Kubota B2400 Price, Specs, Review, weight, Attachments [2024]

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Kubota B2400 Price, Specs, Review, weight, Attachments

Kubota B2400 Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Weight, Oil Capacity, Lift Capacity

The Kubota B2400 is a compact utility tractor. It is known for its durability, reliability, and versatility. Kubota B2400 is popular for homeowners, small farmers, and landscapers.

The Kubota B2400 Tractor has a Kubota D1105-D10 diesel 3-cylinder naturally aspirated, liquid-cooled engine with a bore and stroke of 3.07 in x 3.09 in (78.0 mm x 78.4 mm) that puts out 24 hp (17.9 kW) at 2600rpm.

Its best in class features are A Kubota 1.1L 3-cyl diesel engine, 4×2 2WD, power steering, wet disc brakes, hydrostatic transmission, and an open operator station with two-post ROPS.

Attachments consist of a 54-inch mid-mount mower deck, a 60-inch mid-mount mower deck, a snowblower, a front-end loader, and a backhoe.

Benefits of the Kubota B2400 tractor:

  • It is easy to operate and maintain.
  • It has a comfortable operator’s station.
  • Kubota’s excellent customer service backs it.
  • It is reliable and durable.
  • It is versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks.

kubota b2400

Kubota B2400 Price New

The original price of Kubota B2400 is $9,850 USD

Kubota B2400 Horsepower

The Kubota B2400 has a gross engine horsepower of 24 hp [17.9 kW] and a PTO horsepower of 18 hp [13.4 kW]

Kubota B2400 Oil capacity

The Kubota B2400 has an oil capacity of 3.6 quarts (3.4 liters).

Kubota B2400 Weight

The Kubota B2400 weighs 1,570 lbs (712 kg).

Kubota B2400 Lift Capacity

The Kubota B2400 has a rear lift capacity of 1,280 lbs  (580 kg) at the ends and 1,015 lbs (460 kg) at 24 inches (610 mm).

kubota b2400

Kubota B2400 Specs


engineKubota D1105-D10 diesel
 3-cylinder liquid-cooled
Engine Power (gross)24 hp [17.9 kW]
Displacement68.5 ci [1.1 L]
Bore/Stroke3.07×3.09 inches [78 x 78 mm]
Torque50 lb-ft [67.8 Nm]
Fuel systemindirect injection
Rated RPM2600
Starter volts12
Oil Capacity3.6 qts [3.4 L]
Coolant capacity3.6 qts [3.4 L]
Fuel capacity6.3 gal [23.8 L]
Oil typeSAE 10W-30


Gearsinfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Oil capacity6.34 qts [6.0 L]
SpeedF: 14.0 kmh (8.7 mph) R: 14.0 (8.7 mph


Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering typeIntegral type power
BrakesWet disk
Front axle case 3.9 US. qt (3.7 L)
Cab:Two-post ROPS.

3- point hitch

Rear TypeI
Controlposition control
Rear lift (at ends)1,280 lbs [580 kg]
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm)1,015 lbs [460 kg]


Engine (gross)24 hp [17.9 kW]
PTO (claimed)18 hp [13.4 kW]


Typeopen center
Capacity3.2 gal [12.1 L]
Pump flow5.8 GPM [22.0 lpm]


Front tiresAg: 7-12
Rear tiresAg: 11.2-16

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Control typePosition control
Lift capacity 1,280 lbs (580 kg)
Rear RPM540 (1.375)
Engine RPM540@2584
Mid RPM2537*
Engine RPM2537@2600


Length91.7 inches [232 cm]
Width46.3 inches [117 cm]
Height52.9 inches [134 cm ]
Weight1570 lbs [712 kg]
Wheelbase59.4 inches [150 cm]
Height (ROPS)77.4 inches [196 cm]
Ground clearance12.8 inches [32 cm]
4WD Front tread32.9 inches [83 cm]
Rear tread35 to 41.9 inches
[88 to 106 cm]

Electrical & Battery

Battery CCA390A
Battery volts12v

Kubota B2400 Attachments

Mower deck

 54″ Mower deck60″ Mower deck
Typemid-mount Kubotamid-mount Kubota
Cutting width54 inches [137 cm]60 inches [152 cm]


 50″ Snowblower60″ Snowblower
Typefront-mount Kubota B2650front-mount Kubota B2660
Clearing width50 inches [127 cm]60 inches [152 cm]

Kubota LA301 Loader

Height (to pin)70.5 inches [179 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket52 inches [132 cm]
Dump reach25.4 inches [64 cm]
Dump angle45°
Reach at the ground51 inches [129 cm]
Rollback angle24°
Breakout force (lift)1150 lbs [521 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin)660 lbs [299 kg]

Kubota LA351 Loader

Height (to pin)70.5 inches [179 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket51.6 inches [131 cm]
Dump reach25 inches [63 cm]
Dump angle45°
Reach ground52 inches [132 cm]
Rollback angle24°
Breakout force (lift)1335 lbs [605 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin)770 lbs [349 kg]

Kubota B4672 Backhoe

Backhoe typeKubota B4672 Backhoe

Kubota B2400 Problems

  • Engine start-up problems: This can be caused by many reasons, including the battery being damaged, a defective starter, or a fuel pump.
  • Problems with hydraulics: The B2400 uses hydraulics to power its backhoe, loader, and other attachments. The cause of hydraulic problems is leaks, worn-out components, or a contaminant in the fluid used to power it.
  • Electrical problems: The B2400 has an intricate electrical system; issues can arise on parts like the wiring, alternator, or battery.
  • The B2400 engine can overheat. This B2400 engine could overheat if not maintained correctly or is operating under hot conditions.
  • Hydrostatic transmission problems: Hydrostatic transmission is among the most complicated components on the B2400 and is susceptible to slips, leaks, and overheating.

Kubota B2400 Review 

The Kubota B2400 has gained popularity as a compact tractor that excels in a multitude of tasks, such as mowing, grading, and snow removal. It’s renowned for its dependable performance, robust build, and user-friendly design. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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What kind of engine does the Kubota B2400 have?

The Kubota B2400 has a 1.1L 3-cylinder diesel engine.

How much horsepower does the Kubota B2400 have?

The Kubota B2400 has 24 horsepower.

What type of transmission does the Kubota B2400 have?

The Kubota B2400 has a hydrostatic transmission.

What is the lifting capacity of the Kubota B2400?

The Kubota B2400 has a lifting capacity of 1,280 lbs at the ends and 1,015 pounds at 24 inches.

What are some of the pros and cons of the Kubota B2400?


  • Easy to operate
  • A wide range of attachments is available
  • Reliable and durable
  • Fuel-efficient


  • Can be expensive
  • Not as powerful as some other tractors
  • Small fuel tank

What kind of tires does the Kubota B2400 come with?

The Kubota B2400 comes with 6.50-10 front tires and 11.2-16 rear tires.

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