Toyota 1JZ-GTE (2.5 Turbo) Engine: Specs, Review & Service data

Toyota 1JZ-GTE (2.5 Turbo) Engine Specs

The Toyota 1JZ-GTE is a 2.5 liter (152.07 cu-in, 2,492 cc) straight-six, four-stroke cycle turbocharged gasoline engine from the Toyota JZ family.

The Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured the engine at the Tahara Plant (Aichi, Japan, Tahara) from 1990 to 2007.

The Toyota 1JZ-GTE engine features a cast-iron block, an aluminum cylinder head with DOHC (dual belt-driven overhead camshafts) and four valves per cylinder (24 in total).

The Toyota 1JZ-GTE is fitted with an electronic fuel injection system, Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) since 1996, and ACIS variable-length intake manifold.

The bore and stroke are the same as for the Toyota 1JZ-GE: the cylinder bore is 3.39 in (86 mm ), and the piston stroke is 2.81 in (71.5 mm), but this engine has a lot of additional parts. In addition, the Yamaha Motor Company played a great part in designing this engine.

The first generation of the Toyota 1JZ-GTE was made from 1990 to 1995. It had a compression ratio of 8.5:1, two CT12A turbochargers set up in parallel, and a side-mount or front-mount intercooler.

This version made a maximum of 280 PS (206 kW; 276.2 HP) at 6,200 rpm and a maximum of 363 Nm (267.9 ftlb) at 4,800 rpm.

The compression ratio of the second generation was 9.0:1. It also had a VVT-i system on the inlet camshaft, an ETCS system or ETCS-i, and an ETCS system (for Toyota Chaser JZX110 and Toyota Crown JZS171).

This engine was part of the family of Toyota engines called BEAMS, which stands for Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System.

The engine’s head was reworked, the water jackets were changed to help cool the cylinders better, new shims with a titanium nitride coating were added, and a single CT15B turbocharger was added.

The maximum power and torque of the second-generation 1JZ-GTE engine were 280 PS (206 kW; 276.2 HP) at 6,200 rpm and 378 Nm (38.6 kg·m; 279 ft·lb) at 2,400 rpm.

The Toyota 1JZ-GTE engine has a cast-iron cylinder block, a 3.39-inch bore, and a 71.5-millimeter stroke (2.81 in). The seven-bearing support system holds up the cylinder block, which is made of a single cast piece.

The crankshaft has seven pins and twelve counterweights, and both the pins and the journals were hardened by induction.

The pistons are made from a special cast of aluminum. There are two compression rings and one oil ring on each piston.

For the first generation of Toyota 1JZ-GTE without VVT-i, the compression ratio rating is 8.5:1. For the second generation (BEAMS) with VVT-i, the compression ratio rating is 9.0:1.

The breakdown of the Toyota 1JZ-GTE engine code is as follows:

  • 1 – 1-st generation engine
  • JZ – Engine family
  • G – Performance wide-angle DOHC
  • T – Turobchagered
  • E – Multi-Point Fuel Injection

Toyota 1JZ-GTE Engine Specs

Toyota 1JZ-GTE (2.5 Turbo) Engine Specs

Engine Specifications

Engine code1JZ-GTE
LayoutFour stroke, Inline-6 (Straight-6)
Fuel typeGasoline
Displacement2.5 L, 2,492 cm3 (152.07 cu in)
Fuel systemMulti-point fuel injection system
Power adder1-st gen: Twin CT12A turbochargers
2-st gen: Single CT15B turbocharger
Max. horsepower280 PS (206 kW; 276.2 HP) at 6,200 rpm
Max. torque1-st gen:
363 Nm (37.0 kg·m; 267.9 ft·lb) at 4,800 rpm
2-nd gen:
378 Nm (38.6 kg·m; 279 ft·lb) at 2,400 rpm
Firing order1-5-3-6-2-4
Dimensions (L x H x W):

