Case Ih 8250 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Case Ih 8250 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Members of our tractorsinfo team collected all the information in the Case Ih 8250 Combine that is available on the (official website) and included it on this page.

The Case IH 8250 combine is a powerful agriculture tool with great production and efficiency levels. It boasts a strong 8.7L engine that can provide up to 413 horsepower and a sizable grain tank that can hold up to 190 bushels of grain.

In order to enhance productivity and optimise the harvesting process, the combine also has cutting-edge harvesting technology including AutoSteer and AutoThreshing.

In addition, the 8250 combine boasts a roomy and cosy cab, giving the operator a comfortable working space.

For farmers aiming to maximize their crop, the Case IH 8250 combine is an effective and dependable option. This extensively updated article covers the Case Ih 8250 Combine in great detail.

Case Ih 8250 Combine

Case Ih 8250 Combine Price 

Price= N/A 

Case Ih 8250 Combine Weight

Weight = 42,845 lb. (19434 kg)

Case Ih 8250 Combine Rated Horsepower

Rated Horsepower = 480

Case Ih 8250 Combine Maximum Horsepower

Maximum Horsepower = 555

Case Ih 8250 Combine Grain Tank Capacity

Grain Tank Capacity = 410 bu (14,448 L)

Case Ih 8250 Combine Specs


Rated Horsepower 480
Engine Make Case Ih FPT
Piston Displacement Inches³ 787
Engine Model C13
Fuel Tank Capacity – gallon (US) (L)

Threshing & Separating System

Threshing System Type, Rotary or Conventional Cylinder Longitudinal Rotor
Rotor or Cylinder Length inches 103.3
Rotor or Cylinder Description Staggered Rasp Bars
Number of Rotors or Cylinders
1 Rotor

Tires and Tracks

Steering Tire Size VF600/70 R28 CFO, R1W
Reference Drive Tire Size IF800/70R38

Cleaning System

Leveling System Available Self-leveling to 12.1%
Total Sieve Area in² 10075

 Feeding System

Feeder Reverser Control Electro-Hydraulic
Feeder Width inches 54
Feeder Speed Variable Standard

Grain Handling System

Grain Tank Capacity, Standard bu (US) 410
Unloading Rate bu (US)/s 4.5

Case Ih 8250 Combine Review 

The Case 8250 Axial-Flow Combine is an extremely efficient machine that was designed to handle large-scale agricultural operations. It is equipped with powerful engines and a huge grain tank, as well as numerous modern technology that helps to increase efficiency and productivity. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

FAQs – Case Ih 8250 Combine

1. How much does a Case IH 8250 combine weight?

42,845 lb. (19434 kg).

2. How much horsepower does a case 8250 have?

Axial-Flow 8250 combined with 480 hp @ 2100 engine RPMs and a 410-bushel fuel tank provide unparalleled horsepower and performance that you have come to expect from Case IH.

3. What is the widest combine head?

“This corn head is the largest in the world, with 24 rows of spacing and 30” row spacing.

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