John Deere 7930 Tractor Price in India, HP, Specification & Features


John Deere 7930 Price New, Specs, HP, Review, Mileage, Features, Overview

The John Deere 7930 Tractor comes with modern technology, great power, and convenience features. The riding controls are easy for the operator what you expect from John Deere. Visibility is excellent. The front suspension is quiet and smooth does a good job on even bumpy roads. For Full details please read this entire post.

John Deere 7930 Front 1


So, Are you looking for the latest 4WD tractor model of John deere? Then you are at the perfect place where you will get all the genuine information about the latest John deere 7930. 

Find out below its entire details such as its overview, specs, price, technical specifications, key features, engine, transmission, brakes, steering, wheels and tyres, 

hydraulic capacity, power take-off (PTO), and top speed, dimensions, and weight, electrical systems, etc. Let’s check it below.

John Deere 7930 Tractor  Price



Price: $129,000

John Deere 7930 Tractor Key Features

Engine Performance

John Deere 7930 Engine Spec

All 7030 Series Tractor runs on 6.8 Litre engines have a wide operating range between 1000-2100 rpm. Power comes quickly as rpm increases for fatigue load starting.

Normal operating speeds provide an abundance of reserve power to handle changing conditions both in the field and on the road.

John Deere Engine specificationThe 7930 runs John Deere’s 6.8 Litre power tech engine with fuel injection, four valves per cylinder, 10 percent power bulge.

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John-Deere-7930 Transmission

The 7930 contains the version IVT (Indefinitely Variable Transmission). Driving an IVT is similar to a hydrostatic transmission.

A lever on the armrest sets the speed, and the dash sets one of three modes one for PTO work or second for the heavy draught or towing work, and the third for light work such as transport, drilling, etc. The fuel efficiency is better than other tractors in its class.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

John Deere PTO

These engines provide plenty of PTO horsepower up to 10 percent and PTO torque can rise up to 40 percent and a host of other high-tech features. 

There is an updated performance characteristic of the 6.8L engine that assures outstanding performance in any condition.


John Deere CAB

The cab is quiet and well. John Deere 7930 CAB gives excellent forward visibility. The curved rear window allows the full angle of the six-meter drill to be seen. 

All the commonly used controls are easy to find with John Deere’s CAB. A display offers information on a normal dash setup and there is a control panel to the right of the seat.

Cab of John Deere 7930

The cab is fitted with climate control air conditioning and is wired for John Deere’s cooling and climate system.

There is also the option of an active seat. Which provides the driver with an excellent ride.


John Deere Hydraulic


The engine of 7930 can reach the peak torque quickly. The 7930 Tractor engine takes only 500 rpm to reach peak torque. A 6.8L engine will obtain peak torque 30% quicker than the other models.


John Deere Frame

The frame of 7930 tractors is large sure to notice the resulting tractor performance made with plenty of torque and power. 

Improved performance load starting, pulling through tough ways, or transporting is very good. Greater and faster torque responses are better than other tractors.

John Deere 7930 Steering

Key features of the engine such as the Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and the 4-valve head are able to provide the improvement of the rate of torque rise and fuel efficiency.

John Deere 7930 Tractor Specification

Manufacturer John Deere
Model 7930
Drive 4WD(wheel drive)
Series 7060
Aspiration Intercooled, Turbocharged
No. of Cylinders 6
Rated RPM 2100
Bore/Stroke 4.19×5.00 inches
Torque 645 lb-ft
Horsepower(Gross) 220 HP
Compression Ratio 17:1
Cooling Liquid
Cooler type Tubular-plate cooler
Displacement 414 ci
Fuel Diesel
Oil Capacity 27.5 qt
Type PowrQuad PLUS, AutoQuad PLUS, IVT
No. of Forward Gears 16
No. of Reverse Gears 16
Max. Speed 19 mph (30.6km/h)
Chassis 4×4 MFWD, 4WD
Drive Train 4×4 MFWD
Type Disc brakes, Wet brakes, Hydraulic
Discs Single
Type Load sensing, Hydrostatic Power
Rear Axle 100mm diameter, 2438mm long rack, and pinion  axle allowing infinitely adjustable tread settings determined by tyre size
Front Axle MFWD with optional Triple Link Suspension (TLS)
Front 420/90r30
Rear 480/80r46
Type closed, PFC
Three-point hitch 7560 kg
Standard Valves 2 to 7
Valves 2
Valves optional 7
Total Flow 32 gpm
Valve Flow 30 gpm
Rear lift capacity 4559 kg / 10051 lb
Rated flow 114 L/min / 30.1 gal/min
Oil Capacity 108 L / 29 gal
PTO Type Independent
PTO control Manual
Power Take Off (PTO) (rated) 183.10 hp
PTO rpm 540 rpm
Weight 17,200 lbs
Ground Clearance 22.3 inches
Height 121 inches
Length 225 inches
Width 96 inches
Wheelbase 112.6 inches
Turning circle 5059 mm
Fuel Capacity 103 gal
Battery 12 V
Supply voltage starter 24 V

Final Words

There will smile on your face if you will be the owner of this muscular tractor because of its high-class performance. Overall 7930 has great power and the latest features it will turn your loading farming work into fun. I hope you would like our post.  If you have any questions about it please tell us or comment below. We will solve it. Thanks.


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