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Kubota U55 5

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Kubota U55 5 Overview

The right equipment makes all the difference, and you’ll find that difference you’re searching for with the Kubota U55-5. a whopping 47.6 horsepower, bucket digging force of 10,172 lbs, angle blade, and 5.5-ton weight.

The Kubota U55 5featured with Automatic One Way Flow Hydraulic Return Line (3rd Line), NEW Keyless Start, Dual Adjustable Seat & Console, Rearview Camera, Improved AC System,

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Kubota U55 5 Price New

Kubota U55 5

2023 Kubota U55-5 old and use machine price – $73,500 USD.

2021 Kubota U55-5 old and use machine price – $69,450 USD.

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horsepower – Kubota U55 5

47.6 horsepower.

dig depth – Kubota U55 5

Maximum digging depth 11′ 11″ foot inch.

Operating weight – Kubota U55 5

Operating weight – 12,247 – 13,217 lbs

Kubota U55  5 Review

Kubota U55 5 Features

Spacious & comfortable Cab

Kubota U55 5

New internal designs improve operator comfort. Slimmer, more ergonomically positioned right-meter panel, double-adjustable seat, and more head and foot space. Improved comfort with a slide-adjustable seat. Air suspension seat left and right joystick consoles. Operator needs.

Quality bucket and attachment options

Kubota U55 5

Load your U55 with our variety of attachments, including trenching and ditching buckets, rakes, rippers, hydraulic breakers, and more!

New stage V engine

Kubota U55 5

Auto Idle and higher performance exceed Tier IV Final criteria. This new direction-injection engine is clean for easy maintenance.

Enhanced LCD screen

A 7″ full-color LCD screen displays all the data you need to operate the U55-5 effectively. Easy to use with AUX flow adjustment and more!

Easy to service

Kubota U55 5

A fully-opening hood and an optimal layout of internal components allow for rapid and efficient maintenance and reduced downtime. In addition, the U55-two-piece 5’s hose design reduces replacement by 60%.

Angle blade option

Kubota U55 5

The angle blade facilitates the backfilling of trenches, while the float position improves back grading.

Adjustable/proportional aux oil flow

No tools or manual procedures are needed to change both circuits’ max oil flow from the LCD display. Programmable oil flow rates for attachments

Advanced features

LED light delays off, keyless start, and radio-ready setup increase operator safety. This vehicle is rearview camera-ready for additional visibility.

Kubota U55 5 Specs

Engine V2607-CR-E5
Horsepower 47.6
Displacement 159.6 Cubic Inches
Fuel capacity 17.4 gal / 66 l
Hydraulic oil reservoir 11.1 gal / 41.9 l
HYdroulic oil system 20.3 gal / 77 l
Minimum Ground Clearance 12.2 Inches
Travel Speed – Low 1.7 mph
Travel Speed – High 3.0 mph
Crawler Length 8 Feet 2 Inche
Overall Length 17 Feet 10 Inches
Overall Height 8 Feet 4 Inches
Overall Width 6 Feet 5 Inches
Shoe Width 15.7 Inches
Ground Contact Pressure 4.6 – 4.8 psi
Blade Width 6 Feet 5.2 Inches
Blade Height 16.7 Inches
Operating Weight 12,247 – 13,217 lbs
Digging Depth 11 Feet 11 Inches
Unit Swing Speed 9.2 rpm
Boom Swing Angle – Left 70 Degrees
Boom Swing Angle – Right 53 Degrees
Blade Lift Above Ground 20.1 Inches
Blade Drop Below Ground 18.3 Inches
Digging Height 18 Feet 6 Inches
Digging Radius 20 Feet
Operating Weight 12,247 – 13,217 lbs
Digging Depth 11 Feet 11 Inches
Digging Depth – Vertical 5 Feet 5 Inches

Kubota U55 5 Attachment & Accessories

Canopy Lights Optional
Hydraulic Hammer  750(ft./lb.)
Hydraulic Thumb Optional
Pin-On Buckets 12–48″
Quick Attach Buckets 12–48″
Quick Coupler Optional
Spark Arrest Muffler DPF
Steel Tracks 15.7″

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