Kroger Cedar Point Tickets Price, Discounts ❤️ [2024]

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets 2024 Price

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets 2024 – Cedar Point is an entertainment park situated in Sandusky, Ohio. It’s home to 16 roller coasters, including one of the world’s highest and fastest coasters, as in a water park and other attractions.

The park is visited by more than 3 million people each year. Cedar Point is the location if you’re looking for a thrilling experience and thrills!

Ticket admission passes to Cedar Point can be purchased online and at the entrance. But, you can purchase discounted tickets from the supermarket nearby or at other outlets participating.

Are you near Kroger? Do you want to know if Kroger offers discount Cedar Point ticket prices?

Presently, Kroger carries admission tickets to the most popular water and amusement parks such as Kings Island, Zoombezi Bay, etc. Therefore, it’s probable that Cedar Point tickets are offered for sale.

However, it’s best to contact the nearest Kroger store to determine whether they’re participating in this offer.

Read on to learn whether Cedar Point passes are sold at a discount at Kroger and other retailers selling Cedar Point tickets.

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets Price, Discounts

Does Kroger Sell Cedar Point Tickets?

Yes, Kroger has Cedar Point discount tickets. If you’re trying to save some money for your visit to the amusement park, Make sure you stop at your nearest Kroger store before going to the amusement park.

From 2024 onwards, Kroger stores in and in the vicinity of Sandusky, Ohio, sell Cedar Point regular single-day admission tickets for a reduced cost of $54.99 for adults.

The ticket you purchase will cost just $85 each at the gate. You’ll save 30 bucks per ticket by purchasing them at a Kroger close to you!

In addition, Kroger has two-day combo tickets that include Cedar Point and Kings Island for just $65. This is a fantastic deal when planning to go to both parks.

However, their availability for these coupons can vary from store retailer, so make certain to contact your local Kroger before making the journey.

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets Regular Pricing

Types of Cedar Point admission tickets sold & their rates are as follows: 

TicketCost Per AdultCost Per Child
Single Day Admission$54.99$45
2024 Funday Bundle$84.99$84.99
2024 Funday Bundle Max$119.99$119.99
Cedar Point Shores Admission$49.99$49.99
Cedar Point Summer Pass$105$105
Cedar Point Gold Pass$150$150
Cedar Point Platinum Pass$240$240
2024 Pre-K Pass$0

The rates listed above are available online, whereas the price at the gate will be different (very expensive)!

You can purchase a Funday Bundle on the internet for $84.99 per person to save about 40 percent off the price of Cedar Point admission.

The bundle includes general admission for one-day parking and all-day eating. Therefore, buying this ticket online or in the Kroger store (if it’s available) is recommended.

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets Discounts 2024

Discounted Season Passes

The majority of Kroger locations do not have discount Cedar Point season passes. However, you can purchase tickets online through

From 2024 onwards, four kinds of season passes are available on the grounds of Cedar Point – 2024 Summer Pass, 2024 Gold Pass, 2024 Platinum Pass, and 2024 Pre-KPass.

Except for the Pre-KPass, Other season passes are no-cost parking and unlimited use of the parks.

Season passes are purchased for a lower cost that ranges from $105 to $240. It is also possible to pay the entire cost over four payments.

Military Discount

Military members can get a discount of up to $10 per ticket to Cedar Point by buying single-day tickets online and at the entrance.

If you’re a member or a member of military personnel in the US forces, you can buy a discount entry ticket for Cedar Point at $45.

However, only six tickets are available at this reduced price for military members.

The gate cost of admission is at least $70. Therefore, buying tickets online at a discounted price can save you up to $25 per person.

You must show an official US military ID to purchase this ticket.

Group Discount

Cedar Point offers discounts on admission for one-day and two-day tickets for group visits (a minimum of 15 people).

Groups comprising 15 to 99 people can purchase a one-day admission ticket for Cedar Point at $45 per adult on the internet. In contrast, a two-day admission ticket is $75 per individual.

