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Does Starbucks Accept Ebt –  Guys!! If you have an EBT card and want to use its advantages, you may be wondering – Does Starbucks Take EBT? Does Starbucks Accept EBTs? So, this is the article for you, cause here is everything I have found out about this! 

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 Does Starbucks Accept EBT In 2023?

Officially, Starbuck’s policy is not to accept EBT cards at company-owned stores. However, many Starbucks-licensed stores and kiosks are located inside stores and grocery stores with grocery departments. These Starbucks locations may accept EBT cards. However, some limitations will still be on the product bought with an EBT card.

Keep reading this article if you want to know more about the food items you can purchase to enjoy EBT Advantages. 

Does Starbucks Accept EBT

What is the EBT?

EBT(Electronic Benefits Transfer) is an electronic system that enables a recipient to authorize the transfer of their government advantages from a federal account to a retailer account to pay for items received. Electronic benefits transfer is used in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. EBT has been executed in all states since June of 2004.

What is an EBT Card?

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) is an electronic system that allows a SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) participant to pay for food using SNAP advantages. An EBT card works like a debit card, but funds come from these government-provided nutrition benefits—rather than your bank account.

What can you buy with your EBT card?

You can use your SNAP benefits to purchase:

  • Breads and cereals
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Dairy products
  • Other foods, such as non-alcoholic beverages and snack foods.
  • Seeds and plants, which produce food for the household to eat

SNAP benefits can’t be used to purchase alcohol, cosmetics, cigarettes and cleaning supplies, to name a few. A big no-no is purchasing foods considered hot at the time, such as rotisserie chicken or that hot cup of coffee at Starbucks.

What is Starbucks?

Starbucks Corporation is the USA coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington and Its Headquarters in 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washingtonthe U.S. Starbucks serves 23,768 locations worldwide. Starbucks provides a product such as Coffee, smoothies, tea, sandwiches, beverages, and baked goods.

Can You Use EBT Cards At Starbucks?

Starbucks’ company-owned stores official does not accept EBT cards. But, Starbucks-licensed stores located in grocery and retail stores like Target may take EBT cards. 

Starbucks-licensed stores in places like Marriott hotels may also accept EBT cards whether a Starbucks-licensed store takes EBT cards based on the particular location and policy. 

However, we suggest you call ahead to ensure that the Starbucks location you intend to visit accepts EBT cards because this policy is unstable.

What can you buy with food stamps at Starbucks?

Here’s a list of products that you may be able to use your EBT card on at Starbucks-licensed stores:

  • Instant coffee
  • Creamer
  • Snacks
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Sandwiches
  • Soft drinks
  • Sweets
  • Energy drinks
  • Cold beverages

Bottom Line

Officially, Starbucks doesn’t take EBT cards at its company-owned stores. But, Starbucks-licensed stores and kiosks located within the grocery and retail stores like Walmart and Target may take EBT cards, with some limitations.

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