Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor: Price, Specs, Review, Features 2022

Kubota M8540 NPK (Power Krawler) Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Attachments, Overview

Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor offers outstanding traction, increased stability and greater manoeuvrability with a modified narrow and low clearance design. Kubota M8540 NPK  powered by a reliable 4-cylinder, 84HP, E-CDIS, turbo-charged diesel engine. 

Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor equipped with intelligent features to reduce soil damage, including a larger rear footprint which generates less compaction and loss to the soil. 

So let’s check out the Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor quick overview.

Kubota M8540 NPK price specs

Guys!! Are you planning to buy a Kubota M8540NPK tractor? and do you want to know about the Kubota M8540NPK Tractor Price, Specification, Key Features, and more? So you have arrived at the perfect place, cause here in this article, you will get all kinds of information, which you need to know about the Kubota M8540NPK tractor.

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Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor Price USA

Kubota M8540 NPK (Power Krawler) Tractor Specs Price

The Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor Ex-showroom price starting at $65,513.  

kubota m8540 loader lift capacity

lift capacity : 3307 lbs. (1500 kg)

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Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor Key Features


Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor engine

The Kubota M8540NPK is provided with V3800 revolutionary center-direct injection system engine. The E-CDIS(Center-direct injection) engine provides a rare combination of excellent power, maximum stability, and higher power.

It gives you with what you require to get the work complete faster, while still regarding your budget. It’s more information you can check above in the specification table.


Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor Transmission

The Kubota M8540 NPK tractor has a 8 forward and 8 rear hydraulic shuttle transmission. That is very smooth and reliable.

It’s main features such as Hydrostatic power steering, Mechanical, wet disc brakes, Number of ranges 2, Creep speed optional 12 forward and 12 reverse.

Low ground compaction:

Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor Low ground compaction

The Low ground compaction designed with these features such as Split-type drive sprocket with rotating pins, Rubber track grousers and drive lugs, Oscillation point, Mid bogie rollers. 

The Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor rear crawler exerts a small 4.12 psi of ground pressure, roughly 60% less than a typical tractor wheel.

Hydraulic System:

Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor Hydraulic System

The Kubota M8540 NPK Tractor hydraulic performance is excellent and powerful. It’s lifting capacity at lift point is 1900 kg and 24″ behind lift point is 1500 kg.

I think it should be good news for the farmer. That full specification you can check above in the specification table.

