Odeon Prices Tickets 2022

Odeon Prices Tickets – Odeon Cinema Prices 2022

Odeon Prices Tickets – Odeon is certainly among the biggest and most famous cinema chains in the United Kingdom among those with closer ties to their heritage. 

It survived a war, several acquisitions, and major risks like international expansions. Despite what it had to go through, the brand pretty much stayed unchanged over the years.

It was founded in 1928 by Oscar Deustch, a British businessman and seemed to have a knack for running such facilities. 

So much so that in just 1933, they already had 26 locations, and the brand ‘Odeon’ had already become a home name. 

It became interchangeable with ‘movie theatre’ or ‘cinema’, an amazing testament to the brand’s success. This is quite a feat as the name ‘Odeon’ was only first used in 1930.

Odeon Cinemas has provided some of the most amazing movie experiences to the UK, Norway and Ireland. 

It’s also one of the best-known countries, being the most established brand with an exceptional track record and unique legacy.

Once the largest cinema operator in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Odeon Cinema is a part of the largest cinema chain in the world.

Odeon Prices Tickets

Here are the latest Odeon Prices Tickets 2022. Let’s check it out…



Standard Seating

Adult – 2D – Standard £13.00
Child (12 and Under) – 2D – Standard £9.75
Teen (13-17) – 2D – Standard £10.75
Senior – 2D – Standard £11.25
Student – 2D – Standard £10.75

Premier Seating

Adult – 2D – Premier £14.60
Child (12 and Under) – 2D – Premier £11.35
Teen (13-17) – 2D – Premier £12.35
Senior – 2D – Premier £12.85
Student – 2D – Premier £12.35


Standard Seating

Adult – IMAX 3D – Standard £18.00
Child (12 and Under) – IMAX 3D – Standard £14.75
Teen (13-17) – IMAX 3D – Standard £15.75
Senior – IMAX 3D – Standard £16.25
Student – IMAX 3D – Standard £15.75

Premier Seating

Adult – IMAX 3D – Premier £19.60
Child (12 and Under) – IMAX 3D – Premier £16.35
Teen (13-17) – IMAX 3D – Premier £17.35
Senior – IMAX 3D – Premier £17.85
Student – IMAX 3D – Premier £17.35

NOTE: Odeon Prices Tickets 2022 may vary by location and are updated frequently.

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Odeon Cinema Locations

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Odeon Cinema FAQs

How do I find the price of tickets at my local ODEON cinema?

To check Odeon Cinema prices, please continue with your online booking to see the Odeon Cinema prices displayed when you select your choice of film. Please note that Odeon Cinema charges you an online booking fee of 95p per ticket when you book online. This charge is included in the Odeon Cinema ticket price you see.

What age do I need to be to buy each ticket type?

Under 2 – Free unless they require their own seat
Child – 14 and under
Adult – 15 and over

Do you offer discounted tickets for Seniors or Students?

As part of the Odeon Cinema move to a more simplified pricing structure, Odeon Cinema has removed Student and Senior ticket offers. 

However, we continue to invest in Odeon Cinema prices, offers, and guest experience. As a result, Odeon Cinema overall ticket prices have reduced across the board, with more myODEON Saver ticket prices at off-peak times available, offering more reasonable value for money for guests.

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