John Deere 648M Review, Price, Specs & Features 2024


John Deere Quiktrak 648M For Sale, Price, Specs, Review, Overview

Make quick work of mowing smaller areas with the John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower by hitting faster ground speeds than a walk-behind and have greater visibility than a sitdown.

The John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower is also making sticking and climbing hillsides easier with more weight and a lower center of gravity.


John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower powered by air-cooled 44.3 cu in. 726 cc powerful engine, which produces 22 hp at 3600 rpm.

The John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower 48″ deck is a Wright patented mower that gives a professional finish looking in all grass conditions.

John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower has best-in-class features such as a Compact design for easy hauling, a Commercial-quality engine, a Hydrostatic drive system, and ease of maintenance.

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John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower Price USA

John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower Price Specs Features

Price: $9,219.00 USD


John Deere 648M QuikTrak Stand-On Mower Key Facts

  • Engine Power: Gross at 3,600 rpm: 22 hp (16.4 kW)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 20.8 L
  • Mower deck Size: 48 in. (122 cm)
  • Blade tip speed: 18,900 fpm (5,761 m/min)
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Speed range: 0-13.2 km/h
  • Drive wheels: 18×10.5-10 Turf Master
  • Caster wheels: 11×4.5-6
  • Warranty: 24 months

John Deere 648M Mower Specifications

Manufacturer/Model FX691V
Power Gross at 3,600 rpm: 22 hp
16.4 kW
Displacement 44.3 cu in.
726 cc
Cylinders Two, V-twin
Crankcase capacity With filter, 2.2 qt
2.1 L
Oil filter Full flow, replaceable
Lubrication Full pressure
Cooling Forced air
Air cleaner Dry-type, dual stage
Fuel System  
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity 5.5 U.S. gal.
20.8 L
Fuel tank switch/shut-off valve Yes
Electrical system  
Charge system At 3,600 rpm, 15 amp
Battery voltage 12 V
Cold cranking amp 300 amp
Hour meter Digital
Operator presence starting system Yes
Transmission Hydrostatic
Hydraulic pumps
Wheel motors Hydro-Gear HGM-P, 12 cu in.
196 cc
Travel speed Speed range
0-8.2 mph
0-13.2 km/h
Infinite, 0-8.2 mph
Infinite, 0-13.2 km/h
Infinite, 0-3.5 mph
Infinite, 0-5.6 km/h
Speed and direction control Twin hand-controlled levers
Hydraulic capacity With filter, dry, 5 qt
4.7 L
Hydraulic oil cooler Yes
Filter Spin-on replaceable
Drive wheels 18×8.5-10 Turf Master
Load rating 4 PR
Dynamic braking Dual hand-controlled levers
Park brake Tire engagement
Park brake actuation Hand lever
Type Electro-magnetic with brake, 125 lb-ft
169 Nm
Driv Dual B-section V-belt with Kevlar® cord
Mower decks  
Size 48 in.
122 cm
Deck Construction Fabricated steel, floating mount system
Deck thickness 7 gauge
0.18 in.
4.6 mm
Discharge Side
Height-of-cut range Increments
0.25 in.
0.64 cm
1.5-5 in.
3.8-12.7 cm
Cutting width 48 in.
122 cm
Length 16.5 in.
41.9 cm
Thickness 0.203 in.
0.516 cm
Blade tip speed 18,900 fpm
5,761 m/min
Number Three
Caster wheel type No-flat semi-pneumatic with sealed bearings
Caster wheels 11×4.5-6
Front anti-scalp rollers Double-captured center
Length 59.75 in.
151.8 cm
Width Deflector down, 62 in.
157.4 cm
Height 46 in.
117 cm
Weight With full fuel and oil, 820 lb
372 kg

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