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Allis Chalmers D14 Overview

The Allis Chalmers D14 is a 2WD row-crop tractor from the D series. This tractor was manufactured by Allis Chalmers in West Allis, Wisconsin, USA from 1957 to 1960. The Allis Chalmers D14 is equipped with a 2.4 L (149.

0 cu·in) four-cylinder gasoline / LP-gas engine and one of two transmissions: a sliding gear transmission with 4 forward and 1 reverse gear or the Power-Director transmission with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.


Allis Chalmers D14 Price & Weight

Price:  $2,900 in 1960

Weight: 3500 lbs; 1587 kg

Allis Chalmers D14 Specifications 

Allis Chalmers D14 Production

Manufacturer Allis Chalmers
Total built 23,050
Original price     $2,900 in 1960

Allis Chalmers D14 Engine Detail

Displacement 149 ci
2.4 L
Bore/Stroke 3.50×3.875 inches
89 x 98 mm
Fuel system carburetor
Air cleaner oil bath
Compression 7.5:1
Rated RPM 1650
Firing order 1-2-4-3
Starter volts 6
Coolant capacity 9 qts
8.5 L
Sparkplug gap 0.025 inches
0.635 mm
Point gap 0.022 inches
0.559 mm
Intake valve clearance 0.009 inches*
0.229 mm
Exhaust valve clearance 0.015 inches*
0.381 mm

Allis Chalmers D14 Transmission

Type sliding gear
Gears 4 forward and 1 reverse

Allis Chalmers D14 Power

Belt power (max) 34.08 hp
25.4 kW
Belt fuel use (max) 3.0 gal/hour
11.4 l/hour
Max power 30.91 hp
23.0 kW
Max pull 4,847 lbs
2198 kg

Allis Chalmers D14 Tractor Hitch

Type Allis Snap Coupler

Allis Chalmers D14 Tires

Ag front 5.50-16
Ag rear 12.00-26

Allis Chalmers D14 Dimensions

Wheelbase 85.75 inches
217 cm
Length 129 inches
327 cm
Height (hood) 55.9 inches
141 cm
Height (exhaust) 79.56 inches
202 cm
Operating weight 3500 lbs
1587 kg
Ballasted weight 7000 lbs
3175 kg
Ground clearance 25 inches
63 cm
Front tread 8.8/15.5 inches
22/39 cm*
Rear tread 54 to 80 inches
137 to 203 cm

Allis Chalmers D14 Electrical

Ground positive
Battery volts 6

Allis Chalmers D14 Review 

The Allis Chalmers D14 was a popular garden tractor manufactured between 1957 and 1967. The engine was a 149 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine which produced 37 horsepower. The D14 was offered in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


Final Words Allis Chalmers D14

A tractor engine that shut down when the PTO was engaged is discussed in the article titled “Tractor engine dies when PTO is engaged.” It was decided to remove the tractor engine from service and have it repaired because it had been inoperable for a while.

When they disassembled it, they found that something had enabled the PTO when the tractor engine wasn’t supposed to be able to. This problem never recurred after fixes were made and precautions were put in place.

FAQs For Allis Chalmers D14

What is the most popular Allis-Chalmers tractor?

After the Model W was improved to make it suitable for cultivating, Allis-Chalmers created the WC. The Model WC became the most popular tractor ever produced by Allis-Chalmers by capitalising on the success of the company’s 1932 introduction of rubber tyres to agriculture.

Was Allis-Chalmers a good tractor?

The Allis-Chalmers 8000 series tractors were, in my opinion, among their best mid-range tractors. True, some models had problems, but all in all, they were reliable devices. Having said that, they ALL had a fatal flaw: poor timing.

Who made Allis-Chalmers engines?

The Edward P. Allis Company gradually grew into a manufacturer of steam engines, and by 1900 it was one of the biggest in the country. Charles and William Allis, Mr. Allis’s sons, took over the management of the business after his death in 1889.

Why are Allis-Chalmers tractors orange?

The Persian Orange paint hue, which was readily available and, in his opinion, most closely resembled the colour of the California poppy, was quickly applied to Allis-Chalmers’ tractors. Thus, the orange Allis-Chalmers tractor tradition was born.

Why did Allis-Chalmers stop making tractors?

In the 1980s, the company experienced financial problems and was forced to sell many of its commercial divisions. A little under 140 years after E.P. Allis’ initial entry into Milwaukee’s industrial boom, Allis-Chalmers permanently shuttered its doors in 1999.

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