Kubota M8540 NPK Specs

Model V3800-DI-T, with EGR
Type Diesel
EPA Rating Tier III
Cooling Liquid
Number of cycles 4
Aspiration Turbo
Cylinders 4
Bore and stroke 3.90 x 4.70 in. (100 x 120 mm)
Displacement 230.0 cu. in. (3769 cc)
Valve 4 valves per cylinder
Horsepower Engine net @ rpm 85.5 HP (63.7 kW) @ 2600 RPM
Horsepower PTO @ rpm 76.0 HP (56.6 kW) @ 2600 RPM
Maximum torque 208.7 ft. lbs. (283.0 N-m) @ 1400 to 1600 RPM
Injection type Inline piston type fuel injection pump
Fuel shutoff Electric key stop
Lubrication Forced lubrication
Cooling system Liquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Radiator fan Standard mechanical cooling fan
Cold weather start aid Automatic preheat intake heater
Exhaust/muffler Enclosed, under hood
Throttle location (s) Hand and foot
Air filter Double element
Oil filter Spin-on type
Transmission type Gear shift
Number of speeds Standard 8 forward x 8 reverse
Number of ranges 2
Creep speed Optional, 12F/12R
Shuttle Hydraulic shuttle
Main shift lever 4 speeds fully synchronized
Clutch Multiple wet disc
Type Liquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Water pump type Positive water pump
Air flow type Radial, front to rear
Radiator fan Standard mechanical cooling fan
Radiator screens Standard
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel / water separator Standard
Fuel filter Replaceable cartridge
Fuel drain Yes
Fuel tank capacity 18.5 gal (70.0 l)
Cooling system capacity (9.0 l)
Engine lubricant oil capacity (10.7 l)
Transmission oil capacity 13.7 gal (52.0 l)
Front axle housing (5.0 l)
Front axle gear case (3.0 l)
Washer fluid (1.3 l)
Steering type Hydrostatic power steering
Front axle type Bevel gear type, 4WD, Bi-speed turn
Differential lock – Rear axle Standard, mechanical engagement
Final drive Inboard planetary
Brake type Mechanical, wet disc
Parking brake Parking brake on master brake pedal
Maximum traveling speed Forward 13.2 mph (21.3 km/h)
Maximum traveling speed Reverse 13.4 mph (21.6 km/h)
Creep speed Forward 0.19 to 0.49 mph (0.30 to 0.78 km/h)
Creep speed Reverse 0.19 to 0.49 mph (0.31 to 0.79 km/h)
Low range Forward 1.3 to 3.4 mph (2.1 to 5.5 km/h)
Low range Reverse 1.3 to 3.5 mph (2.2 to 5.6 km/h)
High Range Forward 5.1 to 13.2 mph (8.3 to 21.3 km/h)
High range Reverse 5.2 to 13.4 mph (8.4 to 21.6 km/h)
PTO system Hydraulic independent PTO, wet discs
Rear PTO speed 540 @ 2160 rpm
PTO clutch Multiple wet disc
PTO shield Flip-up type
Type Open center
Implement pump 11.0 gpm (41.6 l/min)
Power steering pump 6.1 gpm (23.1 l/min)
Total hydraulic flow 17.1 gpm (64.7 l/min)
Oil cooler Standard
Rear remote valves 1 standard, maximum 3
3-Point hitch Category I & II
Position control Position control
Draft control Top link sensing
Lift capacity At lift points 4189 lbs. (1900 kg)
Lift capacity 24″ behind lift point 3307 lbs. (1500 kg)
Lifting rod adjustment Right side adjustable
Lower link ends Fixed
Stabilizers Telescopic
Top link Standard
Drawbar Type Standard, swing type
Drawbar Positions 2 positions
Alternator 60 amp. standard, 80 amp. optional
Battery voltage x capacity 12 volt, 900 CCA
Block heater Optional, CSA approved
Engine shut-off Electric key stop
Gauges Engine tachometer, temperature and fuel level
Indicator lights 9 indicator lights
Instrument panel PTO RPM & travel speed monitor
Lights 2 head lights, 2 corner lights, 2 front working lights, 2 rear working lights, 2 tail lights, 4 safety flashers
Flashers 4 four-way flashers with turn signals
Horn Standard
Overall height Top of cab 92.1 in. (2340 mm)
Overall length With 3 Pt hitch 138.0 in. (3510 mm)
Overall width 53.9 in. (1370 mm)
Tread width Front 41.7 in. (1060 mm)
Tread width Rear 42.1 in. (1070 mm)
Wheelbase 84.8 in. (2153 mm)
Drawbar clearance 14.6 in. (370 mm)
Crop clearance 15.4 in. (392 mm)
Turning radius Without brake 13.1 ft. (4.0 m) in 4WD/Bi-Speed
Weight Power unit 6504 lbs. (2950 kg)
Standard Front 8.0-16 R1
Standard Rear Tracks, 11.8 in. (300 mm) wide
Safety switches Standard
Operator’s presence control (OPC) Standard
Engine shut-off Electric key stop
Seat belts Standard, retractable
Brakes Mechanical, wet disc
Parking brakes Parking brake on master brake pedal
Grab handles for entry / exit Standard
Lights 2 head lights, 2 corner lights, 2 front working lights, 2 rear working lights, 2 tail lights, 4 safety flashers
Flashers 4 four-way flashers with turn signals
Paint Orange
SMV Standard
ROPS Certified Yes
Cab mount to frame ISO-mounted
Pedals Hanging pedals
Tilt steering wheel Yes, 6 positions
Seat type Mechanical suspension seat
Heater – BTU 15,013 BTU (4.4 kW)
Air conditioning – BTU 11,601 BTU (3.4 kW)
Re-circulation and fresh air Yes
Radio Optional
Mirror Left Standard
Wiper Front Standard
Wiper Rear Optional
Wiper Windshield washer(s) Front: Standard, Rear: Optional
Electric outlet interior 12 volt, 3-pin, 15 amp.
Electric outlet trailer 7-pin coupler
Horn Standard
Defoggers Rear window Optional
Defoggers Quarter window Optional
Hard mounts Yes
Non commercial use 24 months or 2000 hours
Commercial use 24 months or 2000 hours
Extended powertrain 36 months or 2000 hours
Powertrain purchasable 60 months or 5000 hours, with deductible per repair
Rubber track warranty 12 months, no hour limit

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Kubota M8540 NPK FAQ 

How much can a Kubota M8540 lift?

ANS: Kubota M8540 NPK lift is  4629.8 lbs.

How much horsepower is a Kubota M8540 NPK?

ANS: Kubota M8540 horsepower is NPK  85.5 hp 63.8 kW.

What is a Kubota M8540?

ANS: Center-direct Injection Engine, M8540 DCN (E-CDIS) Engines using Kubota’s ground-breaking center-direct injection system are used in the M8540 narrow tractor. The ECDIS engine provides a unique blend of increased power, ideal durability, and improved efficiency.

How much does a Kubota M8540 Weight?

ANS: Kubota M8540 Weight is 6504 lbs. (2950 kg).

How much oil does a Kubota M8540 hold?

ANS: Kubota M8540 Oil capacity is 11.3 qts 10.7 L.