Case Ih 5250 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Case Ih 5250 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

The Case IH 5250 is a tractor type manufactured by Case International Harvester. It is a medium-sized tractor intended for farming and other agricultural purposes.

On the Case IH official website, I found info regarding its specs, weight, price, and size, which I have included in this post.

We like to get details about Case IH 5250 from trustworthy sources because we want to deliver our readers objective information.

Let’s go below for more information about the Case IH 5250 cab tractor model.

Case Ih 5250 Specs

Case Ih 5250 Price

Price = $51,518.00 USD (Approx)

Case Ih 5250 Weight

Weight = 16,005 lbs (7259 kg)

Case Ih 5250 Capacity

Fuel Capacity = 35.7 gal (135.1 L)

Case Ih 5250 Specs


Description CDC turbocharged diesel 6-cylinder liquid-cooled
Fuel use 6.86 gal/hour (26.0 l/hour)
Bore/Stroke 4.02×4.72 inches (102 x 120 mm)
Starter volts 12
Displacement 359ci / 5.9L


Type partial power shift
Gears 16 forward and 12 reverse, 24 forward and 20 reverse

Dimensions & Tires

Rear tire 18.4-38
Weight 16,005 lbs (7259 kg)
Front tire 7.50-18

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear RPM 540/1000
Rear PTO independent


Valves 1
Pump flow 20 gpm (75.7 lpm)
Type closed center
Pressure 2600psi / 179.3bar

Three-Point Hitch

Rear lift 7,700 lbs (3492 kg)
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) 6,990 lbs (3170 kg)
Rear Type II

CaseIH 5250 Power

Drawbar (tested) 103.40 hp (77.1 kW)
PTO (tested) 112.20 hp (83.7 kW)
PTO (claimed) 112 hp (83.5 kW)

OCED Tractor Test 1462

PTO fuel use (engine speed) 6.9 gal/hour (26.1 l/hour)
PTO power (rated engine speed) 112.20 hp (83.7 kW)
Nebraska summary 145
Type Diesel 16-speed 4WD
Drawbar pull (max) 18,295 lbs (8298 kg)
Drawbar power (max) 103.40 hp (77.1 kW)
Drawbar fuel use (max) 6.8 gal/hour (25.7 l/hour)

Case Ih 5250 Review 

The 5250 is a utility tractor made from 1992 to 2001. It has a 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel engine that produces 110 horsepower. It comes in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive and has various transmission options including a 16F/16R synchro shift transmission and an incomplete powershift 16F/16R.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

FAQs – Case Ih 5250 

1. How Fast Is a Case tractor?

CASE 570N EP Tractor Loader. This Tier 4 CASE Final tractor loader, 570N EP, offers unbeatable strength for lifting and ground speeds that can reach 24 mph and user-friendly features to give the contractors a skip loader that is remarkably affordable and extremely easy to operate and own.

2. How much horsepower does a Case IH have?

The Case IH Puma range with 16 models ranging from 140 to 260 horsepower rating engine power is revamped with new style and other features to improve operator ease.

3. Why Case IH is the best?

The Case IH offers a more efficient and powerful engine with higher lifting and operating capacities and is less fuel-intensive than John Deere.

4. What was the last international tractor made?

Farmall Plant in Rock Island, IL, on May 14, 1985. It was 36. years ago today, a 5488 with 187 horsepower was the tractor that was last to.

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