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ford 5.4 engine


What Is The Ford 5.4 Engine?

The Triton V8 is another name for the Ford 5.4. It’s part of Ford’s modular V8 family, which came out a long time ago. The company’s trucks got the Triton V8 engine for the first time in 1997.

It works well, and if you own a truck with that engine, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The engine can make between 235 and 550 HP, which is a lot for something that came out more than 20 years ago.

The engine is so good that it won more than one of Ward’s 10 Best Engine Awards. By itself, that shows how good it is.

But not everything about this engine is a compliment. The next question will be about how well the engine works.

Ford 5.4 Engine Specs

Cylinder block compositionAluminum, Cast iron
Cylinder head compositionAluminum
Fuel injection typeSequential multi-port fuel injection
No. of cylinders8
Valves (per cylinder)2/3/4
Valvetrain layoutSOHC/DOHC
Bore90.2 mm or 3.55 cubic inches
Stroke105.8 mm or 4.17 cubic inches
Displacement5,409 cc or 330.1 cubic inches
Internal combustion engine (type)Four-stroke, Naturally aspirated
Compression ratio9.0:1 – SOHC 2-Valve Engine / 9.8:1 – SOHC 3-Valve Engine
Power230-260 HP or 172-194kW – 2-Valve SOHC / 295-327 HP or 220-224kW – 3-Valve SOHC
Torque323-355 ft-lb or 438-481Nm – 2-Valve SOHC / 347-369 ft-lb or 470-500 Nm – 3-Valve SOHC
Weight of engine oilSAE 5W-20
The capacity of engine oil5.7l or 6.6l
Firing order1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
Oil change interval5000 miles (10000km) or six months

Is The Ford 5.4 A Good Engine?

ford 5.4 engine

The Ford 5.4 is a strong engine that can do a lot of things. The engine was made with its own line of trucks, so that none of the limitations slowed down what it could do overall.

In the section above, we already gave you a table of the most important parts. Now, let’s look at the Ford 5.4’s main features and what they mean in a few words.

Extremely Powerful Performance

The new 5.4 engine for 2024 has 5 different powertrain options that are all different from each other. Also, the combustion of fuel in the V6 engine makes a smooth source of energy.

Superior Fuel Economy

The car has a special vent system that makes it easier for air to flow inside. Because of this, it uses less gas than most engines in the same range. So, the energy that is made is clean.

Moderately Fast

Speed might not be the most interesting thing about the engine. But that doesn’t mean it’s even close to slow.

If anything, the engine is so fast that it makes most truck engines look like they are moving at a snail’s pace. The truck can hold up to 6 quarts of fuel and can go as fast as 550 HP @ 6500 RPM.

Fuel Capacity6 US quarts
Top Speed550 HP @ 6500 RPM
Torque323 to 355 ft-lb

High Towing Capacity

There’s no doubt that the engine is strong. Not only does it have a multiport injection system, but it can also pull up to 14,000 pounds with its intended payload, which is more than most standard engines can do.

Towing Capacity14000 lb
Maximum Payload3321 lbs
Torque323 to 355 ft-lb

The Benefits Of Choosing The Ford 5.4 Engine


As I said above, the Ford 5.4 Triton engine is a good one. Thousands of people have tried it and found that it works. But I can understand if you still aren’t sure.

Here are some of the good things about the 5.4 engine:

  • It is made up of separate parts.
  • Has a strong V8 design that can make a lot of horsepower
  • Has good performance for all 2,000,00 miles of its life.
  • Lightweight aluminium casting cuts weight by a lot.
  • The sides of the engine block are ribbed to make it as strong as possible.

What Cars Use The Ford 5.4 Engine?

The huge V8 engine has been used in a lot of popular cars. One of the ones that sells the most is the Ford F-150, which is the most popular. The Ford Expedition and the Lincoln Navigator are also well-liked trucks.

It was also in the SVT Lightning, and the company that made the engine also put it in the 2000 Mustang SVT Cobra R. In terms of speed, the car was and still is a beast.

The Triton V8 was used in the Shelby GT500 and the GT500KR from 2007 to 2012. This engine was also in the Ford GT, but it was only there for two years, from 2004 to 2006.

If you can find a car with this engine, you should buy it right away as long as it wasn’t made between 2004 and 2006. The way it works will surprise you in a good way. It is a V8 engine, after all.

Common Ford 5.4 engine problems

ford 5.4 engine.

Here are the most common problems that owners of Ford 5.4  engines should know about. If you know about these problems, you can take the steps you need to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

And to help you understand what I’m about to say, even though the Ford 5.4  seems to be bulletproof, it’s by no means the best engine ever made.

These are the most common problems with this engine, though:

  • Ignition Coils And Spark Plugs Becoming Faulty
  • Failure Of The Fuel Pump Driver Module
  • Issues In The Variable Timing Chain
  • Leakage In The Engine Oil Gasket

Which Ford vehicles use 5.4 Triton engines?

  • Ford F150 
  • Ford Expedition 
  • Lincoln Navigator 
  • SVT Lightning 
  • Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R 
  • Ford GT 
  • Ford Shelby GT500/GT500 KR 

During these years, different models of the Ford 5.4 Triton used 2-valve, 3-valve, and 4-valve versions of the engine.

High-performance 4-valve engines were put in sportier cars like the GT500 and the Ford GT. Most Ford cars made before 2004 have three-valve engines, while most Ford cars made after 2004 have three-valve engines.

What Size Engine Is A Ford 5.4 Liter?

All together, the engine is 5.4L. It is part of the modular family and is mostly found in North American Ford trucks. Also, keep in mind that there is another weight that varies depending on the type of engine.

Final Words

Ford has what you need if you want to buy a truck. Ford covers more than 125 countries outside of North America, so you can be sure that the truck you buy will get the best service.

So, how good is the 5.4L engine? Will we tell you to do it? Yes, for sure! The 5.4L engine is a great option for a heavy-duty engine that will run smoothly for a long time.

So, if you run a big business or need trucks to carry a lot of different things over long distances, the 5.4 is for you.

FAQ – Ford 5.4 Engine


Is The Ford 5.4 An Interference Engine?

Several of the vents and cylinders of the Ford 5.4 engine connect to the different pipes. There are also some cylinders that don’t do compression. So, it really is an interference engine.

How Many Miles Will A 5.4 Triton Last?

Here, the engine really shines. The V8 engine should last around 200,000 miles on average.

But with regular engine maintenance and care, you can reach 300,000 miles or even more. And to be clear, people have reached this point, which is very impressive.

How Many Cylinders Is A 5.4 Ford Motor?

There are 8 cylinders in the engine as a whole. Each of these cylinders is in the shape of a V. Depending on the model and version, they either have a supercharger or a system that pulls air into the engine.

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