Cineplex Ticket Prices (CA) 2023

Cineplex Ticket Prices 2023

Cineplex Ticket Prices – Cineplex is a Canadian entertainment company. It was founded on October 4, 1999, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. It is formerly known as Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund and Galaxy Entertainment Inc. 

Through its operating subsidiary Cineplex Entertainment LP, Cineplex runs 165 theatres across Canada under numerous brands, including SilverCity, Scotiabank Theatres, Galaxy Cinemas, Cinema City, Famous Players, Cineplex Cinemas, Cineplex Odeon, and Cineplex VIP Cinemas.

For a next-level film viewing experience, they offer RealD-3D, D-BOX, UltraAVX, IMAX, ScreenX, and 4DX. ScreenX and UltraAVX let patrons watch their choice of films on larger screens.

UltraAVX may only have wall-to-wall screens, but they show 4K pictures. ScreenX, on the other hand, operates 270º panoramic screens that will place viewers in the middle of the scene they are watching.

They also have about five of which have 70 mm film playback and 30 IMAX screens.

For a more immersive movie viewing experience, they offer the D-BOX, RealD-3D, and 4DX formats.

Some might think Cineplex ticket prices are rather steep with everything mentioned below. However, that’s not the case. 

They have a wide price range since they have a lot of offers available. There are also numerous ways to score discounts, so a visit to Cineplex doesn’t always come with a costly affair.

Cineplex Ticket Prices

Here are the latest Cineplex Ticket Prices 2023 (Canada). Let’s check it out…



Adult – Regular $13.99
Child (3-13) – Regular $8.99
Senior (65+) – Regular $9.99

VIP 19+

Adult – VIP 19+ $25.99


Adult – UltraAVX $16.99
Child (3-13) – UltraAVX $11.99
Senior (65+) – UltraAVX $12.99

UltraAVX 3D

Adult – UltraAVX 3D $18.99
Child (3-13) – UltraAVX 3D $13.99
Senior (65+) – UltraAVX 3D $14.99


Adult – IMAX 3D $19.99
Child (3-13) – IMAX 3D $12.99
Senior (65+) – IMAX 3D $13.99


Adult – 4DX $24.99
Child (3-13) – 4DX $19.99
Senior (65+) – 4DX $20.99

NOTE: Cineplex Ticket Prices 2023 may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Cineplex Canada Locations


Final words For Cineplex Ticket Prices

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Cineplex FAQs

How much is a Cineplex ticket Canada?

Ticket Package Type Price
General (14 to 64 years) $17.95
Senior (65+) $16.95
Child (3 to 13 years) $12.95
Group (Save 10%) $13.95

Does Cineplex have student discount?

Yes, The Rec Room offers a 15% off student discount for active students. Discount is valid on buying all food, game tags, excluding alcohol, game credits, attraction buys such as The Void, gratuities, taxes, and gift cards. Offer is eligible with valid student ID only.


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