Cylinder block

Cylinder block alloyCast-iron
Compression ratio:1-st gen: 8.5:1
2-nd gen (BEAMS): 9.0:1
Cylinder bore:86.0 mm (3.39 in)
Piston stroke:71.5 mm (2.81 in)
Number of piston rings (compression / oil):2 / 1
Number of main bearings:7
Cylinder inner diameter (standard):86.000-86.013 mm (3.3858-3.3863 in)
Piston skirt diameter (standard):85.935-85.945 mm (3.3832-3.3836 in)
Piston pin outer diameter:21.997-22.006 mm (0.8660-0.8664 in)
Piston ring side clearance:Top0.011-0.070 mm (0.0004-0.0027 in)
Second0.020-0.060 mm (0.0008-0.0024 in)
Piston ring end gap:Top0.28-0.40 mm (0.0110-0.0157 in)
Second0.35-0.45 mm (0.0137-0.0177 in)
Oil0.13-0.38 mm (0.0051-0.0150 in)
Crankshaft main journal diameter:62.000 mm (2.4410 in)
Crankpin diameter:52.000 mm (2.0472 in)
Crankshaft center distance:35.75 mm (1.4074 in)

Main bearing cap bolts torque specs:

  • Step 1: 44 Nm; 4.5 kg·m; 32.5 ft·lb
  • Step 2: Turn all bolts 90°

Connecting rods cap bolts torque specs:

  • Step 1: 29 Nm (3.0 kg·m; 21.4 ft·lb)
  • Step 2: Turn all bolts 90°

Flywheel bolt torque specs:

  • Step 1: 49 Nm (5 kg·m; 36.16 ft·lb)
  • Step 2: Turn all bolts 90°

Drive plate fixing bolts: 83 Nm (8.5 kg·m; 61.3 ft·lb)

Maintenance Data

Valve clearance
Intake valve0.15-0.25 mm (0.006-0.010 in)
Exhaust valve0.25-0.35 mm (0.010-0.014 in)
Compression pressure
Standard12.5 kg/cm2 / 350 rpm
Minimun9.0 kg/cm2 / 350 rpm
Compression differential limit between cylinders1.0 kg/cm2 / 350 rpm
Oil system
Oil consumption , L/1000 km (qt. per miles)up to 0.5 (1 qt. per 1200 miles)
Recommended engine oil5W-30
Oil type APISG or SJ
Engine oil capacity (Refill capacity)Without oil filter: 5.1-5.4 l
With oil filter: 5.4-5.7 l


For JZX90 since oct. 1993
Without oil filter: 5.6 l
With oil filter: 5.9 l

Oil change interval, km (miles)10,000 (6,000)
Ignition system
Spark plug1991-1996


1996-2000 (VVTi)

After 2000 (VVTi)

Spark plug gapFor PK20R8 and BKR6EP8:
0.7-0.8 mm (0.027-0.031 in)
For PK20TR11, BKR6EKPB11, SK20R-P11:
1.0-1.1 mm (0.039-0.043 in)

Valve clearance adjustment data

Calculate the thickness of new adjusting valve lifter so valve clearance comes within specified values.

R = Thickness of removed valve lifter
N = Thickness of new valve lifter
M = Measured valve clearance

N = R + [M – 0.20 mm (0.008 in)]Exhaust:
N = R + [M – 0.30 mm (0.012 in)]

Valve lifters are available in 17 sizes range from 2.50 mm (0.0984 in) to 3.30 mm (0.1181 in), in steps of 0.05 mm (0.0020 in).

Example (intake valve):
R = 2.90 mm
M = 0.40 mm
N = 2.90 + (0.40 – 0.20) = 3.10 mm, so we need a valve shim with thickness of 3.10 mm (0.1220 in).

1JZ GTE One of Toyota’s Top Engines Review

Toyota 1JZ GTE is a twin-turbocharged inline-six engine produced between 1990 and 2007. The 1JZ is a part of the Toyota JZ family which includes the 1JZ GE and 2JZ GE/GTE engine. The 1JZ GTE is known as a reliable engine with high performance and tuning possibilities. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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