John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Price in India, Specs & Features

John Deere  CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Price in India 2021, Specifications, Review, Features

The John Deere CH330 is the only four-wheel drive Sugarcane Harvester in India. It is designed with a 6.8-liter six-cylinder inline design engine, it offers 198 bhp (Brake horsepower).

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John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester price in india

It provides a maximum traveling speed of 18 kmph. The price of CH330 Sugarcane harvester is Rs.1.4 Crore. Let’s Check it more specification below.   

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John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Price in India 2021

John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester price in india

The John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Price is 1.4 Crore.   

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 John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Key Features

John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester price in india

  • Model: 6068H PowerTech E, (Tier III)
  • Horsepower: 198 hp
  • Drive: Permanent Four Wheel Drive
  • Maximum traveling speed:  18 km/h
  • Fuel tank capacity:  284 L
  • 45˚articulated frame steering system
  • Light & extremely robust aluminum elevator for stability
  • Cooling system with the reversible cooling fan
  • Touch screen technology is simple to make a quick adjustment to critical controls.
  • Self-cleaning cooling system.
  • Double fuel filtration and water separation
  • Easy access to engine with tilting cab
  • High grip plates and non-skid surface.

John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Specifications

John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester 1

TypeJohn Deere 6068H PowerTech E (Tier III)
Cylinders6 in line
Displacement6.8 L
Power198 Hp with 6% power bulge
Air intakeTurbo and after-cooler (air-to-air)
Injection pumpElectronically controlled
TypePermanent Four Wheel Drive. Two hydrostatic pumps propel 4 wheel motors and provide variable speed. Three speed ranges with “Shift on the Go”. Traction slip prevention control system
Maximum traveling speed18 km/h
Fuel284 L
Hydraulic oil227 L
Front11 x 20, 12 PR
Rear20.5 x 25, 16 PR
Accumulator cushioned lift and topper
Left and right single crop dividers
Factory hard surfaced skirts, slip-on shoes and toes
Adjustable knockdown rollers
Three paddle closed buttlifter
High drive basecutter
Bolt-on wear plates for basecutter legs
61 cm circular basecutter discs – Hard surfacing
External feedroller bearings
Reversible hydraulic-driven crop dividers and feedrollers system
Deep paddle lower feedrollers with teeth and hard surfacing
6 blade differential chopper system with 95 mm blades
Polyethylene plastic 120 cm hood
Hydrostatic variable speed fan
Vertical mount
Direct drive fan
Four blade fan (requires no balancing with blade change)
Hydraulically controlled hood rotation
Abrasive resistant steel wear ring
Aluminum construction frame
Adjustable loading height control
Hydraulically adjustable flap
Loading to either side
Grease cylinder chain adjustment
Motor driven directional discharge
Quick shut-off switch for all harvesting functions with quick reset feature
Engine oil pressure and cooling temperature alarm Front tipping cab
Pressurized cab with air conditioning and heating systems
Air suspension operator seat
Wide cab with training seat
Adjustable side mirrors
Windshield wiper with water nozzle
Chemical fire extinguisher
Anti-slip platforms in service areas
Command Arm ergonomically adjusts to operator
CommandCenter™ touch display
Digital cornerpost display
Multifunction hydro handle
Reverse alarm
Engine compartment working lights
Signal and warning lights
12 operating lights (Including headlights)
Compliant with all applicable standards
Outer scrolls
Side knives
Front knockdown roller with hydraulic tilt
Crop dividers vine cutter knives
In-cab convex mirrors
Service tool kit
Optional rear tires                                  17.5 × 25 – 16 Ply rating

John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Specifications


John Deere CH330 Sugarcane Harvester Video

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