Troy Bilt Vs Craftsman Lawn Mower – Which One To Suggest & Why?


Troy Bilt Vs Craftsman Lawn Mower – The Craftsman and Troy Bilt Lawn Mower are perfect for smaller to larger residential lawns.

Do you want one for your lawn? You might be caught between the two mowers as they are tied at points.


Both brands have lawnmowers that are robust and can satisfy. You may not have the opportunity to test both brands.

To clear up any confusion, here is a comparison that can be analyzed. It can be helpful to know the differences between them after reading this.

Let’s dive into the details.

Troy Bilt Vs Craftsman Lawn Mower - Which One To Suggest & Why


Troy Bilt Vs Craftsman Lawn Mower Differences

Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Craftsman Lawn Mower
Available Engine Brands
Kohler, Troy-Bilt, Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and other non-brands V-Twin Hydrostatic Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs & Stratton engine in all the mowers
Engine Type

V-twin Overhead Valve (OHV) engines inmost

Riding mowers- available in mini battery powered to 4-cycle engine

Walk-behind mowers- available in corded, cordless, self-propelled, and gas-powered pull module

Deck Size

In Push mowers- 16” to 21.”

Self-propelled- 21” to 28.”

Riding mower- 30” to 54.”

Zero-turn mower- 42” to 54.”

Riding mowers- 30” to 54.”

Walk-behind mowers- 21” to 28.”


Maximum Fuel Tank Capacity

1.3 to max 3.5 gallon

1.3 to max 3 gal

Average Engine Power

10 to 48 HP on average

10.5 to 26 HP

Fuel Efficiency

Better fuel efficiency based on engine type

Relatively less fuel consumption than Troy-Bilt engines

Warranty Service

2 years or 3 years of warranty for the parts

Backed by 2-3 years of warranty


Troy Bilt Vs Craftsman Lawn Mower Features

Now, check out the precise features of each brand machine for your home lawn mowing.

Troy-Bilt Or Craftsman- Engine Performance

Troy-Bilt is a company that has worked hard to develop a robust and efficient device for lawn care.

The engines used in all Troy-Bilt walk-behind and riding mowers are Honda, Kohler Briggs & Stratton and Troy-Bilt.

The majority of Troy-Bilt engines are V-twins with OHV (Overhead Valve). The hydrostatic transmissions used in lawnmowers, tractors and other engines of low quality make the engine more responsive.

The Briggs & Stratton engines have an E-Z starting system that makes it easier to start the engine. Troy-Bilt’s high-performance riding lawnmowers feature an Autodrive Transmission, allowing car-like driving.

Troy-Built appears not to have Kawasaki engines. Since its beginning in 1927, Craftsman has also included the V-twin engine with dual hydrostatic transmission.

This is especially useful when using the mower to cover a larger area. Craftsman has riding mowers with various transmission speeds for better power transmission.

Servicing & Tech Assistance of Troy-Bilt and Craftsman

Both Troy-Bilt and Craftsman offer lawnmowers that are of high quality. MTD manufactures Troy-Bilt whereas Craftsman is made by AYP (American Yard Products).

Better Maneuverability- Craftsman or Troy-Bilt

The maneuverability of a lawnmower has the greatest impact on the quality of your cut. If your lawnmower cannot provide you with the most effective riding strategies, expecting the best results is pointless.

Craftsman and Troy Bilt offer mowers with dual steering levers that allow for various cutting height adjustments. This is an excellent point.


Do you know the part that makes us wonder? Craftsman zero-turn mowers have a larger turning radius, which results in better maneuverability.

Craftsman zero-turn mowers allow you to cut and reverse the direction without any unmowed grass. You may know about riding technology, but that’s completely different.

Cutting Quality of Craftsman Vs Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt mowers primarily use TriAction cutting technologies that offer clean, healthy cuts each time. The blade is a special design with a rake-back bumper that improves cutting.

The Troy-Bilt walk-behind mowers have a mulch kit that helps cut the grass healthily while leaving nutrients on the soil.

This wider deck with anti-scalp provides a faster and better cut on a single line. It is designed not to damage the grass.

On the other hand, Craftsman comes with a reinforced steel deck that cuts grasses perfectly but more quickly with its twin-style cutting.

Some have a double-functioning deck, such as the Craftsman push lawnmower. Others come with a deck with three functions (such as the Craftsman self-propelled mower).

Craftsman-riding lawnmowers offer the best results regarding smoother and faster cuts.

Are craftsman and Troy Bilt mowers the same?

The Craftsman and Troy Bilt lawn mowers may not be identical but share many similarities. MTD is the owner of both brands.

MTD makes many identical lawnmowers under both brands. They use the same or similar components.

The only difference in some cases between a Craftsman mower and a Troy-Bilt is the color or the brand.

Here is a table comparing the two brands:




Parent company

Stanley Black & Decker


Manufacturing location


United States, Mexico, China


2-year limited warranty

2-year limited warranty

Price range

$150 – $1,000

$150 – $1,000


Variety of features available, including self-propelled, mulching, and bagging

Variety of features available, including self-propelled, mulching, and bagging

Customer reviews

Good reviews overall

Good reviews overall

Which Features More Durability- Craftsman or Troy-Bilt?

Craftsman products and Troy-Built are both made in the USA. However, parts for both brands are sourced from Ohio, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arizona. There is no reason to question the durability and reliability of these products.

Troy-Built’s heavy-duty tubular design makes it a robust machine that will perform well for a long time. On the other hand, a reinforced steel deck makes a stable and stronger mower with better cutting ability.

Both brands have passed several quality tests, including the shaker-table test and rough-hit endurance.
Both brands are reliable and durable, offering high-quality lawn care products.

What Should Be Your Final Choice?

Before you decide, let’s summarize the comparison between Troy Bilt and Craftsman walking or riding mowers. Craftsman is the winner, even though both lawnmowers are equally reliable and durable.

Based on user reviews and opinions, we were drawn to the Craftsman zero-turn mower. Use the right tool to maintain your lawn. You don’t want to disturb your home with a damp lawn.

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