Case Ih MX110 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Case Ih MX110 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Case IH is an international producer of agricultural machinery with a US foundation that makes tractors like the Case IH MX110. A mid-sized tractor called the Case IH MX110 can be utilized for a variety of farming tasks, including planting, tillage, and harvesting.

It has a robust 110-horsepower engine, a powershift 12F/12R transmission, and a 38 GPM hydraulic system. Along with the MX110, a cab provides a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.

A reliable and efficient tractor that can tackle a variety of farm tasks is the Case IH MX110. For your convenience, we’ve listed the Case Ih MX110’s specs here, including its weight, price, and dimensions.

We only drew information about Case Ih MX110 from authorized sources in order to give our readers the most current and authentic information. This completely updated article contains all the most recent information regarding Case Ih MX110.

Case Ih MX110

Case Ih MX110 Price

Price = $37,599 (Approx)

Case Ih MX110 Weight

Weight = 11300 to 12460 pounds

Case Ih MX110 Oil capacity

Oil capacity = 15.8 qts (15.0 L)

Case Ih MX110 Specifications


Cummins/CDC 5.9L 6-cyl diesel
Oil capacity15.8 qts (15.0 L)
Rated RPM2200
Power110 hp (82.0 kW)
Coolant capacity19.5 qts (ROPS) 18.5 L
Starter volts12
Bore/Stroke4.016×4.724 inches (102 x 120 mm)
Displacement359 ci (5.9 L)
Air cleanerdual-element dry
Fuel systemdirect injection with mechanical governor, Bosch in-line A pump with Bosch 5-hole injectors


Pump flow25 gpm (94.6 lpm)
Total flow28.9 gpm (109.4 lpm)
Pressure2950 psi (203.4 bar)
Capacity17.5 gal (66.2 L)
Valves2 to 4
Typeclosed center pressure flow compensated (PFC)

Dimensions & Tires

Weight11300 to 12460 pounds
Rear tire18.4R-38
Front tire11.00-16
2WD Wheelbase110.7 inches (281 cm)
4WD Wheelbase106.3 inches (270 cm)


Charging volts12
Charging systemalternator
Cab Charging amps95
ROPS Charging amps65
Battery volts12

Tractor Hitch

Rear lift (at 24″/610mm)8,393 lbs (3807 kg)
Rear TypeII/IIIN
Controlelectronic lower link

CaseIH MX110 Power

PTO (claimed)95 hp (70.8 kW)
Engine110 hp (82.0 kW)


Length197.7 inches (502 cm)
Height (cab)114.7 inches (291 cm)
4WD Wheelbase106.3 inches (270 cm)
2WD Wheelbase110.7 inches (281 cm)
4WD Cab Shipping weight12460 lbs (5651 kg)
2WD Cab Shipping weight11300 lbs (5125 kg)
Rear tread60 to 88 inches (152 to 223 cm)
Rear axle3.5 by 96 inches (88 by 2438 mm)
Front tread60 to 88 inches (152 to 223 cm)
4WD Clearance (front axle)24.6 inches (62 cm)
2WD Clearance (front axle)23.75 inches (60 cm)

CaseIH MX110 Tires

Ag rear18.4R-38
Ag front11.00-16

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear RPM540/1000 (1.375)
Rear PTOindependent


Fuel72 gal (272.5 L)
Hydraulic system17.5 gal (66.2 L)


Clutchwet disc
Gears16 forward and 12 reverse

CaseIH MX110 Attachments

Attachment overview
  • CaseIH L300 (76mm cyl) loader
  • CaseIH L300 (89mm cyl) loader

L300 (76mm cyl) Loader

4,050 lbs breakout (SL)1837 kg
93 inches reach (ground)236 cm
38 inches reach (dumped)96 cm
153 inches height (at pin)388 cm
2,450 lbs lift (full at pin)1111 kg
126 inches clearance (dumped)320 cm
3,150 lbs breakout1428 kg
Bucket width84 inches (213 cm)
Bucket width72 inches (182 cm)
2.7 s (SL)
Bucket width96 inches (243 cm)
weight2,701 lbs (1225 kg)
weight2,751 lbs (self-leveling) 1247 kg

L300 (89mm cyl) Loader

6,300 lbs breakout (SL)2857 kg
93 inches reach (ground)236 cm
3,850 lbs lift (full at pin)1746 kg
153 inches height (at pin)388 cm
Bucket width 96 inches (243 cm)
4,900 lbs breakout2222 kg
rollback 3.3s
38 inches reach (dumped)96 cm
126 inches clearance (dumped)320 cm
lower 3.9s
2.7 s (SL)
Bucket width84 inches (213 cm)
Bucket width72 inches (182 cm)
weight2,701 lbs (1225 kg)
weight2,751 lbs (self-leveling) (1247 kg)

FAQs – Case Ih MX110

1. How Much Does Case IH MX110 weigh?

12458.4 lbs (5,651 kg).

2. When was the MX110 made?

NVIDIA’s GeForce MX110 was a graphics chip for mobile devices that came out on November 17, 2017.

3. What series is MX110?

It is the Geforce 920MX with a new name. It is based on the Maxwell GM108 chip and has 256 fewer shaders than the Geforce 920MX.

4. Which is better MX110 or MX130?

GeForce MX130 has an extra 2 GB of memory compared to the GeForce MX110.

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