Case Ih 2166 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Case Ih 2166 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review

I have gathered all the information on the Case Ih 2166 Combine that is available on the (official site) and included it in this page.

A combine like the Case IH 2166 is a tool used in agriculture. The grain is separated from the straw and chaff using a threshing and sorting procedure.

The Case Ih 2166 model can haul up to 220 bushels of grain thanks to its 6-cylinder engine. It also includes an automatic header height control system and a 14-foot unloading auger.

Grain crops like wheat, corn, and soybeans are typical harvesting targets for this particular combine. It has a solid reputation for its high output and dependable operation.

Case Ih 2166 Combine

Case Ih 2166 Combine Price

Price = USD $35,900 (Approx)

Case Ih 2166 Combine Total weight (with header)

Total weight (with header) = 9000 kg

Case Ih 2166 Combine Height (with cab)

Height (with cab) = 3,95 m

Case Ih 2166 Combine Specs


Engine type (model / version)6T-830
Engine capacity8300 cm3 (8,3 l.)
 manufacturerCase IH Motor Cummins
Power (kW/HP)158 kW / 215 KM
 fuel tankn.d.
AdBlue tanknone
Cylinders, qty6


Height (with cab)3,95 m
Height (without cab)n.d.
Total weight (with cab) n.d.
Total weight (without cab)n.d.
Total weight (with header)9000 kg
Alternative rear tyresn.d.
Alternative front tyresn.d.
Front tyres (drive wheels)24,5-32
Rear tyres (turning wheels)14,90-24
Length (with header)6,78 m
Width (with header)n.d.
Width (without header)3,27 m


Header tilt systemsoptional
Header tilt adjustment (longitudinal tilt / crossfall)none
Header reverser / Reel reverse featurehydraulics
Header width (working)430 cm
Automatic header height modenone
Reel speed adjustmenthydraulics
Reel diametern.d.
Alternative widths490 cm


Lower sieve typeadjustable
Upper sieve arean.d.
Lower sieve arean.d.
Total screening area
screening area covered by fan
4,02 m2


Heatingwith heating
Air conditioningwith air conditioning


Brakesdisc brakes


Max. speed20 km/h
Grain loss indicatoravailable
Grain tank capacityn.d.
Unloading speedn.d.

Straw Walkers

Straw Walkers, qty1 straw walker

 Threshing Mechanism

Width of cylinder threshing mechanism274 cm
Diameter of secondary cylindern.d.
Diameter of cylinder threshing mechanism61 cm
Secondary threshing cylindern.d.


Transmissionhydraulic transmission
Forward gears3

Case Ih 2166 Combine Review 

The Case IH 2166 Axial-Flow Combine is a popular choice for small to medium-sized farms. 2166 is known for its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. A 215 HP Cummins engine powers the 2166 and has a grain tank capacity of 180 bushels. It can be equipped with a variety of headers, including a 25-foot grain platform and a 6-row corn head. View the full review video Here.

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FAQs – Case Ih 2166 Combine

1. What year did case 2166 come out?

CASE IH 2166, 1997.

2. What class is 2166 combine?

In the category of combine harvesters, the 2166 Axial is in the group of machines with less power.

3. What does combine class mean?

When students from two consecutive grades are put in the same classroom with one teacher, this is called a “combination class.”

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