John Deere 420 History, Price, Specs, Reviews, Features & Pictures

John Deere 420 For Sale, Price, Specs, Engine, Pictures, Overview

John Deere 420 (1958) was a utility tractor with live 3 points. 420 model replaced the 40 of the John Deere tractors in 1956. The 420 was built from 1956-58. 

Production of the John Deere 420 began in October of 1955 for the 56 model year and continued until October of 1958.

The total mass production of 420 was in a huge amount of 55,000. There were three types of models produced for 420’s corresponding to the three years manufactured.

John deere 420 overview

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John Deere 420’s engine was more fuel-efficient and powerful with two-cylinder. The increase in compression and the resulting heat was too much for the cooling system. 420’s engine produces 28hp of great power. It’s rated RPM is 1850.

The engines used for the 420 tractors were basically the same as those on the 40 but in addition to an increase in power of about 20%.

Bore and stroke were 4.25 x 4.00, Displacement of 113 ci, 1850 rpm, the compression ratio of 5.2 to 1 and 27.1 drawbar, and 29.2 belt horsepower.

 A new cylinder head designed with improved combustion chambers technology with a higher lift cam and the latest carburetor.

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John deere 420 price

John Deere 420 Tractor specifications

John Deere 420 Model History
Manufacturer John Deere
Factory Dubuque, Iowa
Model Introduced 1956
Model Discontinued 1958
No. Produced 55,000
Engine make John Deere
Fuel type Gasoline/All-fuel/LP
No. of Cylinders 2
Power 21 kW
Power (Drawbar) 20.31 HP
Power (Belt) 24.83 HP
Governed RPM 1850 rpm
Displacement 113 ci
Bore 4.25 in
Stroke 4.00 in
Cooling system Water
Type Unknown
Forward 4
Reverse 1
Drive 2WD
Fuel 10.5 Gal. (20 LP gas)
Cooling 11 Qt.
Power Take-off (PTO)
3-Point Category-I
Type Transmission (live optional on 5-speed)
Speeds 540 rpm
Ag front 5.00-15
Ag rear 9-24
Weight and dimensions
Weight 3,250 pounds
Length 114.75 inches
Width 55.5 inches
Height 58.75 inches
Wheelbase 52 inches
Type 6-volt positive ground

John Deere 420 (1958) was a utility tractor with live 3 points. The 420 had so many configurations, a powerful engine of 28hp, and very popular among the farmers. There were suitable versions for every farming operation, a 420 General-Purpose, Standard, Hi-Crop, Special, Utility, and even Crawler, each with respective wheel layout.

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