The Kroger Kings Island Tickets Price, Discounts ❤️ [2024]

Kroger Kings Island Tickets Prices

Kroger Kings Island Tickets – Kings Island is an entertainment park located in Mason, Ohio. It features various rides and attractions, including water slides, roller coasters, and family-friendly areas. Kings Island park also has many restaurants and shops.

Kings Island was opened in 1972. It’s not an amusement park. Roller coasters rule at this theme park. You can purchase tickets at Kroger locations to Kings Island.

Kroger stores provide Junior tickets for seniors and Kings Island day passes. Tickets for Kings Island at Kroger-selected stores such as Ohio and the states surrounding it.

It is possible to purchase Kings Island one-day tickets from the Kroger store. They don’t offer Gold Passes from Kings Island or any other passes.

The prices of tickets are changed according to Kings Island’s rates on the internet. However, you can purchase fewer tickets at Kroger stores instead of at the gates of Kings Island. We’ll discuss The Kroger Kings Island Tickets.

What are the ticket prices at Kroger Stores?

  • Regular ticket cost- $52
  • Junior or Senior ticket cost- $40
  • Children at age two and below- free
  • Parking cost- $17

Ticket prices vary from Kroger store to store. Certain Kroger stores near Kings Island offer more low-cost tickets than other stores. Certain Kroger stores offer discounts on two-day passes as well as weekday passes.

  • Regular Kings Island ticket cost- $48
  • Junior or Senior ticket cost- $39
  • Parking cost- $15

How to Purchase Kings Island Tickets at Kroger Store?

  • Go to the Kroger Store customer desk.
  • Their customer desk time is varying location to location.
  • You can visit them from 8 a.m to 10 p.m.

When Kroger Store has enough tickets, you can purchase as many tickets as you need. If they don’t have enough tickets, they will set limitations on the purchase.

Tickets can be bought with cash, credit cards, debit cards, Kroger gift cards or by check. There is no way to exchange or refund Kings Island tickets after you purchase them from the Kroger Store.

Kroger Kings Island Tickets

Kroger Kings Island Regular Tickets Pricing 2024

The table below lists the types of Kings Island admission tickets & their pricing:

Ticket Cost Per Adult Cost Per Child
Single Day Admission $54.99 $45
Two Day Admission $89.99 $89.99
Bring-A-Friend Admission $39.99 $39.99
2024 Gold Season Pass $140 $140
2024 Platinum Season Pass $240 $240
Fast Lane $70 $70
Fast Lane Plus $85 $85
2024 PREMIUM ALL-DAY DINING $42.99 $42.99
2024 SINGLE MEAL DEAL $15.99 $15.99
2024 ALL-DAY DINING $31.99 $31.99

What is the Single- day Tickets Valid at Kings Island? 

If you purchase tickets for Kings Island at Kroger Store, single-day passes will have validity at Kings Island on any open day. The passes allow access to all Kings Island rides, attractions and live entertainment. Additionally, it gives you access to Soak City Water Park. Kroger Store chain does not offer Gold passes to Kings Island.

What are the Other Kings Island Tickets and Passes?

  • Drinks and Dining
  • Fast Lane
  • FunPix
  • Cabanas
  • Group tickets
  • Military tickets
  • Rentals
  • VIP experiences
  • Play and Save
  • KI online store

Where Can Buy Kings Island Gold Passes and Seasonal Passes?

You can purchase Kings Island Seasonal passes, and Gold passes at the Kings Island gate. It is necessary to have an exact date for your trip to the gate for your season passes.

The Season Ticket options are,

Regular Pass

  • Cost- $126
  • Validity- unlimited visits until labor day.

Gold Pass

  • Cost- $136
  • Validity- Unlimited visits on any open day.
  • Facilities- Free parking access and exclusive discounts.

Platinum pass

  • Cost- $220
  • Validity- Unlimited visits on any open day.
  • Facilities- Unlimited access to other Ceder Fair Parks Lice Ceder points, Free packing.

What are the Better Places to Stay if You Visit Kings Island?

You can enjoy the urban camping experience when staying at Kings Island Camp Ceder. This campground is just about a mile from Kings Island. They offer a variety of deals in their packages, too. They own five kinds of cottages. You can pick one that is suitable to your needs. Also, you can choose to stay at hotels.

Kroger Kings Island Tickets

Senior Discounts

Kings Island admission tickets can be purchased at a reduced price of $45 for each person for senior citizens. Therefore, seniors can save as much as $10 per day on passes purchased at Kroger or on the internet. 

Be aware that Kings Island currently doesn’t offer senior discounts on season passes.

Be aware that the at-the-gate price will be different (typically expensive) than the prices you get when you shop on the internet.

As an older person, if you would like savings, looking for discounted tickets from Kroger will always be a great idea!

Military Discounts

Former and active Military members and their families can enjoy a reduction of $13 for each person on single-day passes.

Thus, since a single-day ticket to Kings Island costs $54.99, military members could purchase it for only $42.

In this offer, there is an upper limit of six people only!

However, this military discount ticket isn’t valid for admission to occasions like WinterFest or concerts, park buyouts, etc.

There are no exclusive deals or offers. There are also no promotional discounts for military personnel with Kings Island Season Passes.

Corporate Discounts

Any organization, school or church with a minimum of 50 members can avail of Kings Island corporate discount by calling the group sales department of the park.

For a corporate discount, you need to visit the link above, choose your company’s category, and enter all the required information.

Once you have completed the form and submitted it, a group sales expert at Kings Island will call or email you to discuss the details and organize you for your Kings Island visit well in advance.

Group Discounts

Kings Island offers specially curated special online-only offers and discounts for group tours.

If you’re an organization with a minimum number of fifteen persons, you can purchase an admission ticket for one day at just $41 for each person.

Groups of at least 15 people and up to 99 persons are eligible for this reduced price, which is availed only through the internet.

Tickets for two-day admissions cost $75 per person for groups.

Discounts On Meals

Kroger does not offer season passes, or discounted meals plan ticket tickets. But Kings Island offers discounted rates on meals on its website.

A Drink Wristbank that lets you refill your bottle of Souvenir every 15 minutes at no cost (on your first return only) is currently available for $16.99 on the internet.

A single-meal deal costs you $15.99 for those on an income-based budget, or you can opt for high-end all-day dining for $42.99.

A daily all-day dining deal on Kings Island costs you $31.99 when purchased online!

Parking Fees

It is important to note that the Kings Island discounted tickets you purchase from Kroger do not include parking, so you’ll need to purchase an additional ticket.

The price is $25 per car when you purchase a single-day parking Ticket on the internet. The price will be much higher when you arrive at the gates.

You can also opt for a Preferred Parking ticket that costs $35 per vehicle to avoid the lines and park your vehicle in front of the gate.

In the vicinity of the gates, some handicap parking spaces are subject to be used on a first-come, first-served basis.


Kroger Store sells one-day passes only. Ticket prices differ from Kroger Store to store. Prices for tickets are available at Kroger Store located near Kings Island. You can’t purchase Kings Island Gold Passes or season tickets at Kroger Stores.

You can purchase Gold Season passes or tickets at the Kings Island gate. If you purchase Kings Island tickets at Kroger Store, you can purchase them at a lesser cost than Kings Island gate. Kroger stores offer discounts on Kings Island tickets.

You can purchase the tickets in any quantity you want without limitation when the Kroger store is stocked with tickets. It is impossible to exchange or refund Kings Island tickets after purchasing from Kroger Store.

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