ground Clearance Axle Center to Bottom of Drawbar [H] in (mm) 16.5 (421)
Approximate Axle Weight Front Axle lb (kg) 3124 (1417)
Approximate Axle Weight Approximate Axle Weight 5396 (2448)
Approximate Shipping Weight lb (kg) 9448 (4286)

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