If you purchase tickets for your group trip, you will be eligible to visit Cedar Point and the waterpark.

Early Entry

If you’re one of the Cedar Point Resort guests, Platinum Pass holders or Cedar Point Gold Passholder, you may access the park an hour before the scheduled open time for the public.

If you arrive at the park at 10 am, the guests staying at the resort and Platinum Passholders and Gold Passholders can access the park until 9 am. You’ll need your Early entry pass and a park admission ticket to be admitted.

The gate for guests at the Resort Platinum Passholders, guests, and Gold Passholders is located in Magnum XL 200 (underneath Magnum XL 200 near Cedar Point Shores) and the WindSeeker Gate (on the east side of the Cedar Point Boardwalk underneath Windseeker).

Bring-A-Friend Discount

Cedar Point currently offers a “bring-a-friend” ticket that permits the Season Passholder to bring in a guest at a reduced price of $45. The same ticket is available for an additional $85 when you arrive at the gates.

You’ll save $45 by purchasing this ticket on the internet.

The Season Pass holder is required to accompany their guest. The ticket isn’t valid in advance for entry.

The limit is 6 tickets per person. It can’t be used to attend separate ticket-only events.


The Cedar Point season pass holder can get a cabana for a standard size (8 people) at $159, while it costs $189 for the general public.

The premium bronze cabanas at the poolside are available for $259 daily, whereas a silver cabana will cost you $299.

To experience the luxurious gold cabana at the poolside (16 guests) on Cedar Point, you will have to pay a minimum of $329 via the internet.

Parking Ticket

The only issue is that the daily passes you purchase at Kroger do not include parking. If it’s a season pass, then free parking is available.

Cedar Point currently sells 2 kinds of parking tickets:

  • Single Day Parking
  • Preferred Parking

If you purchase it on the internet, a one-day parking ticket is $25, while an e-ticket for parking costs $35.

To save on the parking charge, you can purchase the Funday Bundle or any season pass that gives you parking for free!

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It is possible to purchase Cedar Point tickets at a discount in Kroger stores located in Ohio. Tickets for one day cost $54.99 for adults when purchased at Kroger as opposed to the normal cost of $85 per person who enters the park’s gates.


Where can I buy Cedar Point tickets at Kroger?

Tickets for Cedar Point can be purchased at any Kroger location that sells them. You can also purchase them online through

What are the benefits of buying Cedar Point tickets at Kroger?

You can get a few advantages by buying Cedar Point Tickets at Kroger. You can earn Kroger community rewards points by purchasing tickets. Kroger offers discounts on some tickets. You can pick up your tickets easily at the Kroger customer service desk.

What are the different types of Cedar Point tickets that I can buy at Kroger?

You can buy multi-day tickets, single-day tickets, season passes, and even Fast Lane passes at Kroger.

How much do Cedar Point tickets cost at Kroger?

The price of Cedar Point tickets at Kroger differs depending on the ticket type and the time of year. However, you can typically find tickets for as low as $49.99.

How do I redeem my Kroger Cedar Point tickets?

You can print out your Kroger Cedar Point Tickets at home or show them to the gate on your smartphone.

Can I use my Kroger Cedar Point tickets for other Cedar Fair parks?

Yes, you can use your Kroger Cedar Point tickets for other Cedar Fair parks, such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Kings Island and California’s Great America.

What if I lose my Kroger Cedar Point tickets?

You can get assistance from Kroger’s customer service if you lose your Cedar Point Kroger tickets. You may be able to reprint tickets or receive a voucher.

What is the refund policy for Kroger Cedar Point tickets?

The refund policy of Kroger for Cedar Point Tickets varies depending on what type of ticket you purchased and when. In general, however, you can only get a full refund if your tickets are canceled at least seven days before your visit.

What are the hours of operation for Cedar Point?

Cedar Point is open from 11 am to 10 pm, from May to September. The park is open from 10 am to 9 pm, from April and October.

What are the age requirements for Cedar Point rides?

Cedar Point’s age requirements vary by ride. Most rides require that you are 48 inches tall or higher.

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